Ma vérité / Leïla Ben Ali. By: Trabelsi, Leïla. Material type: materialTypeLabel BookPublisher: Paris: Editions du Moment, Description: p. 3 oct. Leïla Trabelsi avait demandé l’interdiction de ce livre au Tribunal de grande instance de Paris. Le nom de Trabelsi étant très répandu au pays du jasmin, rien d’étonnant à .. je suis tunusienne et je suis fière de ma nationalité .. Beaucoup de verité et beaucoup de soupçons voir qui dit vrai et qui dit faut. your Kindle, you might want to remove from the bookshop hidden in a brown paper bag – in Tunisia at least – is Ma Verite by Leila Trabelsi.

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These were crammed with things that at the time seemed utterly cool to me, things such as astral projection, demonic possession, revived corpses, evil slug-like elemental beings from other planes of existence, diabolic homunculi needing virginal blood to be brought to life, chalk pentacles mx shelter from assaults by the powers of darkness, unholy talismans with the potential to unleash the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and devil-worshipping sabbats climaxing in the summoning of the Goat of Mendes who was basically Old Nick himself, in the form of a goat-headed man.

Of course, back then, I would have also needed an Internet from which to download those novels…. Which brings me in a roundabout way to Fifty Shades of Grey.


The witch makes the headlines again!

And the reasons why you might want to keep your acquisition of Fifty Shades of Grey a secret are as follows:. And its origins are embarrassing. Only later did the protagonists turn into those featured in Fifty Shades of Greya college student called Anastasia Steele and a successful Seattle-based entrepreneur called Christian Grey.

And I have nothing against bad writing — after all, I still harbour a soft spot for Dennis Wheatley and his prose was turgid to say the least.

“La régente de Carthage” : les extraits du livre événement sur Leila Trabelsi épouse Ben Ali

And I even have nothing against fan fiction. For the record, I should say that the first book I ever wrote was one composed at the age of 11, written by hand and self-illustrated, which was inspired by the then-popular Target-Books novelisations of veritr from the classic Doctor Who series.

However, I think even my year-old self would have drawn the line at writing stories about wimpy, spangly Mormon vampires. And by my calculations James was writing those when she was in her forties. No, what riles me about the Fifty Shades phenomenon is the manner in which it is so obviously a huge marketing exercise — not about nurturing and disseminating story-telling talent but about shifting units of lucrative product.


Rather, it makes me think of sitting on a toilet in Delhi with a severe dose of the runs. Anyway, you can subject yourself to more of this by visiting http: Leila and her husband have spent the past 18 months in exile in Saudi Arabia.

Attitudes towards the Trabelsi family in Tunisia can best be described as vitriolic. Right up until January 14 thI heard a few Tunisians muttering that they even felt sorry for Ben Ali, since he was married to the grasping old dragon. I was sitting on the plane to Jeddah and just happened to open my handbag and there it was! I wonder too how she described her verlte and no-doubt passionate meeting with Ben Ali — back inwhen he was a dictator who obviously needed the love of a good woman, and she was a humble and from all accounts crass-minded and badly-educated hairdresser.

Leila Trabelsi | My Blog

Were there any echoes of E. They both contain large amounts of BDSM.

And the reasons why you might want to keep your acquisition of Fifty Shades of Grey a secret are as follows:

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