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Turkish Aesthetic Congress has aspired from this urge to reveal and expose this knowledge field to public attention as well as to open the path for future debates. It became quickly obvious that the restoration work had to be performed in an environment with a number of constraints, and the design decisions had to be made with multi-disciplinary solutions.

Turkey also takes its part within these rapid changes.

It is another good example of modern restoration application in the country. Do we have to emphasize that these documents need preservation as madfan as the buildings that were build in the light of those drawings? Instead of getting trapped in modernist mainstreams, the conference sought for pluralities that can stem from different modernisms within the global context and individual societies that comprise it.


From a planning perspective, this requires experience and knowledge beyond the usual construction project management skills. You may find further information on this project in our References section. Among 16 projects submitted to the competition the jury has given 3 awards, 3 mention and 3 purchase awards. The competition sought for projects, which can catalyze the area to be integrated to daily use and consequently increase the quality of city life together with the forest fields situated below the area together with its surroundings efficiently.

This year the 9 th meeting took place between 25 th September and 1 st October in Istanbul and Ankara. As a result of this respectable approach, some minor interventions and additions to the building were removed and the residence was in fact returned to its original design.

Aktan Acar gives an overview to the inherent dynamics of the symposium in its relation to the notion of rationalism within architecture, as well as reflects on the ongoing uneasiness of architectural discourse with rationalist discourses in general. It is a fact that the act of destruction is usually associated with negative connotations.

METU – Academic Staff Roster

Such a situation will, beyond the usual multi-disciplinary cooperation for the technical solutions in the performance of the rehabilitation, require a strong cooperation with in particular, the users of the building.


This difficult question put us in front of the most important aspects of the project.

In many cases, temporary support elements need to be planned for and the construction site needs to be organized in a way that allows other work to be performed while the selective demolition occurs.

The success of this work will be heavily dependent on the successful initial setup of the communication and integration management processes. Being practiced only in two schools countrywide the following articles portray different aspects of their working strategies and future attempts.

Comparatively, the creation of a pluralist environment between designers, contractors and users in rehabilitation projects is enre more needed than in a regular construction project. Emre Madran This difficult question put us in front of the most important aspects of the project.

The result of the competition was announced in 6 th August and the jury has given 3 awards, 5 mentions and 3 purchase madgan as a result emde the final evaluation.

In addition to the standard restoration work, the Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan houses which were severely damaged by fire and many years of exposure to external elements, will be returned to their original condition under the supervision of both local and international experts. The campus hosts on one side, the first power station structures built before the widespread of reinforced concrete buildings thus reinforced with steel carriers, on the other, a madtan concrete factory building from a later period, designed by one of the important names of Turkish architecture, Seyfi Arkan.

What is felt when a part of the city is destroyed is not only a nostalgia or melancholy to what is lost but it is usually a fear from indefinite surprises that can come along with the implementation emrf the new. As stated above, Santral Istanbul is a unique and great example of the combination of modern madrqn principles and technological engineering solutions, from the details and construction methods perspective. The history of the building was one of the important aspects for mzdran project as well.

..| Mimarlık Dergisi |..

In addition, signs of a historical train line, which was created as an alternative to the risky naval transportation in the Black Sea during the First World War, may also be found on the campus. In this sense, restoration projects provided us with everlasting memories, while we gathered special application expertise and experiences, to carry forward to future projects.


From a Project Management Services perspective, we wanted to separate our rehabilitation projects under a different section. As part of the project, a cotton warehouse situated in the factory area was converted to a building, housing administrative offices and classrooms.

Regeneration of Old Trabzon Tekel Building Architecture Competition The results of the architectural competition opened by Trabzon Municipality for the regeneration of Old Tekel Building complex for the sake of integrating the building complex back to city life has been announced recently.

Restored with modern techniques and approaches, this landmark building continues to preserve its character while serving as the top segment 5 star luxury hotel of Hyatt Hotels in Istanbul.

The main reason the AXA Insurance Headquarters Renovation project is the first one in this section is because the renovation was performed without vacating the building. Indeed, the power station used coal coming from the mines of Zonguldak, in northern Turkey, transported through the sea. The final article reviews the recent renovation of the residence, which constitutes a significant example in the field of preservation of a late modern building in Turkey.

Some of our reference projects with regards to restoration are listed below: Aspiring from similar contexts and urges the work program for the prepared by the Chamber of Architects of Turkey gives emphasis on the preservation and documentation of the modern heritage emrd the country scale.

The conference, which is going to take place between October in METU will not only aim in achieving this but also will be a contribution for the upcoming International Aesthetics Conference which is going to take place in Turkey in While the electromechanical equipment and the roof assembly were completely renovated, the marble floor coverings, interior doors and the garden arrangements were improved eme preserved as per the original design and selection fmre Prof.

Therefore we are experiencing a nostalgic document that needs detailed observation and analysis. In addition, larger restoration projects with special engineering needs provided us with the opportunity to work with specialists in different areas of expertise. The assemblies will continue travelling across the country and to various cities for two years.

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