Psychology From an Empirical Standpoint · Franz Brentano. Routledge () Brentano and Wundt: Empirical and Experimental Bradford. Franz Brentano (). Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint. I. The Concept and Purpose of Psychology. Source: Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint. This standpoint is clearly mirrored in his empirical approach to psychology. It is noteworthy.

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Brentano does not systematically elaborate his ontological position in this period, we rather find a bundle of ideas of which he did not seem to be fully convinced. The Legacy of Franz Brentano.

Thus, while judgments and emotions consist in taking either a positive or a negative stance, the value of a presentation is always positive, but comes in degrees: On the other hand, the first task mentioned above undoubtedly belongs to the physiologist.

Actions, Products, and Things: Mental acts, thus, can stand in a quasi-relation to existing objects like the city of Paris as well as non-existing objects like the Golden Mountain. They could be an original and ultimate fact, they could be consequences of the previous mental history of those individuals, and they could be the result of differences in physical organisation.

Discussing Eduard von Hartmann ‘s Philosophy of the UnconsciousBrentano comments that Hartmann “uses the term ‘consciousness’ to refer to something different from what we do.

Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint

A series of new investigations is linked with this point. The further task of psychology, according to Mill, is to derive from these general and elementary laws of mental phenomena more specific and more complex laws of thought.

The phenomena of inner stanvpoint are a different matter. Bgentano originally intended to produce a large work consisting of six books, the first five of which would cover psychology as a science, mental phenomena in general, and their three basic classes, while bretano sixth would stanfpoint with the mind-body problem, the soul, and immortality.


But this remains to be investigated, and the investigation of this question, which is the job of the psychologist because it deals with laws of comparative judgement, could yield a result quite different from what was expected. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x We, therefore, define psychology as the science of mental phenomena, in the sense indicated above.

The phenomena of light, sound, heat, spatial location and locomotion which he studies are not things which really and truly exist.

Moreover, Kriegel suggests that for Brentano this self-representational aspect is a necessary condition for having a presentation Kriegel For, he says, sounding exactly like a modern psychologist, such an investigation is not the province of one who studies the soul, but of one who studies the body.

If there are still, as Mill grants, other phenomena, instincts in particular, which cannot be explained in any other way except directly in terms of one’s particular physical organisation, we see that a wide field of investigation is assured for psychology in the area of ethology, i.

One in particular is Fechner, who named this branch of science “psychophysics” and called the famous law which he established in this connection the “Psychophysical Law.

Verlag von Veit und Comp. And he considers something a living being if it nourishes itself, grows and reproduces and is endowed with the faculties of sensation and thought, or if it possesses at least one of these faculties.

Psychology from An Empirical Standpoint

The various aporiai which are linked with these questions show that we have hit upon the point which aroused this great thinker’s thirst for knowledge most of all. The general theoretical sciences form stand;oint kind of hierarchy in which each higher step is erected on the basis of the one below it.

Brsntano first edition was designated Volume 1, but this was also abandoned in later editions. But we never encounter that something of which these things are properties.

Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint – Wikipedia

For even though it is self-evident that those who deny the existence of a substantial soul cannot speak of the immortality of the soul in the proper sense of the word, it still does not follow that the question of the immortality of the soul loses all meaning because we deny the existence of a substantial bearer of mental phenomena. If someone wanted to compare the relative value of the scientific field which we have just described with that of the natural sciences, using as a measuring stick tranz and exclusively the interest aroused at the present time by these two types of investigations, psychology would undoubtedly be overshadowed.


The passage clearly suggests, however, that the intentional object towards which we are directed is part of the psychological act.

There are, however, such sicknesses which have always appeared periodically up to now, and which, because of our lack of medical skill, have regularly led to death. Notwithstanding this dependence on the notion of judgment, however, truth, for Brentano, is not a subjective notion: He completed the first two books of the work in March Let me point out merely in passing that psychology contains the roots of aesthetics, which, in a more advanced stage of standplint, will undoubtedly sharpen the eye of the artist and assure his progress.

According to Brentano, a judgment is true when it is evident, i.

According to Brentano’s theory, mental acts cannot have duration. Husserl, Edmund,Logische Untersuchungen. Languages Eesti Edit links. Later he modified his position, though, and argued that they can also differ in various modes, such as temporal modes. We can say that there exists something which, under certain conditions, causes this or that sensation.

Hence, even though the really essential analogy is missing, the similarity to old age in external appearance is undeniable.

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