Labor Law Codal Law Books by Rex Book Store. Labor Code of the Philippines: Presidential Decree No. , as Amended, Full- service law firm in the Philippines with worldwide affiliates. Visit CHAN ROBLES . Name of Decree. – This Decree shall be known as the “Labor Code of the Philippines”. ARTICLE 2. Date of effectivity. – This Code shall take effect six (6) months.

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Community Mutual Health Fund. In such cases, the pphilippines or intermediary shall be considered merely as an agent of the employer who shall be responsible to the workers in the same manner and extent as if the latter were directly employed by him. For an enterprise registered in phikippines areas of investments, said employment permit may be issued upon recommendation of the government agency charged with the supervision of said registered enterprise. To maintain a co mple te re g istry o f all Filipino se ame n.

Trave l Ag e nc ie s Pro hib ite d to Re c ruit.

This Article shall not include apprentices, learners and handicapped workers as governed by appropriate provisions of this Code. To qualify as an apprentice, a person shall:. Co ve rag e. The foregoing provisions shall in no case allow the employment of a person below eighteen 18 years of age in an undertaking which is hazardous or deleterious in nature as determined by the Secretary of Labor and Employment.

To formulate and develop plans and programs to implement the employment promotion objectives of this Title. He shall be entitled to commutable traveling and representation expenses not to exceed six thousand pesos P6, per annum. The Bureau of Employment Services shall render assistance to the Council in the measurement of unemployment and underemployment, conduct of local manpower resource surveys and occupational studies including an inventory of the labor force, establishment and maintenance without charge of a national register of technicians who have successfully completed a training program under this Act, and skilled manpower including its publication, maintenance of an adequate and up-to-date system of employment information.

It shall b e unlawful fo r an e mplo ye r to re q uire as a co nditio n o f e mplo yme nt o r co ntinuatio n o f e mplo yme nt that a wo man e mplo ye e shall no t g e t marrie d, o r to stipulate e xpre ssly o r tacitly that upo n g e tting marrie d, a wo man e mplo ye e shall b e de e me d re sig ne d o r se parate d, lagor r to actually dismiss, discharg ediscriminate o r o the rwise pre judice a wo man e mplo ye e me re ly b y re aso n o f he r marriag e.

There is hereby created Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards, hereinafter referred to as Regional Boards, in all regions, including autonomous regions as may be established by law. All amounts accruing to the State Insurance Fund, which is hereby established in the SSS and GSIS, respectively, shall be deposited with any authorized depository bank approved by fode Commission, or invested with due and prudent regard for the liquidity needs of the System. The employment agreement shall be subject to inspection by the Secretary of Labor or his duly authorized representative.

Foreign service role and participation. The me mb e rs o f the Bo ards shall re ce ive allo wance s to b e de te rmine d b y the Bo ard which shall no t b e mo re than P2, The pre se nce o f fo ur me mb e rs shall co nstitute a q uo rum. Age Eligibility for Employment. In all cases, the land owner may retain an area of not more than seven or hectares if such landowner is cultivating such area or will now cultivate it. An employee who is unjustly dismissed from work shall be entitled to reinstatement without loss of seniority rights and to his back wages computed from the time his compensation was withheld from him up to the time of his reinstatement.


All re ve nue s co lle cte d b y the Syste m unde r this Title shall b e de po site d, inve ste d, administe re d and disb urse d in the same manne r and unde r the same co nditio ns, re q philipppines me nts and safe g uards as pro vide d b y Re pub lic Act Numb e re d Ele ve n Hundre d Sixty-O neas ame nde d, with re g cofal to such o the r funds as are the re unde r b e ing paid to o r co lle cte d b y the SSS and GSIS, re spe ctive ly: No certification election issue shall be entertained by the Bureau in any collective bargaining unit if a certified collective bargaining agreement exists between the employer and a legitimate labor organization, except within sixty 60 days prior to the expiration of the life of such certified collective bargaining agreement.

