Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) in , to increase the healthy quality standard of .. STANDAR PELAYANAN MEDIS DAN FORMULARIUM JAMKESMAS PADA. Hendrartini, () EVALUASI IMPLEMENTASI INA-CBGs KASUS Compliance with Jamkesmas formularium was %. 8/24/ AM Curriculum vitae Nama: Prof. dr. Ketua, Komite Nasional (KOMNAS) Penyusun Formularium Jamkesmas, KemKes RI 7. Ketua Tim.

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Health is a basic right of every individual and all citizens are entitled to health services including the poor. The prospective payment INA-CBGs systems generates more financially surplus generally, more effective in terms of cost reduction through the elimination of non-value adding activities.

The government hopes eventually the entire Indonesia citizen can become a participant of social security system. Based on some of the issues that use for tormularium systematic review, the aim of this article is to describe the implementation of the INA CBGs system and its effect on public hospitals’ financial performance.

Cash flow is a separate issue for consideration. In order to be able to survive and make some development, hospitals need to cover jmakesmas costs they spend.

Indonesia has reformed its national health insurance scheme. The amount of the bill for the diagnosis had been organized and endorsed by the Minister of Health Regulation No.

Public hospital as one government agency should be able to provide accountable both financially formulqrium non-financially local government and the community as service users. This condition also happens at A. The European Journal of Health Economics, vol.


Hospital finance performance Hospital must provide good quality health care to make sure the goals of universal health coverage could be achieved efficiently and effectively. While these rates might change over time because of factors such as fomularium, they are not adjusted to accommodate patients individually. This approach assumes that the degree of care required case intensity is a function of the patient’s diagnosis and the payment to the provider should be based formulagium the intensity of care [ 8 ].

The selection process could be seen in Figure 1. This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use and redistribution provided that the original author and source are credited.

Evaluasi Ketersediaan Obat Terhadap Formularium

In both outpatient cases and inpatient cases, the claims under the JKN are higher than under the hospitals’ rate. From the aspects of health care, in tormularium Surakarta provide the type of service and premium-class treatment in accordance with their respective health insurance. More information and software credits. Health Care Finance, jamkesnas performance of public hospitals and financial statement analysis.

Furthermore, public hospitals achieve a surplus since they receive a donation from the government for salary expenses and investment-related expenses. The results showed that it had a jamkfsmas impact on the financial aspects, namely the income hospitals can already covered all needs and operational expenditure with income jamkdsmas from the implementation of the INA-CBGs, including from purchasing the drug has begun to be resolved, the food inpatients, maintenance is already entered.

Public hospital management in Indonesia should consider the competence of their accounting and financial managers so they can manage their hospitals properly. According to this, public hospitals’ managers assume their financial performance would be better but they have a wrong perception about the definition of surplus in JKN era. The growing movement for universal health coverage.


formularium 2010

Hospital payment systems based on diagnosis-related groups: The descriptive research study. Wahab Sjahranie Hospital Formluarium.

The method of determining cost using the INA-CBG’s system implemented by the hospital and the payer government represented by BPJS no longer specify the charges based on the details of the services provided but based on several important data, namely: Each public hospital management must have a strategy and innovation to improve the quality of service formularuim they can compete with other hospitals and financial performance can be improved in this JKN era.

Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, vol.

formularium – [XLS Document]

As much as Based on Undang – Undang No. Sardjito Yogyakartashows that the average value of hospital charges for treatment patients with the severity level I are much lower compared with rates of INA package CBG’s. Because of diversity of comorbid types experienced by patients with diabetes mellitus, the jamkesmmas of needed drugs tend to give greater impact on total costs of treatment. The previous researches obtained that Prospective Payment System intends to motivate providers to deliver patient’s health care formularimu and efficiently.

There are two methods of payment used for hospital that is retrospective and prospective payment method.

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