J2EE, J2SE, JavaMail, Java Naming and Directory Interface, EJB, and JSP are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. UNIX® is a. Run from a Web server with J2EE installed The Java Servlet Alias file type, file format description, and Mac and Windows programs listed on this page have. J2EE is a platform-independent, Java-centric environment from Sun/Oracle for developing, building and deploying Web-based enterprise applications online.

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JavaServer Pages

The listener-class element declares a class in the application must be registered as a web application listener bean. Context means application scope.

The getInitParameter method returns a string containing the value of the parameter you provide the nameor null if the parameter does not exist. If a value is not specified, one must be supplied during deployment. Suppose you want to open a binary file in a browser from a servlet.

The message-destination-usageType specifies the use of the message destination indicated by the reference. The elements that use this type designate the name of a Java class or interface.

Alternatively, the name in the ejb-link element may be composed of a path name specifying the ejb-jar containing the referenced enterprise bean with the ejb-name of the target bean appended and separated from the path name by ” “.

If form based authentication is not used, these elements are ignored.

WAR (file format) – Wikipedia

The res-authType specifies whether the Deployment Component code signs on programmatically to the resource manager, or whether the Container will sign on to the resource manager on behalf of the Deployment Component.

It consists of an optional description, the resource manager connection factory reference name, the indication of the resource manager connection filetupe type expected by the Deployment Component code, the type of authentication Application or Containerand an optional specification of the shareability of connections obtained from the resource Shareable or Unshareable.


In most cases the value will be filetyype. The filter-name value must be the value of the filter-name sub-elements of one of the filter declarations in the deployment descriptor.

The following would be a valid for loop in a JSP page:. Declaration of the filter mappings in this web application is done by using filter-mappingType. The Assembler makes use of this information in linking producers of a destination with its consumers. The param-value element contains the value of a parameter. The session-configType defines viletype session parameters for this web application.

This group keeps the usage of the contained description related elements consistent across J2EE deployment descriptors. The value must be a String that is valid for the constructor of the specified type that takes a single String parameter, or for java.

Later, he added a note to his site saying that JSP had improved sincebut also cited its competitors, Apache Velocity and Tea template j2e. The location is relative to the root of the module. If false, the resources are assumed to not be JSP documents, unless there is another property group that indicates filetyype.

JSPA File Extension – What is a .jspa file and how do I open it?

The local-homeType defines the fully-qualified name of an enterprise bean’s local home interface. A WAR file may be digitally signed in the same way as a JAR file in order to allow others to determine where the source code came from.

This allows multiple message destinations with the same name to be uniquely identified. However, the deployment descriptor instance file must not contain multiple elements of session-config, jsp-config, and login-config.


Related Resources Store Articles Blogs. The value of a port-component-link must be the port-component-name of a port-component in the same module or another module in the same application diletype.

This method returns an array of values as strings, or null if the parameter does not exist. The ejb-ref-name element filettpe the name of an EJB reference.

Thankfully, this objective reduces the task from remembering almost 1, methods to just a few of them, which happen to be the most interesting ones.

The interface that defines the form parameter methods is ServletRequest. Element J2ed Summary j2ee: The default value is “en” English. An external properties file would define the link with some thing like:. The declaration consists of: The declaration consists of an optional description, the name of the environment entry, and an optional value.

It contains a declaration of a Deployment Component’s reference to an administered object associated with a resource in the Deployment Component’s environment. The listenerType indicates the deployment properties for a web application listener j2er.

My name is Duke. What’s yours?

Note that the sub-elements of this element can be in the arbitrary order. Within global complexTypes The res-sharing-scope type specifies whether connections obtained through the given resource manager connection factory reference can be shared.

In the latter case, the Container uses information that is supplied by the Deployer. That filename would be the name of the file that appears in the Save As dialog box.

Throwing back a error isn’t nice.

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