Login. Please enter your credentials below to proceed. If you don’t already. Upgrading to a Pro Account will give your editors a consistent message and. Designer Documentation. CushyCMS works by FTPing into your site and then .

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This is purely because styling should always be handled in external CSS this includes colours. Why won’t Cushy connect?

Free and simple CMS ยป CushyCMS

Upgrading to a Pro Account will give your editors a consistent message and ensure your organization is getting all the glory for this awesome CMS. Very useful when updating pdf documents such as price-lists or menus. Cushy has support for XML elements. How do I change my payment details?

Once you’ve done this, and selected yourself a subdomain, you must then log in via that subdomain to perform all administration — and so must your clients. You can save drafts till you are ready to publish. Perch is a CMS that lets you create new websites, as well as integrate it with existing sites. Type these manually, no copy and pasting! Newsletter Enter your email address below to subscribe to my newsletter.

Character Encoding Cushy outputs special characters such as non-western alphabets in the versatile UTF-8 format. The error “subdomain is invalid” or “subdomain is reserved” appears when saving my Pro preferences. Make your site quickly editable by using SimpleCMS.

Fast Define editable areas of your pages with a few CSS classes. Provide FTP details and you’re done. Cushy uses several different editing methods depending on the type of content. No restrictions on the number of pages or editors. Pro plan I paid for Pro, but I don’t know what to do now.

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Consider the following example: We use cookies on this website. Use the “Recover password” button near the login box to have a new password emailed to your, or your Editor’s, email address. Editing Images Cushy can allow your editors to change the images on a page. Pro users can email us directly for help. Hit Start, Run, and type: Mainly due to the fact Cushy is dead simple to use, and also because we may be in a totally different timezone, most issues can be simply resolved via the Google Groups or email.

Below are some creative examples: Page Cloning As a pro user you have the ability to let your some or all of your editors create new pages based on the content from existing pages. Concrete5 can integrate with your current site or be used to build a new website. Once you have tested the details, replicate them exactly inside your Cushy control panel. How can I test my FTP details are correct?

Top 10 Simple CMS

Unlimited sites, pages and editors Free accounts can add a maximum of 5 sites. Upland Software Acquires Adestra December 18, No and no, sorry. Edits the content as plain text. What has been your experience with a simple CMS?

Branding, Styling and Cloning. What’s even better is that it doesn’t compromise the design.


See plans and pricing. If you can’t figure this out, we strongly suggest emailing your hosting company to do it for you — simply tell them to create a CNAME record pointing cms.

By using this site, you agree cme we may store and access cookies on your device.

Likely causes are a subdomain that is already in use, contains inappropriate terms, or has non-alpha-numeric characters including hyphens, underscores or full stops in it. It’s possible that the FTP server is rejecting connections cmx Cushy. The image will also be cropped if necessary.

Use your own domain name For example. No server requirements Cushy is a hosted application — no custom installation, packages or mods required on your end! Find out more Got it. The height will maintain its ratio. Simply click in an area and select to edit, copy, move, delete, or design that area.

Terms of Service Your Privacy Support.

Great way to give your customers limited or complete CMS access to their site. How do I cancel my Cushy subscription? Simply dms the title attribute of the editable element.

As a pro user, you can define your own editable class instead of the traditional cushycms or clienteditor classes. Custom Editable Class As a pro user, you can define your own editable class instead of the traditional cushycms or clienteditor classes.

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