GRAVE WITCH: An Alex Craft Novel. EXCERPT: The first time I encountered Death, I hurled my mother’s medical chart at him. As far as impressions went, I blew. Grave Witch (Alex Craft) [Kalayna Price] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Not even death can save her now. As a grave witch, Alex Craft. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Only a thin border separates the worlds of the : Grave Witch: An Alex Craft Novel (Alex Craft Series Book 1) eBook: Kalayna Price: Kindle Store.

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I enjoy that Alex grabe well rounded on it, meaning no self hate. I’m onto you, Alexis. Luckily for her, Falin comes into her life and is ready to help!

Kalayna Price – Wikipedia

I dug my ceremonial knife and wallet from my purse before dropping the bag on the conveyer belt. I knew that Death was a character the revitalized Death as a character, and made him sexy. This at times can cause some awkward moments for her.

At the very least, Kalayna Price gave me a real urban fantasy story instead of the typical Twilight-style “I’m-so-obsessed-with-you-if-you-leave-me-I’ll-die” kind of paranormal romance with a not very exciting mystery story mixed in to try and make the reader think the author actually cares about characters and plot rather than just filling the blanks between the sweet-nothings and sex.

Then he ended up all emotional in the end and really, when you fin I really, really wanted to give this book four stars. I thought it was pretty good and will read more in the series.


She struggles to pay the bills and has family issues that she prefers not to dwell on. I hate willful ignorance as a plot line. Besides, I like to see a heroine who has to repair her TV and pinch pennies to feed herself and her Chinese Crested.

Preview — Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop. Sometimes I’d have to reread an action scene to figure out what magic was doing what, because it felt a little bit confusing and jumbled.

Kalayna Price

I really liked this. So please cut the crap!

A limp hand had escaped the dark plastic; the long wrist was delicate, feminine. The doormat thing annoyed me, it’s part of the reason for her money troubles, not demanding to be paid for services rendered but she also has a problem with two tiny little letters, “no”.

Grave Witch

Looking for beautiful books? It is not mind blowing, it is not unique, but it is engaging and a good read nonetheless.

I’m intrigued with the idea of t For a first book this book impressed me when it came out, and years later it still impresses me. Published October 5th by Roc first published September 21st As far as first impressions went, I blew it, but I was five at the time, so he eventually forgave me. I did as he instructed, tapping my toe inside my boot as he waved the wand with its rudimentary detection spell over me.


Though, I’m currently rooting for Death. True I had forgotten about a lot the book because it had been so long, but I knew enough. All things Fandom — members — last activity Aug 13, Which conventions are you goin Anything and everything about Fandom, I started this group just for Dragoncon, but now I’m opening it up to other cons.

Grave Witch by Kalayna Price | : Books

No, luckily they are all about Alex, who faces a new problem in each book. She’s had this gift since she was a child so a normal We get ghosts, a murder mystery, weird magic, and so much more. There’s both too much set-up and not enough. So this series is rea I didn’t expect to like this series so much! While the author leaves it to be seen what will develop between Alex and Death, in the few scenes Death was in, he seemed laid-back kaylaana of guy with a lot of secrets and he is pretty hot.

Maybe I just like the idea of Alex sticking iwtch Prince Charming, her dog and not having too many relationships. He’s been popping in and out of Alex’s life since she was little, and although she doesn’t know much about him, they’re friends.

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