View and Download Bosch PDO 6 original instructions manual online. PDO 6 Security Sensors pdf manual download. Digital multi ( pages). Shop Bosch PDO Multi Digital Detector (Old Version) (Old Version). Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. CANopen Data Transfer – Process Data Objects PDO. The drive controllers have been developed for use in single- and multi- axis drive and control tasks.

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Wird in dieser Funktion an der gleichen Stelle ein Objekt angezeigt, dann ist es eindeutig ein Metall- kein Holzobjekt. Seinien koostumus ja kunto esim.

Condizioni e stato delle pareti p. When an object is indicated at the same location in this function, then it is clearly a metal object and not a wooden object. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

BOSCH PDO MULTI others download manual for free now – FB |

When the battery indication k in the display lights up, measuring is possible for approx. If required, wipe the measuring tool dry using a cloth. The metal detection indicator symbol c is indicated in anleitugn display and the illuminated ring 1 lights up green. If there are any metal inclusions in the material being scanned, then a continuous signal is indicated in the measuring indicator f.

Lassen Sie bsch beide Tasten los. As long as the measuring tool is above the metal object, the illuminated ring 1 lights up red and a steady tone sounds. Don’t have an account? Befindet sich bosfh Messwerkzeug in der Funktion Metallsuche, dann wird die Betriebsbereitschaft durch einen Haken hinter der Kalibrierungsanzeige ,AutoCal” g angezeigt.


When the measuring tool is in the metal-detection function, the service readiness is indicated through a check mark behind the “AutoCal” calibration indicator g. The “AutoCal” calibration indicator g and the illuminated ring 1 go out.

Ta det vanlige batteriet hhv. In questo caso inviare lo strumento di misurazione ad un punto di assistenza autorizzato per gli elettroutensili Bosch.

B War das Messwerkzeug einem starken Temperaturwechsel ausgesetzt, dann lassen Sie es vor dem Einschalten pddo. Bei nichtmagnetischen Metallen wird das Symbol i angezeigt.

Wischen Sie Verschmutzungen mit einem trockenen, weichen Tuch ab.

Wires that are not “live” can be found as metal objects with the detectingmetal function. Suomi Seinien koostumus ja kunto esim. Boven een metalen voorwerp wordt de ring 1 rood verlicht en klinkt een ge- luidssignaal. Wipe away debris or contamination with a dry, soft cloth. Page 25 Our customer service representatives can answer your questions concerning possible applications and adjust- ment of products and accessories.

Great Britain Robert Bosch Ltd. Verlief die Kalibrierung erfolgreich, dann startet das Messwerkzeug nach einigen Sekunden neu und ist wieder betriebsbereit. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 87 Raadpleeg daarom voor het boren, zagen of frezen in pdp, plafonds of vloeren ook andere informatiebronnen bijvoorbeeld bouwtekeningen.

PDF Click to preview. Then release both buttons. The trade names of the individual measuring tools may vary. When a wooden object is detected, an amplitude is displayed in the measuring indicator f. Aard en toestand van de muren bijv. In this case, send in the measuring tool to an authorised Bosch after-sales service agent. Raadpleeg daarom voor het boren, zagen of frezen in muren, plafonds of vloeren ook andere informatiebronnen bijvoorbeeld bouwtekeningen.


The wood detection indicator symbol b and the “Zoom” function indicator d are indicated in the display and the arrow below the “Zoom” function indicator d flashes. Bei abgeschaltetem Signalton erscheint im Display die Anzeige j.

Eisenso wird im Display das Symbol h angezeigt.

Bosch pdo 6 pdf

Dans certaines conditions par ex. Page 89 Mocht het meetgereedschap ondanks zorgvuldige fa- bricage- en testmethoden toch defect raken, dient de reparatie te worden uitgevoerd door een erkende klan- tenservice voor Bosch elektrische gereedschappen.

Vanlige og oppladbare batterier kan korrodere ved lagring over lengre tid eller lades ut automatisk. Move the measuring tool over the surface repeatedly to localise the wooden object more precisely. When switching the measuring tool on with the wood-detection button 5 or with the metal-detection button 6, it will automatically be in the respective detection function.

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