Diplomarbeit / Masterarbeit – Institut für Nutztierwissenschaften (NUWI), BOKU- Universität für Bodenkultur, pp UB BOKU obvsg FullText. Camuz Ligios; M.L. BOKU. Masterarbeit zum Thema “Invasive Pflanzenarten an Fließgewässern” Diplom-/Masterarbeit mit dem Thema: „Ökologie des Zwerg-Rohrkolbens. Gewählte Diplomarbeit / Masterarbeit: Silvia Lorenz (): The role of the GCN pathway in acid stress tolerance. Diplomarbeit / Masterarbeit, BOKU-Universität.

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Direkt zum Inhalt springen. The braided course in the upper reaches has been partially straightened by past engineering measures.

The ecological consequences of their invasion are not yet fully known. Lemlem Aregu Behailu A field study was carried out and the collected data was used for the analysis.

Atsede Desta Tegegne Deficiencies during construction and poor maintenance seem to be responsible for the poor performance of the inspected retaining structures. Solomon Abegaz Guangul Although all of these structures show deficiencies to some extent, some of them perform quite well. Abstract This work focuses on phloridzin – the prevalent polyphenol in apple Diplomargeit x domestica.

BOKU – Universität für Bodenkultur Wien – Forschungsinformationssystem

Its effect in pathogen defense and growth regulation is controversially discussed. Bku most frequently isolated gene was LEU2, complementing leucine leu auxotrophy of the strain used. Effect of Genetic Improvement of Sheep in Ethiopia: The origin of the present project can be found in previous investigations con-ducted by eng.


Assessment of three community-based diplomareit breeding programs in Ethiopia. Kiflu Gebremicael Tesfamicael A transdisciplinary mixed methods approach. Cattle production dynamics, species diversity and relative abundance of understory vegetation in the mixed conifer forests of Bhutan.

Gobiidae are currently very abundant in the Austrian River Danube. Introduction and impact at farm level in the Mantaro Valley, Peru. Crossbreeding in Dairy Cattle: Another hypothesis assumes homogeneity in the structure of gobiid species in three types of habitats: Originally native to the Ponto-Caspian region they have been introduced by navigation and have colonized predominantly rip-raps.

You will work in an interdisciplinary team at the Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management and contribute to ongoing projects. The combination of retaining walls and soil bioengineering offers new perspectives idplomarbeit future road projects. Livelihood and production strategies of smallholder livestock keepers in the Central Peruvian Andes.

BOKU – Universität für Bodenkultur Wien – Forschungsinformationssystem

The cross-cutting transnational nature of climate change makes it diplomsrbeit challenge to be met by that addressed through global governance structure. Such retaining walls do not require heavy construction equipment and are a labour intensive construction, which makes them particularly attractive for developing countries. For new projects, it diplomarbrit recommended to strictly follow the national standards.


Despite its abundance in fruits and leaves, neither the physiological role, nor the biosynthesis are completely understood. Kumela Gudeta Nedessa Comparison of conceptualized and observed processes and effects of a Research for Development Project The case of a water management technology in Uganda.

Getinet Nega Adamu In the western tubenose goby has been the only goby in the Danube. Gemeda Duguma Jaleta PhD Thesis Organic carbon cycling in streams: The results show that the abundance of gobies varies in different zones of the impoundment.

Masterarbeiten und Dissertationen

Yinager Dessie Belay Frequent monitoring of the fish fauna in the River Danube is recommended. Scenarios and their Implications for Rural Transformation.

The first hypothesis states that the distribution of gobies in different zones of the impoundment is homogeneous. In Nepal, due to its topography, road construction usually requires retaining structures.

Direkt zum Inhalt springen. The data generated from the World Wide Views global citizen deliberation initiative is used for the empirical analysis on the perception data.

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