Also, you may have existing Web Broker and WebSnap applications that you want to extend but not rewrite. You can still take advantage of IntraWeb’s design. I think IntraWeb is a real RAD tool compared to WebSnap, and it is much much easier to use (specially for Delphi Developpers), I do not understand why Borland . IntraWeb-and-WebSnap delphi IntraWeb and WebSnap example uses the teaching, we can refer to see.

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This article will provide a very brief introduction to IntraWeb and demonstrate how IntraWeb can be integrated with WebSnap. The code checks to see if the user has selected information, and also makes sure that they do not select the same movie for both choices. IntraWeb is a revolutionary new way to create your web-based applications. Could websjap tell me how to fix this?

Webssnap should look like this:. Our Page1Form now looks like this: If the TIWText component is not made visible, not messages are displayed and all is well. It then sets ProduceResponse to False. Delphi will now create a new WebSnap Page Module. In this manner of integration the products are quite complimentary.


Use of WebSnap for control of authentication.

Intraweb + WebSnap – delphi

Double click on the form and enter this code. The page module should now look like this:.

Please visit our new home community. Set AutoProcess to true.

Developer Tools

It demonstrates the following: With best regards, Vitaliy Fursov Canada. You will notice that the page is returned and appears like this:.

Make the settings match the settings as shown in the figure above and select OK.

Now we need to create an IntraWeb page form. Canvas do begin Brush. Set AutoProcess to true. I have quite some websnap experience This screen is produced by WebSnaps login adapter. Survey in the browser.

We have now covered the important parts of the demo itself. The Final Frontier was trully horrid.

Page jumping in WebSnap/IntraWeb.

So we’ll just explain a few lines of interest. Double click on the button and add this code: Before selecting choices, click Vote. How do I verify what version of Intraweb I have installed? Use of WebSnap session management with IntraWeb.


FormAction can be set if you wish the data to be submitted to another form. In this manner of integration, the products are quite complimentary. With practically no support to speak of newsgroups and a manual full of websnwp makes this whole technology worthless, ive spent time and money buying this and TMS comps to go with it and ive had nothing but trouble from day one, utter rubbish dont waste your time.

For this form we have created only one event.

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