various cable testing methods. The choice of the right method and the most appropriate instrument Before moving on to the main hipot testing techniques, it is. that you understand the proper setup and use of our hi-pot testers. Please accepts pass results for the following four hi-pot test methods: AC VOLTAGE. Hipot testing involves using a high potential (voltage) to test insulation. A hipot test can be very useful in helping you develop a process that builds high quality.

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The leakage current must be below a preset limit or the test is considered to have failed. Premium Membership Premium membership gives you an access to specialized technical articles and extra premium hiopt electrical guides and software.

How DC Hipot Tests Work

If I get less value in IR test after hi-pot then before hi pot what could be the reason. Is that descripted in a standard like IEC ? I wanted to notify you that Shrikant Kajale Kajale Projects has copied and pasted your article and posted on LinkedIn pretending he wrote it. Hipot testers may also have a microcontroller and a display to automate the testing process and display the testing results.

What is HIPOT Testing (Dielectric Strength Test)?

Is there a table of all different voltages of transformer and the voltages to apply to hipot transformer. January 17, by shawn. The voltage and measured current value are used to calculate the resistance of the insulation.

It can happen in seconds or may take 10 minutes or more. Another method of establishing the current trip level would be to use the following mathematical formula: The currents are the same currents present in an insulation resistance test: This current is present during the atomic and any molecular polarization of the insulation, and is the current one is interested in during a PI test.

Hipot is an abbreviation for high potential. Yet due to design flaws or other factors, the insulation in a product can break down, resulting in excessive leakage current flow. I A — Absorption current: High direct voltage also referred to as over-voltage: Sometimes the question becomes, which is it, dirt or weak insulation? The peak value of this current may be very high, reflecting the energy stored in the capacitance of the winding. Aniel Nov 26, For example, for a V-ac voltage, the equivalent dc voltage to produce the same amount of stress on the insulation would be procedhre 1.


As the contamination level increases, the resistance of the contamination drops, and the current increases. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Inadequate creepage and clearance distances introduced during the manufacturing process. If there any formula for calculating leakage current.

The hipot tester current trip level should be set high enough to avoid nuisance failure related to leakage procedur and, at the same time, low enough not to overlook a true breakdown in insulation. Srinivas Dec 12, I G — Volume Conduction current: DC voltage is applied to open disconnected windings by the Hipot tester or motor analyzer.

Hipot – Wikipedia

Dear Jigu, I want an insulation for instrumentation purpose from readily available insulation polymers that can be molded which has very low leakage in the range of femtoamps, I am basicaly interested in measuring current in that range, Operating voltage is in the fest of Vdc to v DC.

Let me know if you have any query. This current will drop to zero, or near zero, over a period of time that varies by motor. This page was last edited on 31 Decembertfst Once this has been achieved, then the leakage current trip level should be set to a slightly higher value than the average figure. The rule of thumb for duration of hipot testing seconds. This is also called inrush current. This would proceudre a manufacturer to filter those products that have marginal insulation, which would have been passed by an ac tester.

I want an insulation for instrumentation purpose from readily available insulation polymers that can be molded which has very low leakage in the range of femtoamps, I am basicaly interested in measuring current in that range, Operating voltage is in the range of Lrocedure to v DC.


Manohar Nov 18, This condition can create a shock hazard if the defects are not corrected at the factory. A hipot tester is an electronic device used to verify the electrical insulation in a device or other wired assembly that could subject someone to a shock if it failed. It appears that the 2x is just to reduce trips since the real part of the test is arcing and breakdown. It can be applied at higher levels without risk or injuring good insulation.

I L — Surface conduction current: Usual problem, but still I am not cleared…If there is any acceptable leakage current value is there during Hi-pot test, please share with us.

Traditionally, hipot is a term given to a class of electrical safety testing instruments used to verify electrical insulation in finished appliances, cables or other wired assemblies, printed circuit boardselectric motorsand transformers. This can be done on both types of cables? Facebook Linkedin Google Plus Twitter. No other test can uncover this type of defect as well as the Dielectric Withstand test.

I am sure it is less than mA. Based in our calculation we can correlate the periodicity in inches of the spikes. These three tests differ in the amount of voltage applied and the amount or nature of acceptable current flow:.

There are times when failure or partial failure is indicated by a large abnormal change in the measured current or by erratic behavior of the measured current. Hemant Oct 26, Hipot tests are helpful in finding nicked or crushed insulation, stray wire strands or braided shielding, conductive or procedre contaminants around the conductors, terminal spacing problems, and tolerance errors in cables.

Kirubanithi BE Dec 08, This failure condition can cause a shock to anyone that comes into contact with the faulty product.

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