K9F2G08U0M datasheet, K9F2G08U0M pdf, K9F2G08U0M data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Samsung Electronic, FLASH MEMORY. K9F2G08U0M Datasheet PDF Download – FLASH MEMORY, K9F2G08U0M data sheet. The attached data sheets are prepared and approved by SAMSUNG Electronics. SAMSUNG Electronics CO., LTD. reserve the right to change the specifications.

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During transitions, this level may undershoot to The on-chip write controller automates all program and erase functions including pulse repetition, where required, and internal verification and margining of data. Do not erase or program factory-marked bad blocks. The definition and value of setup and hold time are changed. Devices with invalid block s have the same quality level as devices with all valid blocks and have the same AC and DC characteristics.

If erase operation results in an error, map out the failing block and replace it with another block. Total 1, NAND cells reside in a block. Two types of operations are available: C Vcc Vss N. Since the invalid block information is also erasable in most cases, it is impossible to recover the information once it has been erased.

Only the Read Status command and Reset command are valid while programming is in progress. The number of valid blocks is presented with both cases of invalid blocks considered. The device may output random data in a page instead of the consecutive sequential data by writing random data output command.

At the rising edge of WE after the erase confirm command input, the internal write controller handles erase and erase-verify. Page Read and Page Program need the same five address cycles following the required command input.

PRE pin controls activation of autopage read function.

256M X 8 Bit / 128M X 16 Bit NAND Flash Memory

Cycle 00h 00h 90h FFh 80h 80h 85h 60h 85h 05h dtaasheet 2nd. Please create an account or Sign in. A block consists of two NAND structured strings. The M byte X8 device or M word X16 device physical space requires 29 X8 or 28 X16 addresses, thereby requiring five cycles for addressing: Refer to table 2 for specific Status Register definitions. Rp VCC ibusy 1. Random page address programming is prohibited.


K9F2G08U0M datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits M X 8 Bit / M X 16 Bit NAND Flash Memory

It is an open drain output and does not float to high-z condition when the chip is deselected or when outputs are disabled. When the device is in the Busy state, CE high is ignored, and the device does not return to standby mode in program or erase operation. Refer to Figure 15 below. Page 35 Draft Date Sep. AC Waveforms for Power Transition 1. The column address for the next data, which will be entered, may be changed to the address which follows random data input command 85h.

Data input cycle for modifying a portion or multiple distant portions of the source page is datssheet as shown in Figure After writing the first set of data up to byte X8 device or word X16 device into the selected cache registers, Cache Program command 15h instead of actual Page Program 10h is k9f2g08u0mm to make cache registers free and to start internal program operation.

Faithfully describe 24 hours delivery 7 days Changing or Refunding. Since the time-consuming serial access and datashet cycles are removed, system performance for solid-state disk application is significantly increased. In addition, for voice or audio applications which use slow cycle time on the order of u-seconds, de-activating CE during the data-loading and serial access would provide significant savings in power consumption.


To improve the efficiency of memory space, it is recommended that the read or verification failure due to single bit error be reclaimed by ECC without any block replacement. The internal write verify detects only errors for “1”s that are not successfully programmed to “0”s. The repetitive high to low transitions of the RE clock make the device output the data starting from the selected column address up to the last column address.


Refer to the qualification report for the actual data. The Erase Confirm command D0h following the block address loading initiates the internal erasing process. Refer to table 3 for device status after reset operation. Unique ID for Copyright Protection? The power-on auto-read is enabled when PRE pin is tied to Vcc.

9kf2g08u0m programming of the cache registers is initiated only when the pending program cycle is finished and the data registers are available for the transfer of data from cache registers.

A read operation with “35h” command and the address of the source page moves the whole byte X8 device or word X16 device data into the internal data buffer. The device may include invalid blocks when first shipped.

For this reason, two bit ECC is recommended for copy-back operation. When the next set of data is inputted with the Cache Program command, tCBSY is affected by the progress of pending internal programming.

Commands, address and data are latched on the rising edge of the WE pulse. In addition to the enhanced architecture and interface, the device incorporates copy-back program feature from one page to another page without need dahasheet transporting the data to and from the external buffer memory.

Its NAND cell provides the most cost- effective solution for the solid state mass storage market.

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