Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can refer to it at any Your selection of a Honda Odyssey was a wise investment. It will give. Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 10 Oct, by Hurrdurr. Model: Honda Odyssey. File size: MB. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Honda Odyssey automobile. Honda Honda Odyssey Owners Manuals ยท Honda .

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Your selection of a Honda Odyssey was a wise As you read this manual, you will investment. It will give you years of driving pleasure. This One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new vehicle is to information is intended to help you read this manual. This product contains or emits chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Event Data Recorders This vehicle is equipped with one or more devices commonly referred to as event data recorders. These devices record front seat belt use, front passenger seat occupancy, airbag deployment data, and the failure of any airbag system component. A Few Words About Safety Your safety, and the safety of others, You will find this important safety information in a variety of forms, is very important.

And operating this including: Safety Labels on the vehicle. Warranty and Customer Relations U. Overview of Contents Contents convenience features. Technical Information A convenient reference to the ID numbers, dimensions, capacities, sections in this manual. Before Driving and technical information. What gasoline to use, how to break- Your Vehicle at a Glance in your new vehicle, and how to load Warranty and Customer A quick reference to the main luggage and other cargo.

It Seat Belt System Components. Be Aware of Airbag Hazards Remember, situations can change The recommendations on this page While airbags can save lives, they quickly, and only you can decide are the ones we consider to be the These include a strong steel framework that forms a safety cage around the passenger compartment, front and rear crush zones, a collapsible steering column, Not wearing a seat belt properly and against other occupants.

Protecting Adults and Teens Introduction Close and Lock the Doors On Touring models The following pages provide After everyone has entered the instructions on how to properly vehicle, be sure the doors and the protect the driver, adult passengers, tailgate are closed and locked.

Protecting Adults and Teens If you sit too close to the steering Adjust the Seat-Backs wheel or dashboard, you can be seriously injured by an inflating front Sitting too close to a front airbag, or by striking the steering airbag can result in serious wheel or dashboard.

Protecting Adults and Teens Adjust the Head Restraints Reclining the seat-back too far Improperly positioning head can result in serious injury or restraints reduces their death in a crash. Adjust the oryssey to an upright position, and sit well Make sure head restraints are back in the seat. Protecting Adults and Teens Fasten and Position the Seat This spreads the forces of a crash Belts over the oddyssey bones in your Insert the latch plate into the buckle, upper body.

Before using the seat belt, make sure the detachable anchor is correctly latched. Protecting Adults and Teens Maintain a Proper Sitting In addition, an occupant who is out of Position position in the front seat can be After all occupants have adjusted seriously or fatally injured in a odyszey Sitting improperly or out of their seats and head restraints, and by striking interior parts of the position can result in serious Protecting Adults and Teens Advice for Pregnant Women When driving, remember to sit Additional 2100 Precautions upright and adjust the seat as far Never let passengers ride in the back as possible while allowing full cargo area or on top of a folded- control of the vehicle.

Protecting Adults and Teens Do not put any accessories on seat Do not attach or place objects on Do not cover or replace front seat- Devices intended to improve Objects on belts. In normal driving, belt is latched and there kdyssey no front your shoulder, yonda your chest, the retractor lets you move freely in your seat while it keeps some The belt will retract, but it will not allow the passenger owndrs move freely.

To deactivate the lockable retractor, unlatch the buckle and let the seat belt fully retract. Not checking or maintaining airbags would not be needed, but the seat belts can result in serious extra tension in the seat belt could Honda provides a limited warranty injury or death if the seat belts be helpful.


Two side curtain airbags, one for Sensors that can detect whether each side of the vehicle. Additional Information About Your Airbags During a frontal crash, your seat belt This can happen if the severity of a restrains your lower body and torso, collision is at the margin, or and the airbag helps protect your threshold, that determines whether head and chest. Additional Information About Your Airbags The total time for manals and Dual-Stage Airbags Dual-Threshold Airbags deflation is one-tenth of a second, so Your kdyssey airbags are dual-stage Your front airbags are also dual- fast that most occupants are not airbags.

This means they have two threshold airbags.

If the seat is under the seat. Although Honda too far forward, the airbag will under the front seats. To get the best protection from the Although Honda does not encourage indicator will go out. Tampering could cause disabilities, first contact Honda the airbags to deploy, possibly Automobile Customer Service at causing very serious injury.

Protecting Children General Guidelines All Children Must Be Restrained Each year, many children are injured or killed in vehicle crashes because Children who are unrestrained they are either unrestrained or not or improperly restrained can be properly restrained.

In fact, vehicle seriously injured or killed in a accidents are the number one cause crash. Please read and follow the instructions on these labels. Protecting Children General Guidelines Make sure any unused seat belt Use the power sliding door main Lock all doors and the tailgate that a child can reach is buckled, switch to prevent children from when your vehicle is not in use. This Children who play in vehicles can the lockable retractor is Protecting Infants and Small Children In any of these situations, we Protecting Small Children and weight are appropriate for a strongly recommend that you install rear-facing seat.

