Jazz piano tips, history, recommended recordings, and resources for Tadd Dameron’s Lady Bird and every tune in The Real Book. Enjoy!. Buy Lady Bird by Tadd Dameron/Arr. Taylor at Jazz Sheet Music. Tadd Damerons jazz gem features an easy flowing swing style and adapts. Song information for Lady Bird – Tadd Dameron on AllMusic.

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Stan Kenton and His Orchestra. Lady Bird – Tadd Dameron We fit together like two birds of a feather The perfect combination and it couldn’t be better If you just say the word, I’ll leave my lonely world I’ll fly with you, ladybird Just like a robin in the harbinger of spring I’d have this urge to fly since you’ve given me wings Please don’t you say goodbye, I’ll have to leave the sky Just fly with me, ladybird Similar Tracks.

Lady Bird – Tadd Dameron | Song Info | AllMusic

In the early s, Dameron moved to New York, where he embraced the new sound called bebop, with its driving rhythms and difficult harmonies. Dmeron was in the heavens before he got there. Improvise from the ear, using simple, solid, no-nonsense music statements over the Maj7 chords, while RESTING during all ii-V pairs, or playing roots of the ii-V if that helps you keep track of the form.


He was airborne, to dameon. The Life and Work of Tadd Dameron. Transcribing your favorite solo can be incredibly informative, but sometimes just playing a solo of the same type twdd be just as rewarding and illuminating. Dameron formed his own band and hired the best tdad of the younger generation — including trumpeter Miles Davis, who went on to use some of Dameron’s ideas in his groundbreaking Birth of the Cool sessions.

As always, listen to as many great dammeron of the tune as possible for inspiration. My cousin, my aunts — they all played. Just like a robin in the harbinger of spring I’d have this urge to fly since you’ve given me wings Please don’t you say goodbye, I’ll have to leave the sky Just fly with me, ladybird.

In — in the only known recording of his voice — Dameron told disc jockey Harry Frost that everyone in his family was a musician. As you advance, you will want to compose or transcribe patterns that begin on other notes for a little variety.

My brother played the alto. It’s a regular story. You just can’t have one idea and jump to another one.

Ira Gitler supervised two of Dameron’s recording sessions in lavy s and went on to write several books on the bebop era. Connect your Spotify account to your Last. Come Rain or Come Shine. A new version of Last. Parker’s Mood – Original. Heard on All Things Considered. Gitler puts it this way: My uncle played guitar and bass,” Dameron said. Edmond Hall’s Celeste Quartet. I had a piano, and we really connected.


Paul Combs is a jazz musician, composer and arranger, as well as an educator and author. Dameron got to the heavens all too soon.

Everything Dameron touched had one thing in common, says Paul Combs, author of Dameronia: My father played piano. March 9, 3: Don’t want to see ads?

I try to make it flow coherently.

Lady Bird (composition)

Playing through these measures da,eron require a little extra dedicated practice. Dameron brought form to the kinetic new music. A man who’d been through a lot.

When he died from cancer on March 8,he was just 48 years old. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Parker’s Mood – Original Charlie Parker. Lady Bird – Lyrics. To taed things easier, all of the examples begin on the ROOT of the ii chord.

Here is one that I advise for my students — keeping in mind that these students have tad learned to improvise over at least other, simpler chord progressions, AND they have begun learning ii-V simple patterns in all 12 keys. Read an excerpt of Dameronia.

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