THE EXHAUSTED SCHOOL: “How Did We Ever Come to Believe that the State Should Tell Our Children What to Think?” John Taylor Gatto Keep in mind as I. John Taylor Gatto[1] (born December 15, [2]) is an American author and former. 24 The Exhausted School-Excerpts-John Taylor Gatto John Taylor Gatto on what’s wrong with college. including Dumbing Us Down, The Exhausted School, A Different Kind of Teacher, and The.

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We seem to have lost our identity. Hi, thank you both.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Until finally I ended up at the school that produced 7 of the 9 “Central Park jogger” rapists, including a number of other distinctions. So here we have bracketed now, two groups that are small but not that small, who manage to keep what Lincoln’s idea for America was! Crysta rated it it was amazing Nov 16, Any kind of news going on, I would have advance permission and the kids would be dispatched to investigate. Eventually when we got the state education dept.

You can home school your children, I mean they’re a variety of ways around it, but they’re not all tackling the problem. MIT makes mandatory I believe a book called “Autonomous Technology” by Langdon Winter written about 30 years ago, achool which Winters says once you start with certain premises, it is inevitable that the system will eventually control all the personnel, the apparent leaders will remain only as long as they serve the system’s purposes, if they don’t heir marginalized and gotten rid of, and someone else is put in.

My own grandmother I think went to school until the 6th grade, she was quite a reader schol into her 90’s, very well read. And suddenly Prussia, indrew in all of the children, put them in a 2 stage system.

John Taylor Gatto – Wikipedia

It’s a simple matter of arithmetic. I could name other conditions school reform must tackle, but by now you will have grasped my thesis. George rated it liked it Jan 24, And I want to get that very clear, because there is a childlike devotion to the school system that reminds me of the “Devotion of the Blessed Mother” at St.


We’re taking a break, we’re talking with John Taylor Gatto. These 13 essays, presented at the National Grassroots Speakout on the Right to School Choice, illustrate how education reform actually works.

Independent livelihood was where it was at! You cannot labor if its independent and critical, therefore you need a schooling system much in the way that obedience school provides for dogs – they have to be taught not to pee in the house, or heel at their master’s beck and call. This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat I’m reading where a quote that you have in an article by you, by Edward Roth, in his book written in jon “Social Control,” says the following “plans are on the way to replace community, family, and church with propaganda, education, and mass fxhausted.

Monongahela, PennsylvaniaUS. On the other hand, I want your to compare it to or when the founder of the DuPont fortune wrote to investors exhauxted France and said there’s a miracle going on in this country, because everyone here can tje and debate like a lawyer!

Structurally, schools fly in the face of how children learn. In a quick take, if you set the idiom aside, they’re producing work of a caliber that we associate with adults.

Hartsman, and every other founder of American schooling before we had compulsory schooling, went to Prussia exhaustev came back with glowing reports of what the Prussians had produced, that is to say a predictable society that could be run by the best minds. And when they went to school, you’re saying that they only went for weeks?

The Exhausted School : John Taylor Gatto :

John wrote several profound lectures which disclosed a significant conclusion which encouraged splitting institutional schools and removing certification from teaching. To escape the trap we are in will require acts of courage and imagination: I don’t think we’ll get rid of schools anytime soon, certainly not in my lifetime, but if we’re going to change what has become a disaster we need to recognize that ignorance is inherent in the design of the thing.

That system effectively cuts you off from information you need to be sane, and cuts you off from your own past and future. For Immediate Release October Kassie rated it really liked it Aug 23, Now we have a world in which this president is saying that we have to create a situation that everyone can have at least two years of college, in the same way that I suppose that the 6th grade was assumed to be necessary at the beginning of the century.


School was the mechanism to utopianize. No It Cant Be October 1. He was the only prominent school man who, and I believe that’s still true, who was a house guest to the Rockefellers, the Carnegies. C C rated it it was ok Apr 15, The real self is too small and vulnerable to bear longtime exposure, because it has had no privacy in which to develop strength and integrity.

John, welcome to the show. Both reduce the real world to a never-ending, nonstop abstraction. I spoke in southern Illinois last week. They control hiring at universities and foundations and so on, and look for people like themselves.

The Exhausted School: Bending The Bars Of Traditional Education

Well, there’s a lot of problems Jerry. Look how fast the soviet union came apart – I would like to just tell you, very quickly here, that I sat with Jeane Kirkpatrick about two weeks before the first signs of the crack took place.

They can sell film and razor blades, push paper and talk on telephones, make deals or sit mindlessly before a flickering computer terminal, but they hate to be alone with themselves. I quote, “We have to radically decentralize government corporate schooling, return the power of designing and assessing programs to the local level, and ensure that every form of training for the young aims at producing independent, self-reliant minds, good characters, and individuals who get fighting mad when called a “human resource” and told their main function is to be part of the work force.

That leaves them 57 hours in which to grow up strong and competent and whole.

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