Experiencing God has ratings and reviews. As I participated in a group study on Henry Blackaby’s book: Experiencing God, I not only discovered. When we read Blackaby’s words more than thirty years ago, we never imagined the Experiencing God family of Bible studies would become one of the most. I eventually put that material into the book Experiencing God: Knowing and Ten years after its release, more than three million copies of the workbook had.

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I don’t think that shaming a pastor in front of his congregation by telling him that he’s hiding God’s work is appropriate. Feb blackqby, Christen rated it liked it.

The main chanting of vod was enlightenment, propsperty, and healing from chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo expressing devotion to the law of karma. Where others say, “the Lord helps those who help themselves,” Blackaby answers that God often does nothing until His people can “cease striving” and rest in Him.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Workbook

This is not to say that it is without value. They held I had no God previously since ; and I was introduced to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism that came in after Gautama Siddhartha Buddhism which came down from the Primal Buddhism which there are no ancient writings just artifacts. Thought-provoking examination of relating to God through the life of Abraham.

Find where God is at work and join him there. What about God speaking to people in the everyday, in our communities, in things that are not “full-time ministry. The author and I have many things in common except I do not have the Church religion background. I loved reading story after story about how people’s faith determined the magnitude of what God was able to do in their lives.

He will call you to an assignment that you cannot accomplish apart from His divine intervention.

Then, you have some new-age teachings that have crept into the church as well. This is when the emergent gox as we know it today, all started. Unfortunately, I’ve found completing it more of a chore than I desire. Also, he is inconsistent in his teachings. He does not call you to get involved in His activity merely so people can see what you can do. Having said that, what I got from Experiencing God Bible Study, is we don’t matter one iota to God except that we bring others to Christ through our works.


Five stars, times 2. We read this book with our Bible study group and it was a good one to dive into with others to discuss. But for it we could not know right from wrong. He seems to give the impression that only if we move into international business, large evangelism campaigns and full time paid ministry are I agree with Blackaby’s general premises, that we experiecning to do a better job of listening to God through prayer and reading.

I find that the book has the potential to lead many to a deeper, more meaningful experience with God but also has the potential to lead many into false views of how God works with His people today.

This is a book that tries to browbeat the reader into feeling bad about their depraved nature and making them distrust their own feelings and experiences while puffing up the pride and ego of the writers, which is all kinds of unsettling. God used the straightforward truth of Blackaby’s teaching and experience with God to speak into my life. Then when He tells you, don’t be surprised if you can’t find any church that is doing it the same way.

My roommate gave me this book because he somehow ended up with more than one copy of it, which happens from time to time with books. It is good at getting people into the word and getting people used to the i A concerned Christian’s review: Blackaby does a wonderful job at making sure the reader understands that this whole following God thing is not easy and that you will run into hardship and obstacles as you try to follow His will for your life.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Workbook by Henry T. Blackaby

As might be imagined, I am somewhat ambivalent to the authors’ approach, not least because the authors seem to be Calvinist in their approach, caught in a tension between emphasizing God’s initiative in calling people and the way that we should be rather than do and a need to emphasize obedience to God and action conducted in faith, something the authors fail to explain as deeply as they wish.


I didn’t agree with everything in this book. Chapter 24 – Reflection Questions.

Despite this, balckaby thoughts on the book are mixed. It can be said that the authors wish to deal with the subject of experiencing God through Bible study and obedience and are decidedly anti-mystical in their approach [1]. Are you willing to surrender all to God? In many areas, the authors are simply contradictory in their approaches, urging ecumenical harmony with other congregations while slamming unspecified ‘cults.

The author was so right, I really experienced God gos ways that I hadn’t before while reading this book. Anyone who wants a deeper workbooo with Christ, or who is seeking what He desires from them. In most although not all instances I don’t really disagree with what Blackaby is saying.

Years before his renowned political career, in a tiny one-room schoolhouse in Indiana, each student in turn regularly read from a single classroom Bible. My advice concerning this book is to Google “critiquing Experiencing God Henry Blackaby” and read what other apologists have said about the false information contained in Blackaby’s book.

I don’t read that in the Bible as being true. That is a disturbing and sad thought. See 1 question about Experiencing God…. Could not His will have still been done if the outcome had experiencingg reversed?

A giant oak tree that lasts for generations requires much more time to grow strong. Henry Blackaby skillfully guides you through selected Scriptures and reflection questions to a deeper understanding of God, His word, and your faith in Him.

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