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The ISLC provides for current to be sensed using resistors in series with the channel inductors as shown in the application circuit of Figure 40 or using the intrinsic series resistance of the inductors as shown in the application circuit of Figure VSS Signal ground; Connect to local controller ground.

Tiebar shown if present is a non-functional feature. During this interval, the SOFT capacitor is charged with approximately 40?

ISL6260 Datasheet PDF

Power Monitor and Thermal Monitor? ISEN3 Individual current sensing for channel 3.

A capacitor is added in parallel with RL in order to improve the stability margin of the channel current balance loop. It should be noted that the switching frequency in the Electrical Specification Table is tested with the error amplifier output or Comp pin voltage at 2V.

A unity gain, differential amplifier is. The datashwet is a slow slew rate, used to reduce inrush current on start-up.

(PDF) ISL6260 Datasheet download

Dimensions in for Reference Only. Once we know the attenuation of the RS and RN network, we can then determine the Droop amplifier Gain required to achieve the load line.


Due to the fact that the voltage feedback to the switching regulator is sensed at the processor die, there exists the potential of an overvoltage due to an open circuit feedback signal, should the regulator be operated without the processor installed.

The new value will be calculated by Equation A current source is connected internally to this pin. This allows the Voltage Regulator to tightly control the processor voltage at the die, independent of layout inconsistencies and drops.

With both the outputs of RO and RS tied together, the simplified model for the droop circuit can be derived. The reduction in ripple results. When Comp pin voltage is lower, the switching frequency will not be at the tested value but can still maintain the output voltage ripple within spec.

Rtrace is the trace resistance from the inductor to the microprocessor on the phase that needs to be tweaked. A on NTC pin, the voltage is only Dynamic Mode of Operation – Compensation Parameters Considering the voltage regulator as a black box with a voltage source controlled by VID and a series impedance, in order to achieve the 2.

ISL Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Intersil’s R3 intrinsically has voltage-feed-forward. NTC thermistor will be placed in the hot spot of the board. Limits established by characterization and are not production tested. There is a mathematical calculation file available to the user.

Table 2 shows the operation modes of ISLC with combinations of control logic. The selection of Roc is given below in Equation Once the board has been laid out, datqsheet adjustments may be required to adjust the full load droop voltage. A good NTC thermistor compensation can limit the output voltage drift to 2mV.

For optimum load line regulation performance, the traces connecting these two pins to the Kelvin sense leads of the processor must be laid out in parallel and away from rapidly rising voltage nodes switching nodes and other noisy traces. It will disable diode emulation. Static Datzsheet of Operation – Processor Die Sensing Die sensing allows the Voltage Regulator to compensate for various resistive drops in the power path and insure that the voltage seen at the CPU die is the correct level independent of load current.


When using inductor DCR current sensing, a single NTC element is used to compensate the positive temperature coefficient of the copper winding thus ratasheet the load-line accuracy with reduced cost. To reduce the mismatch, multiply both Rdrp1 and Rdrp2 by the appropriate factor.

This resistor is used to tie the outputs of all channels together and thus create ddatasheet summed average of the local CORE voltage output.

Current sense can be achieved by using either inductor DCR or discrete precision resistor. These resistors are used to sense the DC voltage drop across each inductor. The phase unbalance is detected by the voltage datashet the ISEN pin.

ISL datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

There are provisions to correct the current imbalance due to layout or to purposely divert is6260 to certain phase for better thermal management. And very importantly, the PCB traces sensing the inductor voltage should be go directly to the inductor pads.

It is a package.

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