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In addition, three fuses one for each phase-line rated to 15A were placed between the wall outlet and the switch to protect the circuit breaker in the building. Comprised of two terminals, one referred to as the anode while the other referred to as the cathode, this device functions as a one way valve for electricity. datashet

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In this chapter, two improvements for LLC resonant converter. For example, if failure from this test occurs in one year, the product is estimated to last These two measurements were averaged to produce an average ambient temperature. Steps 1, 2 and 6 are described in the Boundary Temperature Measurements fatasheet, Steps 3 and 5 are described in the Infrared Thermography chapter and Steps 7 and 8 are Power electronic converters, along with their ffr9014 control circuits and energy storage subsystems, are at the heart of all VFDs due to the necessary power conversion process that must take place.

The Space Above Top Surface was taken to be the space between the top surface of the control board and the motor drive case while the Space Below Bottom Surface was taken to be the space between the bottom surface of datasheeet control board and the connector The components on the control board were relatively the same size and thus it was assumed that they all have similar abilities to dissipate heat.


However, the major drawbacks of MOSFETs are that as the voltage rating increases, the intrinsic conduction characteristics degrade and higher switching losses occur which generates significant heat [2]. This study assumed that the fan was datashewt operational and exhibited an airflow matching the manufacturer specifications; however the IR control board front right Figure datahseet Appendix: To validate and calibrate the reliability assessment method described in this study, the CalcePWA failure analysis results were compared to accelerated tests of the motor drive.

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For industrial purposes datashheet number is most likely closer to three, however satasheet cycles per day served as a conservative estimate.

The system is in this state for approximately 45 seconds. The implementation of prognostic monitoring on the control board will indicate component or interconnect degradation well before failure occurs. While altering the thermal simulation software is outside the scope of this project, the thermal profiles developed may be more representative of real world systems if the software has the ability to take into account temperature gradients.

Location 10 and Location 11 are used solely for the connector fe9014 and all thermocouples were placed approximately 1 cm away from the surface of any board.

The non-pof based reliability assessment methods reviewed in literature generally did not take into account the heat dissipation from neighboring subsystems, specifically the power switching module.

The control board would not be operated under any dagasheet, therefore the only stress acting upon the assembly can be assumed to be thermomechanical in nature. However, the motor drive experienced significant heating while idle. The load-generating test setup was used to perform power cycling of the drive based upon accelerated field conditions.

Emissivity is a dimensionless material property and describes a materials ability to emit radiation. Once placed, the control board was then reattached. While the emissivity among all components was unified, the infrared camera was not able to differentiate components based upon their thermal signatures. The bottom row indicates that regardless of the current, frequency and fluctuations in room temperature there is little difference between the ambient temperature and the temperature surrounding the control board.


ABSTRACT. Associate Professor F. Patrick McCluskey Department of Mechanical Engineering

Table 12 shows the results from the power board boundary temperature measurements. The results of these simulations were a series of thermal profiles that were used in the reliability assessment.

This served two purposes, both to provide a direct view of the connector board as shown in Figure 50, and to remove physical barriers that may trap heat.

IR power board load back bottom right Figure 88 Appendix: In the software, the user has the ability to alter the emissivity of the point measurement and witness the corresponding change in measured temperature.

(PDF) IRFR9014 Datasheet download

Figure f9r014 Control board natural convection boundary temperature measurements In this image, the control board is covered with a boron nitride spray. Both sections will describe the process used to obtain the boundary temperatures of the boards while operated within the drive case. Figure 22 shows a screen shot of the CalcePWA through-hole style parameter definitions.

Of the 12 thermocouples, Location 1, Location 7 and Location 9 were strategically placed so that data could be used for both boards. To reemphasize, the motor drive will be held idle for three minutes and will be operated datashdet full-load for three minutes. Figure 43 Thermocouples measuring the bottom of the control board shows the thermocouples in Locations 1, 2 and 3 within the motor drive.

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