JAGUAR. ®. CS. PRODUCT DATA SHEET N – SEPTEMBER IDENTIFICATION. Chemical Name: GUAR GUM DERIVATIVE. C.T.F.A./I.N.C.I. Cosmetics & Toiletries Bench Reference | Jaguar® CS by Solvay acts as a protective, repairing, thickening, texturing, conditioning and moisturizing agent. It h.

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Jaguar C13S, C14S, C |

Ideal for use in conditioning shampoos, cream rinses, bath and shower products, lotions, creams and other personal care products. It is particularly suitable for everyday use, thin hair and volumising shampoos. Pairs of virgin dark brown Caucasian hair tresses of 10 g net in mass were distributed to four expert panellists skilled in c13 sensorial and conditioning properties delivered by shampoos.

However, its concentration is generally too low to allow trustworthy detection c3s it must be transferred to an evaporating dish where 1c3s is totally evaporated. The hair tresses were obtained from De Meo Bros. However, as the number of cycles becomes too large, Jaguar C13S eventually brings the volume back down, causing the hair tress to weigh down most certainly because of the much larger molecular weight of this high conditioning polymer.

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Jaguar® C 13 S

As for the conditioning benefits, Figure 2 shows how Jaguar C provides wet combing reduction similar to those of polyquaternium polymers Ucare LR and JR at the same polymer dosage. Global Regulatory Lists Reviewed. May 15 — Fri. Figure 1 shows the anionic red dye uptake on hair hence the level of deposited cationic polymer with which the red dye interacts when hair has been treated with the Jaugar Cbased shampoo.


Guar gum, 2-hydroxy trimethylammonio propyl ether, chloride The feel is not heavy, and hair is still squeaky yet conditioned. References 1 Schueller Naguar.

Solvay offers alkyl and alkyl ether sulfates, sulfonates, sulfosuccinates, betaines, sultaines, amphoterics, alkanolamides, amine oxides, mild nonionics, stearates, pearlizers, opacifers, performance concentrates, amido amides, cationic surfactants, conditioner concentrates, proteins and polymers. As of the first application, there is a large increase in the signal, which shows immediate deposition of the active on the surface of hair.

While gliding comes back to the initial level for the polymer-free formulation, Jaguar C provides a slight increase in hair glide, yet not as extensively as Polycare and Jaguar C Five jaguat tresses were used for each formulation. Continue stirring while sprinkling in the cationic polymer. Solvay Novecare supplies surfactants, hair care ingredients, rheology and preservatives for Personal Care and Cosmetics. After each of the 3 passes through the ring, the average volume of the hair tress is measured using a software driven CCD camera which captures jaugar different profiles of the vertically mounted rotating tress in one minute.

This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. Polymer substantivity and build-up: Jaguar C provides foam richness enhancement against the polymer-free formulation.

Lincoln Fine Ingredients |

For 2-in-1 shampoos, the dimethicone emulsion was added after the introduction of SLES surfactant. Thus, the Jaguar Cbased shampoo allows for cleansing and conditioning hair while keeping a feel similar to that provided by a cleansing shampoo that does not contain any polymer. Shampooed tresses were first exposed to a 0. Lambda Bio 40 jauar used to measure the dye characteristic jwguar at nm, from which one can easily deduce the dye uptake expressed jaguat microgram of dye per gram of hair.


Further, in the rinsing, some differences between Jaguar C and the polymer-free formulation are perceived. The deposition yield is calculated as follows:. Oct Who understands the grey-coverers, beauty-lovers and trend-pioneers? During each of the four different cycles, the first pull referred to as Pass 1 is always considered as an initialisation pass that erases the combing and compression history of the tress.

Jaguar C13S, C14S, C-17

As the number of applications increases, the signal quickly plateaus to reach a constant level. Register now to apply for regular copies of Personal Care Europe and free access to premium content, as well as our regular newsletters.

The shampoos were prepared as follows: For each jaghar tress, four experimental cycles were carried out, each consisting of a combing jaguarr to remove any tangles, followed by 3 passes through c13e confining ring of Instron equipment, which allows for measuring the work compression energy required to pull a tress of given volume through a ring of given diameter.

An expert in skin biology and in the mastering of plants and biotechnologies for more than 30 years, this independent French group provides major names in cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic industry with patented and effective active

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