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A survey in the form of a questionnaire was conducted of senior dental students in seven randomly selected state dental schools in Iran. Skip to main content. It is also becoming evident that leaders and leadership skills are often derived from core personal values and perceptions of what is and what could be.

The policy makers should work on making dentistry a lucrative profession, and improve the other motivating factors. The opportunities are represented by the extension of prevention and promotion of oral health to the public, by means of community programs aiming at informing the community and benefiting from the disease prevention measures.

Dental Students Research Papers –

Information on the socio-demographic data, the determination of handedness and assesment of perceived difficulty in carrying out certain clinical procedures were collected. This adjustment led to the decreasing of the mastication need, to the alteration of maxillaries growth and to the increasing of anomalies frequency 12.

The importance of the questions on the precocious treatment has been analyzed, from the economic efficiency ecaterija of view, by Pulkinen and Pulli and later by Curzon, cited by Varrela and Alanen 5who has emphasized the necessity of comparing corrective or interceptive interventions with a traditional orthodontic type of therapy in a cost—efficiency analysis.

The most stress provoking factors were fear of failing the year, completion of clinical requirements and amount ecateriina assigned work. Clustering analysis revealed three natural groups. To test the altruistic behavior of dental students, the authors conducted a field experiment using the Ultimatum Game, a two-player game used in economics to observe social behavior.

Help Center Find new research papers in: In the matter of the patients who are presenting malocclusions determined by these disturbances, the therapeutic efforts must be centered on the modification of deglutition comportment.


Prevention perspective in orthodontics and dento–facial orthopedics

Compared with film, there was significantly less PSP foreshortening, elongation, and bending errors, but significantly more placement and overlapping errors. Considering that, it is accepted that the increasing of the allergy frequency or higher activity of another factor which alters the functional dimension of the nasopharyngeal cavity may be correlated with a higher frequency of the specific dento—maxillary anomalies.

Handedness significantly impacts on perceived difficulty of clinical training in areas of restorative procedure and tooth extraction. The aim of this study was to measure the altruistic behavior of dental students in order to fill the significant gap in knowledge of how students are disposed to behave, rather than how they are disposed to think.

Thus, the identification, control and guidance of the environmental factors which adjust the growing of the maxillaries and of the other cranio-facial structures would be the main target of a prevention program in orthodontics.

Prevention could be thus considered a possible alternative to the active orthodontic treatment. The pressures developed by cheeks and lips from outside and by the tongue from inside, are representing important factors which are not only guiding the development of the occlusion but also are influencing the maxillary growth 4.

Comparison of technique errors of intraoral radiographs taken on film v photostimulable phosphor PSP plates.

Teaching at the Faculty of Dentistry in Casablanca and knowledge of oral hygiene seem to improve the practice of oral hygiene among dental students. From the clinical point of view, the most important element of the new perspective is that most of the cases of anomalies which in the present are cured by orthodontics are induced by functional and environmental factors and they can theoretically be prevented.

Comparison of student satisfaction in public versus private dental schools in Brazil. Lately, both craniofacial biology and clinical orthodontics have known an accelerated development, which justify a new evaluation of the prevention in orthodontics.

At the conclusion of this eleven-week course, participants are granted continuing education credit. In addition to smoking habits and background characteristics, the students were asked about OSC.

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Even though functional and orthopedic therapy has been given more importance, in orthodontic therapy, the accent is put on malpositioned teeth alignment, by their mechanic movements. The data collection is based on the behavioral First of these theories incriminates the modifications of the diet and the alteration of masticatory activity, the second incriminates the factors which concur to the disturbance of the other functions which involve the dento—maxillary apparatus breathing, deglutition, speaking and the third which incriminates the vicious habits.

Most students intended to serve both high and lo The recognition of the student profile provides strategic information for planning educational policies in the university environment. This summary encourages others in dental education to consider the compelling opportuni Clinically, the most important element of the new approach resides in the fact that, most of the anomalies that orthodontics treats today are induced by environment and functional factors that could, at least theoretically, be prevented.

In the next figure we present by antithesis a 30 years patient with the same type of open byte caused by tongue thrust who didn’t beneficiate of functional reeducation. This study compared perceptions of the teaching and learning process of twenty-four senior dental students from a public school and fifteen from a private school by means of a questionnaire with direct questions.

Dental Students

The reeducation of deglutition can be achieved by exercises or by tongue habit appliances, orthodontic appliances which prevent the tongue thrust. In dental medicine, the cariology may be considered the forerunner in prevention while other disciplines, orthodontics included, keep on being interested in symptomatic therapy.

WHO Health for All database.

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