I have now been looking for about two weeks for a set of plans for one of these. I won’t be carving mando tops or backs, just making some quite. Homemade router-powered duplicarver constructed from wood and steel. Our Model T Dupli-CarverĀ® is designed to fill the needs of a hobbyist or craftsman with the same accuracy and versatility of our professional models.

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As for a weight under the table, there’s really no point. Password Please enter a password for your user account. I’ve ordered one of these.

Homemade Duplicarver –

Posted April 9, Compared to the alternative I haven’t been here for a while, but have received the daily newsletters and read them. Although there are several lifetimes worth of knowledge over there, I don’t like being on their site at all. I built it larger than specified so that I could accomodate carving the top of an inch wide arch top. There are tons of these things out there, some of them incredibly simple. Is there anyone on this ppans that owns a Clone 4D router? OK, looks like anyone wanting to try it will have to cut and paste, either that or use ‘clone 4d router’ as your search phrase.

I’m interested in possibly carving flintlock stocks. In order to search the archives you have to be a member it is free.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. The T is pland lighter machine and is used on a table, bench or stand, and requires a work area of only 2′ by 4′. That is one intriguing machine.


Homemade Duplicarver

Some parts are still available for repairs. Their recommended burrs just create more smoke than material removal.

This affordable machine can carve an amazing 8″ diameter by 18″ tall. I would forgo the plans. When carving very thin stock such as the fore-arm of a long rifle, these braces are needed to keep the wood from flexing or chattering. That Forum signs me out whenever I leave it. Me, I’d check on a homemade duplicarver – plenty of info on them out there. I can only find one set of them and they want 20 bucks for them.

View jw ‘s Uploads. Posted April 5, Gemini makes a copy carver and sells stylus with proper dimensions related to whatever bit you are using,check them out on the net,cheers. Cant see the harm in discussing it.

The way i see it in my mind, has the whole unit only about 1 foot bigger that the table in both directions. These machines allowed the less skilled to make precise duplicates with speed. However, Im sure there are other people with limited space as well, and ideas that would reduce the size of the duplicarver would be useful to them.

Quote message in reply?

Duplicarver Plan – Solidbody Guitar and Bass Chat –

Small scale Duplicarver plans I have now been looking for about two weeks for a set of plans for one of these. He dupliccarver the sole distributor. Most of our machines cost less than a quality wood lathe.


As far as counter wieght goes what about a levertype action that would place the wieght UNDER the table. Is “duplicarver” the same as the CopyCarver? Not sure how to post it. Better yet, does anyone have drawings or plans for dup,icarver Your first pieces will be carvings you will keep for a lifetime.

Anyone know any other places? I was planing, to plan, for myself. I wouldn’t use it for necks – palns really worth the trouble but its nice for duplicating carved top or arch tops. The Fa Spindle Carving attachment allows you to carve gun stocks and table legs up to 8″ diameter x 60″ long. Can’t wait to start using it.

I was thinking of committing the Sears unit to a carved top ukulele as the working area is fairly small. They do keep the trolls at bay that way, although Scott’s way of monitoring and moderating here works very well.

Linear bearings are way more expensive, but do look a little bit nicer. Sign In Sign Up. Small scale Duplicarver plans. The fact your search links are to “search-results. I could see the whole thing as 44x36x14 inches. Duplicarcer times are GMT

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