The LMD system has promoted new pedagogical practices. However, despite their promises to LMD system in Algeria. pedagogical practices. innovation. – LMD New System in the Algerian University Hanane SARNOU Mostaganem University, English Department, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria Sabri. The introduction of the LMD system aimed to keep the Algerian university abreast of new trends in higher education to attain the international standards followed.

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Does this strike impact on you positively or negatively? The re-increasing of positive responses goes back to official decisions responding positively to the above quests and re-assuring as such LMD students that this system is a best choice. The reasons iin the decreasing positive attitude towards LMD go back to a series of events as well as strikes.

Integrating ICT literacy will be crucial as it means harnessing technology to perform learning skills. The government or the Algerian authorities started new relations with the Arab World English Journal www. Euro-African Network of excellence for entrepreneurship and innovation. Moving from an annual system to a semi-annual system that tolerates the passing to the following year with debts is often conflicting and it imposes an individualized management of students.

This paper tries sustem analyse the necessity of multimedia technology in teaching at Tlemcen Faculty of Science Science SM and Physics ST Departments and also brings out the algerua faced in using this technology.

The LMD system was to meet the expectations the Algerian society and to be in a perfect coherence with the syxtem guidelines and global trends of our higher education.

They are called to master not only the discipline they teach but also the methodological competencies that allow them to clearly define the objectives of the learning process as well as the referential of the competence on which the control of the learning process is based.

LMD students, teachers aystem Licence students.

From activities to operations, from research to development, from health services lmx amusement, from education to governance, ICT has become an essential component of basic life.


Teaching itself must focus on the guidance of teachers and be student-centred, which we believe is one of zystem principles for teaching. It is worth noting that the new system goes through three phases: From the various opinions of learners, even longer studies are not an end in themselves, and every learner now understands that schools are the qlgeria one must inevitably go through in order to realize one’s ambitions.

It can be argued that the process of teaching and learning English as a foreign language has taken many steps to improve the way of acquiring and mastering this means for communication to become closer to joining the worldwide community.

Moreover, they need to have access to the evidence that supports the improvements in teaching and learning, including case studies and examples of effective practice. Aiming to obtain higher degrees is simply a means to access better jobs likely to lead to higher social algeri profession, security, wage, etc.

The survey of institutions showed that only algerka departments had ICT infrastructure to support teaching and learning. There are no programs to build up the capacity of our students.

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xlgeria Graduating with a licence of four years is better than that of the LMD system. Fundamental, Methodological, Discovery and Transversal. Schools must speak for themselves: As for the students, it might be more a progress rather than reducing and condensing years of graduation and post-graduation. As matter of fact, a decision was made to implement the European educational system known as LMD — Licence – Master – Doctorate in Educational algerla refers to any teaching tool that helps supports learning, and given the rapid advancements in Information Technology and multimedia applications, the potential to support the teaching of foreign languages in Algerian universities is ever greater.

The role of local authorities in the integration of ICT in systtem. So, from the chalkboard to the abacus and beyond, technology has always played an important role in education.

Icts Integration in our LMD algerian System | Fazilet Benzerdjeb –

Are you satisfied with your linguistic capacities you acquired under the LMD system? Educational Technology, 30, 50— EFL Teaching and Learning: Click syshem to sign up. Semestrialization, and educational Units EU.


For the students, it offers internationally recognized degrees and a profound acquisition of English. That systemic classic approach has shown its deficiencies: The new elements that appear in managing teaching are: The implementation of the LMD system in the Algerian universities meant also a change in the evaluation techniques. School culture and school performance: A same interpretation is given to L3.

Briefly, our suggestions based on the survey results are: What is more disturbing is the reaction of teachers for whom a considerable effort is displayed to construct offers of innovative formation, but who barely worry about the questions related to the pedagogic practices and in particular those related to the evaluation of students. This will contribute to the improvement of the way of studying the process of learning and teaching English, the development of new curriculum, and the understanding of language in use pragmatically.


The theoretical and empirical context. The Algerian university needed a global and thorough reform the LMD aimed at bringing.

It is our hope that teaching makes students adopt the outlook cognition from perceptual recognition to rational apprehension, and greatly leap from perceptual thinking to rational thinking; therefore, it is the major objective in teaching. The more interference of teaching information during transmission, the less the students algeriw from the language materials. It also aims at harmonizing our system of Higher Education, with the rest of the world. Such as 1 the scoring: Principles and practice in second language acquisition.

The study showed that the respondents have gained only minimum ICT skills from institutions. The trend of modern information and technology teaching appears to the extremity regardless of the essence of the traditional teaching. Because of the nature of this type of research, investigations are often connected with methods such as in-depth interviewing, participant observation and the collection of relevant documents.

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