View and Download Zenza Bronica ETRS user manual online. single lens reflex camera. ETRS Digital Camera pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Zenza Bronica ETRS. We have 2 Zenza Bronica ETRS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Instructions. ETRS. 5X Advanced Broniew technologies for new imaging horizons! UUUUU. RIBES. LETTO m. El triu. BINIA BRONICA. ETRO. SORER. ZENZA BRONICA.

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Press all the way Upon loading the film, tear off the end flap from the empty film package and insert it in the film type indicator frame. The shutter speed dial can be freely rotated in either direction. Place the opening over the neck strap stud on the camera body and then pull strongly- on the strap, which will lock the fitting to the stud. Then, push in the negative end of the battery first and follow with the positive end.

This will help me to continue to host this site, buy new manuals, and pay their shipping costs. For infrared photography– 1. Multiple exposure Multiple exposures possible with lever on body.

The focusing screen can be exchanged, depending on the type of photographic work being undertaken.

When msnual starting point, or arrow mark, is aligned with the triangular start-mark on the top left side of the film holder, stop rotation. Battery Singlevolt silver oxide battery Eveready No. A cable release or self-timer can be screwed into the cable release socket on the left side of the camera body.

However, den pressing the depth of field preview lever will stop the lens diaphragm down to the preselected lens opening aperturepermitting the photographer to check the depth of field effect on the focusing screen.

The film back frame completely encloses the film holder and shields it from outside light, as well as connecting it to the camera main body. A focusing screen with matte center plus full-area fresnel lens outside the center spot is also available.

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Zenza Bronica ETRS User Manual

After focusing manuual the normal manner, re-set the distance indicated by the green-colored distance index to the infrared index, by shifting the distance ring. Then, lift the fitting up from the stud. The top one is for the fresh film spool while the bottom one is for the empty take-up spool. Wipe the camera carefully with a well-wrung damp cloth, using fresh water, if the exterior is affected by salty air. Film roll film 15 exposures ; Furthermore, there is danger of the film back accidentally becoming detached from the body, should the dark slide be left in its slit bronuca the camera is being carried.

The same operation will close the back cover when the film back is detached from the body.

Bronica ETR camera manual

The same is the case when the exposure counter is still between “S” and “1”. ETR camera with waist level finder and 75mm F2. The microprism ring surrounding the central spot can also be used for checking the sharpness of the focused image, since the image will glitter when the lens is not focused. Film Type Indicator Frame Upon loading the film, tear off the end flap from the empty film pack- age and insert it in the film type indicator frame.

The shutter will be mechanically controlled when the battery is not loaded or when it is loaded with its polarity marks reserved. Battery checking Battery check button plus green-colored LED light on top of body. Many in the studio or at home can use a single ETRS main body, by using additional film backs. Finally, lift it up by the lever. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Zenza Bronica ETRS Manuals

Depth of Field Tables F-num- Meters bers oo 10 5 3 2 1. Time exposures are made with the time exposure lever on the lens, regardless of the setting on the shutter speed scale. Then, gently lower the finder and, when well seated, slide forward until it locks. Film Advance and Shutter Cocking. To attach the finder, align the front end of the finder with the front end of the find- er frame on top of the camera main body, as shown. The cocking pin of the body mount can be set to the required position by simply revolving the film winding crank.


Attach in the reverse manner. First, cock the shutter with the film winding crank and then shift the time exposure lever to the left looking from the body towards the lenswhich will expose a red-colored “T” on the barrel.

Depress the shutter release button, in this condition, and the shutter will open up. Next, press in the side frames, as illustrated, and, at the same time, press the front frame back towards the rear end. On-line camera manual library This is the full text and images from the manual.

For photography with the mirror locked up, first cock the shutter with the film winding crank This is because the Bronica ETRS has been designed for full aperture metering and over-exposure will result, in Depth Of Field Tables Don’t use sandpaper or emery cloth. Shutter Release Button A.

Insert the leading end of the film into the slit of the take-up spool and wind slightly so that it is securely engaged. To remove the film back from the camera body, insert the dark slide into the dark slide slit, as illustrated, with the 3 mark on the dark slide at the top end.

To release the safety lock rotate the locking ring in the counter-clockwise direction which will place the dot diagonally lower.

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