Common name: Red striped killifish, Striatum killifish You don’t need a large aquarium to keep these fish — a pair or a trio (one male, two. Killifish are not well known in the mainstream aquarium hobby and are seldom seen in local fish stores, but they are some of the most colorful freshwater. Jan 19, Explore Robynn Wells’s board “Killifish” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Fish tanks, Aquarium Fish and Pisces.

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Give your fish a variety kililfish foods and feed only what they can consume in 2 minutes or less, once aquagium twice a day. Natural Habitat aquarikm Killifish Killifish are found in tropical and sub-tropical waters on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Certain species of killifishes even burrow a few inches deep into the substrate to lay their eggs. This makes them a popular choice among beginner and more experienced aquarists alike.

Community Aggressive Aquarium Size: Depending on the size of your fish, frozen foods such as brine shrimp, newly hatched brine aquraium nauplii, daphnia, mysis shrimp, mosquito larvae and bloodworms are all good choices. Preferred water conditions vary depending on species, but most killies do well at a pH of 6. Water Requirements for Killifish While many killifish come from soft acid water, captive bred strains that have been acclimated to local water conditions are becoming more common.

Other species of killifishes are known as gravel spawners and lay their eggs on the gravel bed of the aquarium. It is advisable to use a small box type filter or sponge filter in the aquarium.


Some are referred to as plant spawners and spawn on submerged or floating plants.

A heavily planted aquarium with surface growing plants like duckweed can be used to create a dimly lit aquarium which killifish will thrive in. Small 10 gal Swimming Region s: The Dish on Discus Thanks to modern advances, keeping discus fish is much easier than ever before.

The level of difficulty varies from species to species, but there are several that can be bred by beginners. Don’t Miss Stories on PetGuide. Lake Victoria Cichlids Group: Killifish are, by and large, carnivores. Some seasoned killifish keepers do not use filters they do lots of water changes! Most killifish available for purchase are referred to by their scientific names, which can make choosing somewhat difficult for the beginner aquarist. Type what you see aquarim the image: Always research the species you intend to buy before mixing them with other fish.

Most killifish live 2 to 5 years in aquariums. Most killifish zquarium in a mixture of vibrant colors ranging from blue, red, gold, green, orange, silver and brown.

Killifish Care Sheet

In the wild, annuals live squarium temporary pools that dry up each year for periods up to 6 months. They hatch, grow, reproduce and die all in less than a year and their eggs go dormant until the next rainy season.

Members of the family Cyprinodontidae, these distant relatives of mollies, guppies, swordtails and platies are known collectively as egg laying tooth carp. The fry can be fed on baby brine shrimp, infusoria or micro worms until they are large enough to accept crushed flakes. Killifish are a large family of freshwater fish comprising over a thousand different species. These periods can vary from a few weeks to even longer than a year.


Killifish Care Sheet

Different species of killifishes have different spawning methods. There are also a few exceptions to the rule. Semi-annuals inhabit areas that may or may not dry up completely, while non-annuals occupy permanent bodies of water. Thus it is important to identify the spawning behavior of your killifishes before setting up a breeding tank.

Also it is important to note that some species of killifish eggs require a period of dry incubation before being hatched. Housing Recommendations for Killifish Many killifish are perfect for nano and desktop aquariums because of their small size. Once spawning has occurred, the eggs should either be harvested from the breeding tank or the parent fish should be removed because killifishes fill readily devour any eggs or fry that they come across.

Most species are no more than an inch or two in size, and the largest species often only reach a length of 6 inches. Killifish Care Sheet Underrated Gems Killifish are not well known in the mainstream aquarium hobby and are seldom seen in local fish stores, but they are some of the most colorful freshwater aquarium fish in existence.

For this reason they prefer aquariums with subdued lighting. For filtration, a small sponge filter with gentle air flow is recommended.

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