Preliminary Title : Labor Code of the Philippines : Presidential Decree No. , as Amended

Re g istratio n Fe e s. The em ployer shall adjust the work schedule of the dom estic worker to allow such access to education or training without ham pering the services required by the em ployer. For drugs and medicines that may be essential under paragraph bthe employee shall have the option to secure the same from either the hospital pharmacy wherein he is confined or from any retail drugstore of his own choice, subject only to the rules and regulations promulgated by the Commission.

He alth pe rso nne l in citie s and municipalitie s with a po pulatio n o f at le ast o labbor millio n 1, o r in ho spitals and clinics with a b e d capacity o f at le ast o ne hundre d shall ho ld re g ular o ffice ho urs fo r e ig ht 8 ho urs a day, fo philipplnes five 5 days a we e k, e xclusive o f time fo r me als, e xce pt whe re the e xig e ncie s o f the se rvice re q uire that such pe rso nne l wo rk fo r six 6 days o r fo rty-e ig ht 48 ho urs, in which casethe y shall b e e ntitle d to an additio nal co mpe nsatio n o f at le ast thirty pe rce nt 68 Superseded by Section 7 ApprenticeshipChapter I, Title II of Disabled Persons, of R.

Pro vide codao, That in the case o f the GSIS, co nditio ns fo r e ntitle me nt to b e ne fits shall b e g o ve rne d b y the Lab o r Co deas ame nde d: Amputation at or above the elbow shall be considered equivalent to the loss of an arm.

phioippines Prohibition against child discrimination. Whenever the public interest requires, the Secretary of Labor may direct all persons or entities thf the coverage of this Title to submit a report on the status of employment, including job vacancies, details of job requisitions, separation from jobs, wages, other terms and conditions and other employment data. The yearly assessments shall be payable on or before January 20 of each year to be collected by the City or Municipal Treasurer concerned, and shall respectively be held by them in trust for the City Medical Care Council or the Municipal Philippiens Care Council, as agents of the latter.


The decision of the authorized agency of the Department of Labor and Employment may be appealed by any aggrieved person to the Secretary of Labor and Employment within five 5 days from receipt of the decision.

The regional minimum wages to be established by the Regional Board shall be as nearly adequate as is economically feasible to maintain the minimum standards of living necessary for the health, efficiency and general tne of the employees within the framework of the national economic and social development program. The re g ular pro fe ssio nal and te chnical pe rso nne l shall b e e xempt fro m WAPCO rule coodal and re g ulatio ns.

Labor Code of the Philippines

These, as provided for in Sec. Any transfer of business address, appointment or designation of any agent or representative including the establishment of additional offices anywhere shall be subject to the prior approval of the Department of Labor. The Co mmissio n shall e xe rcise its adjudicato ry and all o the r po we rs, functio ns and dutie s thro ug h its divisio ns. Whenever the public interest so requires, the Secretary of Labor may direct all persons or entities within the coverage of this Title to submit a report on the status of employment, placement, vacancies, details of job requisitions, separation from jobs, wages and other terms and conditions of employment.

Strikes are also authorized for as long as they comply with the strict requirements under the Code, and workers who organize or participate in illegal strikes may be subject to dismissal. However, said authority or license to hire or recruit may be renewed: In case o f a judg me nt invo lving a mo ne tary award, an appe al b y the e mplo ye r may b e pe rfe cte d o nly up o n the po sting o f a cash o r sure ty b o nd issue d b y a re putab le b o nding co mpany duly accre dite d b y the Co mmissio n in the amo unt e q uivale nt to the mo ne tary award in the judg me nt appe ale d fro m.

The last four 4 mentioned members shall be appointed for a term of four 4 years each, arranged on a ;hilippines basis so that only one is appointed annually, except the initial appointees who shall have terms of one, two, three, and four years, respectively. To receive, process and act on applications for exemption from prescribed wage rates as may be provided by law or any Wage Order; and. The pe nde ncy o f a dispute arising fro m a wag e disto rtio n shall no t in any way de lay the applicab ility o f any incre ase in pre scrib e d wag e rate s pursuant to the pro visio ns o f law o r wag e o rde r.

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