Way of the Ninja (Oriental Adventures Legend of the Five Rings). Home · Way of the Ninja L5R RPG Masters of Court (Legend of the Five Rings). Read more. L5R/Oriental Adventures: Way of the Ninja. Recently, during a gaming session, I came up with an Absolute Ontological Truth in gaming, which I now call the. Way of the Ninja – “Ninja are nothing more than peasant superstition and an Game Masters running the Second Edition L5R RPG will need a.

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The painter then listens, overhearing whichever important conversations occur in the garden, and pass that information along to their superiors. A painter at court has every reason to spend hours and days in the nibja, painting the many interesting plants, and producing quality work makes that dedication not suspicious.

The interior art is generally very good. Aside from introducing himself as a spy, he is an ideal example. Reset Fields Log in. I tried to do a bushi cover and it sucked with the very limited combat skills that the Shosuro Ninja has.

Join Date Jan Posts 2, The most important thing a spy can have is a cover. Results 1 to 6 of 6.

Do they play at being courtiers? Chapter one covers the scorpion, the clan from which ninja originated in the Rokugan setting.


But don’t rule out one of the other schools for a part-time ninja. I’m more curious about what exactly a ninja does for their day-to-day when they aren’t being sneaky and honor-less. It could be as a courtier, monk, Bushi from a different clan, etc. As such, their usage in a standard game is more gimmicky than anything, and tends to be difficult to work into any mixed group unless the group is what’s being infiltrated.

Is it a personal bias? Rokugani society is based on aspects of Asian cultures, predominantly Japan, China, Korea and India, as well as their myths and history. They are probably all aware of each other on some level from their education, but have zero contact and would not recognize one another. The fourth chapter discusses a number of minor ninja dojos. Rokugan is sometimes referred to as the Emerald Empire. A column here and a column there No sharing pirated material.

[4th Edition] Ninja Advice : rokugan

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, After all, a trained swordsman would be able to tell if you were actually trained as a Scorpion Bushi, and that makes posing as one a bit of an unnecessary risk. I’m leaning towards doing something outside the standard since my last character was a hardcore Lion bushi who never flinched at duty. The group knows he’s doing horrible stuff, not quite how, but don’t care to know.


As far as being a Rokugan book goes, I didn’t find the book to be nearly as interesting or engaging as Way of the Samuraiand the book is just as expensive. The Infiltrators likewise are not great PCs unless they are posing as a Bushi of some sort. His character sheet says courtier, at least: A few ideas are discussed for making how ninja PCs can be convincingly included in a Rokugan or other Oriental Adventures campaign. And of course it’s personal.

Way of the Ninja

How much of the book is used up on the other gaming system? The true ghost ninja who officially does not exist and isn’t something else? The class is a spellcasting class, and a full spell list and new spells are included.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Or is it something that really varies from wa to ninja depending on their skill set?

Way of the Ninja | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ninjs no harassment, sexism, homophobia, racism, hate speech, or anything in between will be tolerated. L5R Wikia – A good resource for lore about Rokugan. A typical bushi also has ninja training.

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