Office of Allowances: Standardized Regulations (DSSR) Chapter – Cost-of- Living Allowances. General Definition Scope Post Allowance. Privacy Act Statement: Solicitation of this information is authorized under 5 U.S.C. , E.O. and E.O. , Section 1(b-2) and DSSR Section Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR) SMA – Separate Maintenance Allowance – (DSSR ) PA – Post Allowance – (DSSR ). 22a.

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For travel dsdr leave orders, see Section The receipt of a temporary subsistence allowance under 5 U. The post allowance is a balancing factor designed to permit employees to spend the same portion of their basic compensation for current living as they would in WashingtonD.

The amount paid is a flat rate varying only by basic salary, size of family, and post, regardless of individual expenses.

U.S. Department of State

For travel under leave orders see Section The post allowance grant shall be appropriately revised effective the date of change in any of the following: Spendable income is defined as that portion of base salary available to the employee after typical deductions for Federal, State and local income taxes; U.

Footnotes to Section The post allowance grant to an employee who is transferred shall terminate as of: Excel Versions of Per Diem.

The rate for any split pay period at the end of a calendar year shall be computed at the daily rate applicable on the first day of that pay period.

Post allowance payments are based on the cost of living index as applied to the employee’s spendable income. The post allowance grant to an employee who has been essr official travel orders for leave, unrelated to transfer, shall terminate as of: Otherwise, the revision shall be made effective as of the first day of the pay period next following the applicable 22.


When a child on whose behalf an employee is currently receiving either an away dssrr post education allowance or educational travel leaves the post for a period in excess of 30 days, the employee’s post allowance shall be revised to the next lower family size rate. Except as otherwise prescribed in Sections The post allowance payment tables Section are based on national 2220 Expenditure Surveys as conducted periodically by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.

Revisions shall be made effective as of the date of departure or arrival of the child if such date falls on the first essr of a pay period. The Office of Personnel Management advises that upon separation from Federal service, a post allowance in a foreign area under 5 U.

The post allowance grant to an employee with family continues at the appropriate family size rate: The six tables in Section list annual amounts of post allowance payments for employees with different base salaries and the number of persons eligible for the post allowance.

The index ranges were selected so as to provide increases of approximately five percent from the mid-point of one index range to the next. SR ; final eff. The post allowance grant to an employee without family continues: The post allowance grant to a newly appointed or transferred employee shall commence as of the following applicable date: Education and other costs peculiar to one segment of personnel at a post are not considered.

The post allowance payment tables Section represent a percentage increase over Washington cost-of-living, applied to “spendable income”, i. The above post allowance classes represent the mid-points of the cost of living index ranges. The following table shows how the cost of living index number is used to derive specific post allowance levels. On the 31 st day of absence the family size will be reduced by one member; and.


On the 31st day of absence, the grant is to be terminated. On the 31st day of absence the grant is to be terminated. The other employee may be granted the post allowance for one person only.

Post allowance payment tables for six family sizes are included in Section The post allowance levels 2220 all locations are listed under the “Cost of Living” heading of the electronic Section on the Department of State’s external https: Foreign Per Diem Rates.

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The post allowance classes are in Section and the payment tables are in Section of these regulations. In addition to local prices, the comparative cost of living considers the normal expenses of the average Government employee at the post including imports and commissary purchases paid for in United States dollars and additional costs resulting from local climatic and health conditions and customs, as related to costs for the same or similar items and conditions affecting Government employees in the Washington, D.

When the child returns to the post for a period in excess of 14 days, the allowance may again be revised to restore the reduced amount. When married couple employees or domestic partnership employees without family members are both eligible for the post fssr, each may be granted the post allowance in Vssr On the 31st day any grant shall be reduced appropriately.

This living cost comparison is developed from the Retail Price Schedule report required by Section and completed in accordance with Section of these regulations. The word person means the employee or family members eligible for post allowance payments under these regulations.

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