More info on the Electrix Repeater than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! Electrix Repeater manual pdf – from the Electrix site. The uniquely styled Electrix carton should containÉ o Electrix Repeater o Warranty Card o Repeater User Manual o International Switching Power Supply ( with a. Documents, presets, manuals Electrix Repeater MKII – Audiofanzine.

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While the metronome is playing Repeater will quantize the initial record to the beat of the metronome. A power-saving Sleep mode retains all data, as long as the unit is eldctrix in.

While the metronome is playing Repeater will quantize repezter initial record to the beat of the metronome. You can manually change the tempo of the loop at any time with the Tempo encoder, or by tapping a new tempo with the Tap Tempo button. Press and hold the Tempo Lock button for 1 second to engage the metronome. Tracks on Repeater are much like tracks on any hard disk or tape based recorder. This is useful for quickly loading a different loop at the current tempo.

Page 45 Try changing loops before removing the card. Repeater is designed to enable music creation without much cerebral pondering or forethought.


Electrix Repeater User Manual

Electrid loops can be copied to a CFC. One very important feature is the ability to change between different loops in memory with MIDI. To dis- engage the metronome press and hold Tempo Lock for 1 second. Loop B ased Digital Recorder.

Trimming saves memory space after the unused bits are dumped. You now have a 4-bar track. This means that in its current state, you cannot remove the mznual sound of channel 1 using the fader on the unit. I’m sure this would be an easy fix for anybody with basic electronics knowledge.

Electrix Repeater

Here you can rename each folder within Repeater’s naming convention of course! Reverse Play is a fun way elcetrix realize reverse solos and ambient textures. You can set the metronome level by pressing and holding Tempo Lock while tempo Lock is engaged.

If Repeater is having trouble epectrix the incoming beat, try tapping along with the Tap Tempo to rein. While the metronome is playing. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Electrix Repeater Addendum User Manual | 7 pages

Production-wise, it’s not just for dance and trance: These are just a taste of some of the great features in Repeater. The new loop needs time to load about a half a secondso prepare a little early for your loop transition.


By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. August 16, Discontinued: I found this important because subsequent overdubs can only last as long as the initial loop’s length and repater memory.

Electrix Repeater Loopstation (with Box, Manual and Memory Card)

Press Play to re-trigger the loop on the downbeat or press the Tap Tempo once to realign the beats. We cannot guaranty that Repeater will work with any other brands of CFC card. This memory is volatile memory, so if you lose power to Repeater, you will lose the data.

repeafer Native Te m p o. Beat Detection conforms already-recorded drum loops automatically to whatever audio you want to add. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and Electrix, a div.

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