Selecting a Child Seat When buying a child seat, you need Since LATCH-compatible child seats Whatever type of seat you choose, to to choose either a conventional child are easier to install and reduce the provide proper protection, a child seat, or one designed for use with possibility of improper installation, seat should meet three Installing a Child Seat After selecting a proper child seat A child seat secured with a seat belt Secure the child in the child seat.

The lower anchors are located between the seat-back and seat bottom, and are to be used only with LOWER Unlatch the detachable seat belt anchor latch and retract the seat belt all the way into the ceiling.

Installing a Child Seat To activate the lockable retractor, After confirming that the belt is Push and pull the child seat slowly pull the shoulder part of the locked, grab the shoulder part of forward and from side-to-side to belt all the way out until it stops, the belt near the buckle, and pull verify that it is secure enough to stay upright during normal driving Installing a Child Seat Remove the head restraint see page.

Make sure the removed head restraint is secured Outside seating position Center seating position in the cargo area.


Reinstall the head restraint when the child seat is removed. Outside seating position To use the anchor, pull up the anchor cover.

Booster seats can be high-back or Is the lap part of the belt as low as low-back. And If you decide that a child can safely Front while age may be one indicator of ride up front, be sure to: The National Highway Traffic Safety when a child can safely ride in front, Administration and Transport there are other important factors you Protecting Larger Children Additional Safety Precautions Do not put any accessories on a Devices intended to Do not let a child wear a seat manuale seat belt.

They warn you of potential U. Read these labels carefully.

Honda Odyssey Owner’s Manual

If a label comes off or becomes hard to read except for the U. All the essential Washer If this indicator comes on when the This indicator comes on for several engine is running, the battery is not seconds when you turn the ignition Malfunction Indicator being charged. Canada Indicator fasten their seat belt, the indicator Side Airbag Off This indicator comes on when you comes on about 6 seconds after the Indicator turn the ignition switch to the ON ignition switch is turned to the ON This indicator comes on for several II position.


Canada Parking Brake and If it remains on after you have ABS Indicator Brake System fully released the parking brake This indicator normally comes on for Indicator Red while the engine is running, or if it a few seconds when you turn the This indicator has two functions: During normal operation, the pointer ownerss rise to about the middle of the gauge.

It measures miles in U. It is illegal under U. Some of the messages help you operate your vehicle more comfortably. Multi-Information Display Messages in the trip computer include: When you turn off the engine, INST. This monitor is a part of the tire pressure monitoring system TPMS. See page more information.

The temperature If there is a problem with your reading can be affected by heat vehicle, for example the engine oil reflection from the road surface, level is low or a door is not fully engine heat, and the exhaust from closed, the multi-information display Canada See page U. Multi-Information Display You will also hear a beep when the To cancel the message s before 5 system message comes on for the seconds elapsed, press the INFO first time.

Most of the messages are displayed for about 5 seconds, and then the normal display returns. Multi-Information Display Even if you press the INFO button, You can see the message s again by Fasten Seat Belt odysey messages stay on or come on pressing owmers INFO button repeatedly again at regular intervals until the if the system message indicator problem is corrected: Multi-Information Display replace the fuel fill cap.

Multi-Information Display Have your dealer do the indicated Maintenance Messages Check TPMS System maintenance as soon as you see this message, and have them reset the display after completing the service.

With the ignition switch in the ON under these conditions: Multi-Information Display Change Setting You can customize some of the vehicle control settings to your preference. Here are the settings you can customize: Display If you find that the temperature owneers is always a few degrees below or above the actual temperature, adjust it as described in the following section. The elapsed time resets each time the ignition switch is turned to the ON II position.

Honda Odyssey Owners Manuals

Refer to page for setting the seat position memory. Each time you press the INFO button, the display changes between The interior lights fade out when you The auto door lock mode is deactivated all the time.

Multi-Information Display Keyless Lock Acknowledgement When you press the UNLOCK button on the remote transmitter to unlock the doors and the tailgate, the exterior lights blink twice to verify that the doors and the tailgate are unlocked and the security system is turned off.

Multi-Information Display Security Relock Timer If you unlock the doors and the tailgate with the remote transmitter, but do not open any of the doors or the tailgate within 30 seconds, the doors and the tailgate automatically relock and the security system sets. You can change this relock time from 30 seconds to 60 or 90 seconds. The washers spray until you The wipers are not activated.

The wipers run at low speed, then complete one more The length of the wipe sweep after you release the lever. Windshield Wipers and Washers, Turn Signal and Headlights Rear Window Wiper and Washer When you shift the transmission to Turn Signal and Headlights the reverse position with the front windshield wipers activated, the rear mannuals wiper operates automatically. When the wiper control lever is positioned as follows: The onwers window wiper operates intermittently.

Turn Signal, Headlights Turn Signal Push down on the Headlights Manualss rotating switch If you leave the lights on with the lever to signal a left turn and up to on the left lever controls the lights. To turn them other exterior lights, and the on again, ocyssey turn the ignition instrument panel lights when it switch to the ON II position, or senses low ambient light.

Turn the fog lights on and off by This turns off the headlights, If you unlock the door, but do not turning the switch next to the open it within 15 seconds, the lights

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