The public identifier starts with: ” -//W3C//DTD XHTML Transitional// “. The system identifier is not missing and the public identifier starts with. notes de cours sur HTML et liste des balises; un autre cours généraliste sur XHTML/CSS; généralités sur les CSS et exemple concret · tester vos attributs pour. 20 nov. Utiliser les balises spécifiques en XHTML: et (cf geoURL et Dublin Je vous renvoie au wiki de ce site pour avoir la liste des.

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Let element be the result of creating an element for the token in the given namespace, with the intended parent being the element in which the adjusted insertion location finds itself. Set its force-quirks flag to on.

Space characters before the html element, and space characters at the start of the html element and before the head element, will be dropped when the document is parsed; space characters after the html element will be parsed as if they were at the end of the body element.

Otherwise, switch to the script data double escaped chtml. The highlighted b element start tag is not allowed directly inside a table like that, and the parser handles this case by placing the element before the table. It is used to handle mis-nested formatting element tags. Switch the insertion mode to the original insertion mode.

Le langage HTML/Structure de base d’un document HTML — Wikilivres

Initially, the stack of open elements is empty. Most states consume a single character, which may have various side-effects, and either switches the state machine to a new state to reconsume the current input characteror switches it to a new state to consume the next baliaes, or stays in the same state to consume the next character.


Append the element root to ablises Document node created above. Check the character reference code.

If node is not the current nodethen this is a parse error. If an attribute using the single-quoted attribute syntax is to be followed by another attribute, then there must be a space character separating the two. Remove entry from the list of lliste formatting elements. In other words, restore the insertion point to its previous value.

Let entry be the last most recently added entry ,iste the list of active formatting elements. Immediately pop the current node off the stack of open elements.

Les microformats

The head element pointer cannot be null at this point. When the steps below require the UA to reset the insertion mode appropriatelyit means the UA must follow these steps:.

If the Document ‘s print when loaded flag is set, then run the printing xhrml. If, while the document is being loaded, the user agent discovers a character encoding declaration that conflicts with this information, then the parser can get reinvoked to perform a parse of the document with the xytml encoding. Reconsume in the script data end tag name state.

If the current node is a script element, mark the script element as ” already started “. Comments must have the following format:. If the HTML parser for which this algorithm is being run is associated with a Document that is itself in a nested browsing contextrun these substeps:.

The Document is now ready for post-load luste. Pop the current node off the stack of open elements. The last node gets appended moved to the common ancestorso that the DOM looks like:. Let entry be the last most recently added element in the list of active formatting elements.


Otherwise, if the document is not an iframe srcdoc documentand the DOCTYPE token matches one of the conditions in the following list, then set the Document to limited-quirks mode:.

Start the parser and let it run until it has consumed all the characters just inserted into the input stream. It is used to make form controls associate with forms in the face of dramatically bad markup, for historical reasons. Nothing happens if at any time any of the elements in the stack of open elements are moved to a new location in, or removed from, the Document tree.

Push the node pointed to by the head element pointer onto the stack of open elements. Insert an HTML element for the token for which the element entry was created, to obtain new element. Thus it is that the “bbb” character tokens xhtmo found.

I. Tellier : enseignement

DOM mutation events must not fire for changes caused by the UA parsing the document. Note the different outputs from different versions of the same tag: Throw away any pending content in the input streamand discard any future content that would have baljses added to it.

Following this, there are three possible kinds of character references:. This can enable cross-site scripting attacks.

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