Practice ABG Case Studies from 1. Mr. Frank is a 60 year-old with pneumonia. He is admitted with dyspnea, fever, and chills. View Test Prep – 6 steps to ABG analasis from NUR at Mcdowell of “6 Easy ‘ Steps to ABG Analysis” can be ordered by contacting: Ed4Nurses, Inc. _! (). W 2 6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis — Ed4Nurses, Inc. Normal Values (At sea level]: Range: WWWWW m mmHg MWMMWUW WWW“.

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Dobins has a severe metabolic and respiratory acidosis with hypoxemia. Dr Mark Holmes Tel: His blood gas is below: Wow, what a bad day. Frank is a 60 year-old with pneumonia. Effect of Hypoventilation Now let’s look at how the More information. Newer Post Older Post Home. Henderson – Hasselbach Equation. This patient is at high risk for further complications and should be managed in an ICU. Answer initially to the best of your ability.

6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis

Normally, the respiratory center compensates quickly for metabolic disorders. Do lactate bag obtained from cord blood correlate to blood gas analysis? The HCO3 matches the ph, because they are both alkalotic.


We are on the same journey, let’s discover it together. The HCO3 is opposite of the ph and would be evidence of compensation from the metabolic system. Hello Class ofWelcome to our blog community.

6 Easy Steps to ABG Analysis – PDF

Approach to the Patient with Acid-Base Problems. Resuscitation of a Term Infant with Meconium Staining.

His blood gas shows a fully-compensated respiratory alkalosis. The physician documents in the operative. June 0 Important Note: The CO2 is normal, therefore there is no compensation. Each instructor will give a syllabus customized for their course.

Normal blood ph is strictly regulated between 7. The metabolic component comes from her decreased wd4nurses, and the respiratory component comes from inadequate ventilation.

The location of the kidneys in relationship to the peritoneal. Confusion often begins with trying to remember many random rules and lacking a standardized approach to ABGs.

This patient probably has an acute metabolic disorder such as DKA. Electrolyte Composition of Body Fluids A. He has a history of Type-I diabetes mellitus and is now febrile. You may remember that ph values range from 0 to Used to treat tissue hypoxia Improve oxygen supply Reduce the work of breathing Potential to improve medical outcomes and save lives if used appropriately Can cause harm if used inappropriately Main indication.


Case Study One in a series of case studies developed to stimulate enhancement of problem-solving techniques for physicians and nurses and paramedical personnel when challenged by patients who present with. What interventions would be appropriate for Mrs. The brings air in and out of the body. Therefore the imbalance is metabolic alkalosis.

Berth is being overventilated which caused a partially-compensated respiratory alkalosis. Ev4nurses component of the respiratory system that balances the ph is the dissolved carbon dioxide CO2 that is produced by cellular processes and removed by the lungs.

Gas Exchange Graphics are used with permission of:

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