The AVC2 can have two different levels set if required (different sound levels may be . For operation outside the above ranges contact Formula Sound Ltd. Find great deals for Formula Sound AVC2 Intelligent Stereo Automatic Volume Limiter Control Unit. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Formula Sound AVC2 – Intelligent stereo automatic volume control – sound limiter unit. UK List Price £ + VAT Provides system protection without reducing.

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At maximum input level the output will actually be lower than the normal level. The control input is connected to the fire alarm or whatever triggering method has been decided. Priority input socket is connected directly to priority output socket until the unit is triggered by the control input, then it is connected to all channels as set by the level control presets, and disconnected from the priority output socket.

It is possible to dim the signal by 20db if required. The AVC2 works by controlling the signal level before it gets to the loudspeakers. Turning down the volume will allow the system to return back to normal operating level.

Limit may be disabled by adjusting souns internal threshold preset to a sufficiently high level. Parallel remote output will drive solid state relays for external sign switching. Product Features There is no reduction in the dynamic range of the system under normal operating conditions The AVC2 has no external controls for the operator to worry about which also means that tampering is minimised. Return to Page View Basket. There is a character limit. The level is reduced in discreet steps indicated by the L.


Phantom power internally selectable. A line level automatic level control device intended for noise control applications.

More detailed technical information is available in the brochure. Categories New products By brand Audio foormula data connectors Video and RF connectors Power connectors and distribution Connection aound and stageboxes Fibre optic cables, connectors and interfaces Cable assemblies, patchcords and leads Cables Cabling accessories and tools Bags and cases Racks, rack accessories and hardware Lights, clocks, furniture, fittings and equipment supports Drives, memory, media, labelling and sound effects Powering Microphones Radio Microphones Microphone supports, amplifiers, powering and accessories Headphones, headsets, earpieces, amplifiers and wireless systems Hearing protection and noise control Record, replay and radio receivers Audio interfacing Video interfacing, processing, monitoring and camera accessories Audio mixers and processing Amplification Loudspeakers and audio monitoring Test and measurement Communications and datacoms Formual By brand Index New products Special offers Clearance list Remainder list.


As this signal level is directly proportional to the noise the loudspeakers produce we do not need a measuring microphone for the system to work. What we can do is control the maximum level at which the system will play irrespective of what they do.

Formula Sound AVC2 Intelligent Stereo Automatic Volume Limiter Control Unit

It is not practical to use the AVC2 in a mobile situation or where visiting artistes, bands, DJs, etc. Product Specifications Max input level: The system will probably now sound distorted and generally not very nice but the volume will be at a lower than normal level. Peak threshold limiter adjustable relative to standard limit threshold fast-acting limiter for peak protection. Whether you are an Integrator, Installer, Re-seller, Hire or Events company let us become an asset to your business.

DJ microphone may be at mic or line level as selected by internal switchwith phantom power now available on the Mk3 version. The product has been added to your basket. The limiting threshold and peak threshold each have a preset control under the front panel. This is because it is fairly slow in its action and therefore has a response time of a few seconds depending on musical content. The AVC2 performs as an intelligent volume control and in operation is very simple.


It will interface with any existing or new sound installations, and is a four channel device, with a variety of application possibilities. Audio inputs and outputs 3-pin XLR. Level sense taken from channels 1 and 2.

Formula Sound AVC2 Intelligent Stereo Automatic Volume Limiter Control Unit | eBay

If the average operating level is kept below the internally set threshold, the AVC2 has no effect. An anti-tamper relay is fitted which can be connected to an external switch to improve system security. That is to say when the control signal is removed the unit will not reset until the reset button is depressed.

The more the operator tries to increase the volume the more the AVC2 will decrease it, so the system will barely change in perceived volume level.

This was so as to avoid panic when a fire alarm activates, the programme level in the venue should be reduced and not cut altogether, and that a mic override should provide one guaranteed microphone input to the system. D bar graph meter on the front panel of the unit. The unit monitors the level in channels 1 and 2 and if this combined level exceeds an internally set threshold a limit warning lamp illuminates. This explains the AVC2 in basic simple terms.

An anti-tamper relay is fitted for added security and the unit has provision to connect an external time switch not supplied to switch between two output levels, e. Priority control input and remote indicators output 6 way screw-terminal connector. Currently there are 0 item s in the Basket.

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