The Kularnava Tantra is held in high esteem by Kaula tantriks. This tantra does exist in English translation (Prachya Prakashan, ) but this chapter is my. The “Kularnava Tantra” is a major text in the Kula tradition of Shaktism and Tantric Shaivism. The term comes from the Sanskrit, kula, meaning “family” or “ clan”;. Kularnava Tantra – Taranath Vidyaratna, Arthur Avalon कुलार्णव तन्त्र – तारानाथ Kulachudamani Tantra – Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha. Uploaded .

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eng,ish But none of them knows my Truth which is above both dualism and non-dualism, dvaitadvaita-vivarjitam. Death follows the forsaking of the Mantra; wretched poverty follows the forsaking of the Guru; forsaking of both the Guru and the Mantra leads to the very hell. He is a self-killer who having attained man’s estate yet seeks not his true good.

Even a hundred years is too little; for half the life kularnavx spent in sleep and the other half is made infructuous by infancy, disease, misery, age and what not. Like Vishnu amongst gods, like the sun amongst heavenly lights, like Kashi amongst sacred bathing spots, like the philosopher’s stone to gold and so forth, as Meru is to mountains, as the sandalwood is to trees, as Ashvamedha is to sacrifices, like a diamond is to pebbles, as sweetness is to other flavours, as gold amongst metals, as the cow is to quadrupeds, as the swan englissh to birds, as sadhu-ship is to the different ashramas, as a brahmin is to the [other] varnas, as a king is to men, as the head is to the limbs, as musk is to the scents, as Kanchi is to cities, so of all tanfra the Urdvhamnaya is the best, Dearest.

The Kaula Shastras are based on Veda. Even your own kularjava you shall uti- lise only after offering to the Guru.

Even the gods are deluded otherwise. Neither injunctions of acceptance nor of rejection, neither merit nor demerit, neither heaven nor hell exists for the Kaula In this Path the ignorant grow wise; the poor grow wealthy; the decayed progress; enemies become friendly; the very kings become attendants; all befriend the Kaula.


The steady one comes to know his own self in the supreme Truth that is to be realised in oneself. Thus the Colophon kularnzva the first Chapter runs-” End of the first Chapter being the first portion of the fifth part entitled Urdhvamnaya Tantra of the great Mystery and most excellent among Agamas containing, 1,25, verses entitled the Kularnava Tanrra.

Full text of “Arthur Avalon Kularnava Tantra Eng”

All- satisfying, it is the most direct form of Shiva Himself. Listen, Devi, I will declare that which you ask, by hearing which doctrine devatas become truly happy. Do not sleep in his presence. It was found however that the previous editions of this and other Tantras were in general so incorrect that the present edition is not unnecessary. Higher than the Dakshina is the Varna, the reverse path where the natural turn outwards, pravritti, is turned inward, nivritti, to iularnava source of all and every- thing in creation is looked upon and used as kularanva means for the return to the One Consciousness that bases all and governs all.

How do I hold shakti? Even a lowly man, if he knows this Mantra, can instal the Deity in images and the like. The inner soul-force, antahsakti, shall be roused to its full potential and dedicated to the Deity through the several movements of the worship. Kularnavva each of these classes of seekers, it should be mentioned, the Five ingredients have different connotations: In the service of the Guru – whether expressed or unex- pressed by him – do not bo unmindful; honour whole-heartedly what he says and do it without questioning.

The worshipper visualises the Formless One in Form and adores Her in the linga, sign-symbol, altar, Fire, Water, winnowing fan, wall, sheet, Mandala diagramplank, in the head or in the heart.

Bow to the Teacher of the Kula, to the eldest and the youngest of the Guru, to one who is almost like a Guru, as to your own Guru. The Divine is likewise there spread in each body; but with- out proper adoration and evocation, upasana, it does not yield fruit to man.


If one knows just one amnaya, it bring liberation. Maithuna is the bliss onjoyed by the sadhaka in identification with the Atman in the Sahasrara; or it is the union of the Kundalini Shakti in the Muladhara of our being with the Shiva in the Sahasrara.

By the mere sight of him whose intelligence is active only till the advent of experience, one attains liberation, there is no doubt of it. Very speed and fine.

What are the four Vedas? Never sit on the same seat as the Guru tantrz his colleagues. Whosoever knows this mantra, which is the supreme creator, becomes like Shiva.

When the Guru is present no tapas is necessary; neither is fasting nor observances; neither pilgrimage nor englih bath. What is called sin, evil, is turned into a force for good, the very round of the world, samsara, becomes a means for release, bhoga turns into yoga, bhogo yogayate. Shakti and Shakta, Principles of Tantra 2 vols.

Vvcite authorities from Shruti Rigveda in support of the doctrine taught.

Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

Written in the simplest possible style – as indeed all the great agamas are – with telling metaphors and imagery, incorporating many of the gnomic passages in the Tantras, this work of seventeen chapters consists of a little over two thousand verses ranging over a wide variety of topics but always stressing the practical side of the agamic wisdom and calling attention to the urgency of following it in this very life.

In a word it is the highway of mukti and bhukti in the highest sense. It recovers the lost heritage of the ancient Veda which lays emphasis upon the commonalty of man, Nature and God and the equality of status between Mother Earth and Father Heaven.

Oh how I wished that other businesses in India would learn to do the same! When the Guru so pleased says, ‘You are freed,’ indeed, one attains to liberation.

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