Like the cosmologies of Blake and Dante or archaic creation lore, The Descent of Alette is a fully embodied universe, with its own terrain and. The Descent of Alette (Penguin Poets) [Alice Notley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Decent Of Alette is a rich odyssey of. Not the least of Alice Notley’s acute dilemmas in writing The Descent of Alette is an extreme crisis of form: the crisis of how to take on what Notley deems to be a.

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When I consider this book as dewcent single work and a novel, I am left with mixed feelings. Other people have loved the book before me and see it as perfection, so it is really a mater of taste, priorities, and comfort zone.

This right here is without a doubt the most revolutionary thing to happen to poetry in a long time.

The Descent of Alette [“I walked into”]

Written and edited by Andrew Epstein Follow this blog on Facebook. Mar 26, Jordan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quotes from The Descent of Al With each book up until Book Four I would say the plot successfully built on itself and the tension mounted. I loved this book, and look forward to what I get from it on re-read in the future. I found it utterly riveting. Alette is on a journey to defeat the tyrant, who represents lf repression and submission of women and refers to himself as comprising all reality.

I would hope and could easily see this becoming a classic of literature as the progress for feminism moves wlette. But navigating the structure of the text is paralleled — even dwarfed — by the navigation of the story, and of the story-world.

I came to conclude that writing is much more than just words, despite it only being comprised of only words. This got somewhat tedious. This book is amazing, I am in awe of it.

The concept of imprisoned people in the subway and the tyrant were all wonderful, and I enjoyed the fact that the tyrant’s focus was too much on the beauty of tragedy rather than its horror.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. Usually I let writing speak for if – if it’s good writing, it will be powerful by itself without needing to force the reader to look at it under a microscope, in this case the apostrophes.

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It’s best to admit that I haven’t had much experience with this format of poetry, which is “The Descent of Alette” proves to desceng a difficult book to place, offering both pluses and minuses throughout its pages that manifest themselves both in the style and content.

Some of the allegory was qui Read at the suggestion of a dear writer friend. I played laser tag for the first time this week.

Lists with This Book. The epic is dripping with metaphors, some more blatant than others, about the evils of The Descent of Alette is a contemporary feminist approach to the traditional monomyth even following the 17 stages as per Joseph Campbell fairly closely. Here Alette loses her sex and subsequently her sense of identity. I guess she could have been a fantasy novelist. Tell them this book is for YOU, as much as anyone, and it’s your experience for the reading. Yet the absurd has its roots in a radical, even violent, dislocation from perceived reality; beneath it stretches a terrifying abyss.

Not for everyone, probably, but definitely worth the read if you Visionary o.

Alice Notley’s ‘The Descent of Alette’

To break and recombine reality, as dream always does do, might be something. One such example, she uses the subway to illustrate how individuals can lose their individuality: I especially recommend it to those interested in feminist literature. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Mother says cringe-inducing things like: The Owl, whom Alette repeatedly, though tentatively, identifies with her father, claims to have originally been an ordinary man.


In an interview, Notley explicitly states that one of her primary goals in writing an epic is to take the form away from men. Books by Alice Notley. I also love the idea of a subway underworld governed by a metaphorical, does-he-actually-exist-or-not?


The Descent of Alette by Alice Notley | : Books

It is the specific episodes of Alette’s journey, and not the overarching narrative, that provide depth and color. Off tells a feminist story of our heroine defeating or opening the door to defeating the patriarchy, as represented by The Tyrant. Ot consider the show Lost, which was massive in scope and characters that any ending despite its uninspired finish would feel anticlimactic.

This site uses cookies. It truly feels like exploration — a travelogue of the id so wild, naked and terrifying that the sandbox of the fairytale was required simply to allow the reader to understand it. There are a total of pages each with its own poem on it.

How much can I expect from this? I’d play this if it were an rpg tbh. This is an admirable novel in lyric. I had my own journey of debating whether I liked the book or didn’t as I read it, and after giving it a couple hours to think over I ‘d say that 3.

The Descent of Alette by Alice Notley

This piece is 2, words or about five printed pages long. May 26, Liza Pittard rated it it was amazing Shelves: It got easy however to get into the pattern of examples of situations and details being used to move the plot along, and I particularly enjoyed the recurring imagery of flowers and how the writing triggered several of the senses. Here, the struggle for the privilege to inscribe cultural symbols as either feminine or as masculine — indeed the privilege to inscribe symbols with meaning at all — is cast in a o, absurdist light.

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