legal authorities? These are the deliberately banal in- gredients that Witold Gombrowicz combines in his novel Cosmos. The story is presented through the. Cosmos and Pornografia: Two Novels [Witold Gombrowicz, Eric Mosbacher, Alastair Hamilton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here are. COSMOS. By Witold Gombrowicz. Translated by Danuta Borchardt. pp. Yale University Press. $ A Polish student, seeking peace and.

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With a dead chicken, they could maybe start to find a pattern, and that line on the ceiling just so happens to point to a wall that has a stick dangling from a string, that has to mean something. But, what was I supposed to read into it?

Cosmos is obsessive, repetative in story and style, mind-rumbling and hilarious. And it is through ridiculing the limits that Gombrowicz creates his dark, nonsensical humor here. This book is about the relationship between language and meaning, reality and thought.

A Review of Cosmos by Witold Gombrowicz

I expect that has to do with the translators’ various weighings of the demands Be warned: What helped to keep me reading, chapter after chapter, is Danuta Borchardt’s translation the first directly from the Polish. I have read the other five and four star reviews of “Cosmos” and find them all useful.

But, I could never know to what degree I was the perpetrator, configuring the configurations around me, oh, the criminal keeps returning to the scene of the crime! The resulting order of things is as comically absurd as it is horrific.

Cosmos: a novel about the formation de reality | Witold Gombrowicz 1st International Congress

But it was not a joke! A comprehensive synopsis of Gombrowicz’s masterpiece. The story has a clear beginning and a clear end. Fetishism is a slippery slope.

I hated Witold now. Don’t have a Kindle? Gombrowicz spent a year in Paris where he studied at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales; although he was less than diligent in his studies his time in France brought him in constant contact with other young intellectuals.

Time and time again I marveled at her ability to make me think this is exactly how the author would have written it in English had that been possible.


View all 6 comments. Both in person and as the author. El mystery gets deeper! I would have liked to have been reading this book aloud to him, preferably at his bedside while he lay in a full body cast.

The renowned Polish author, Witold Gombrowicz lived, virtually unknown, in Argentina, writing novels, stories, and plays for twenty-five years before taking up residence in France. Visit our companion sites The New Canon A guide to outstanding works of fiction published since Conceptual Fiction Celebrating masterworks of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history and magical realism F ractious Fiction Exploring radical, unconventional and experimental fiction Great Books Guide A look at contemporary currents in literature.

What a wonderful weirdo is he! For being short in length, the novel slogs forward through the muck of mangled reality and by the time the reader reaches the incredible and exciting conclusion, the book may have worn thin on their patience. Manuel Paradela writes a review on Cosmosthe novel of Gombrowicz which won the Prix Formentor in In this instance, our two protagonists are haunted by the scene, and in the ensuing days they consider the possible causes and implications of the bird lynching.

They are imbuing these things with meaning, pumping significance into them; they are imposing order and form upon the world, which is, as noted, something that we, by which I mean human beings, do all the time and can, moreover, be done in relation to absolutely anything; this is, for example, how superstitions are created. Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend Cosmos as an introduction to Gombrowicz; its literary accomplishments are all the more easily recognized and better appreciated if one has previously tackled Ferdyduke and Pornografia both of which I also highly recommend.

I particularly liked Roger Brunyate’s posted on December 11, Their interest tips over into obsession as they hunt down the person responsible for the sparrow’s death. And things are going from bad to worse.

Is it even fair to the rest de our novels make a work so deeply cruel to his side? Fortunately, he “lived” in a time when crazy could take over the page and make lovely, horrible fictions, never to be bogged down by the clinical, the catagorized, the dull.

There is no other plot here, it’s essentially a plotless story. Read an excerpt of Cosmos.


His decision to wait out World War II in Argentina turned into a quarter-of-a-century sojourn, and his return to Europe was marked by a campaign of slurs and denunciations orchestrated by Polish authorities and the censorship of his works in his native country. Wordplay and aphorisms don’t get lost in the translation of this feathery existential crisis — in which two men obsessively hunt down the person responsible for the death of a sparrow.

But then try not to. P ostmodern M ystery. The changing world; the reality, obsessive; the evolution, simultaneous creation and destruction, mutilated! Finding intention, and therefore meaning, is a tricky business. So I will begin with a plea immensely staff: Books by Witold Gombrowicz.

This would be interrupted regularly with painfully brief moments of narrative coherence, before resuming. Something is emerging, like a figure.

I didn’t ever agree with it but I yearned to hear more.

Cosmos: A Novel: Witold Gombrowicz, Danuta Borchardt: : Books

When you try to do both at once, you have hopelessly compromised your situation, and do neither effectively. Modernity and new and all his obsessions and all those flies that you slip behind the ear while you write very upright gombrowica your computer an article destined to understand something that is not subject to act de understand del Ted Gioia writes on music, literature and popular culture.

This notion, expressed best in Pornografia: One has to be owner Out of this macabre and surreal discovery a mystery develops. There is a no-you-know-what. The examination of such small ‘trifles’, as they are often called, to complete a larger picture reminded me much of Susan Glaspell and her one act play Trifleswhich also consists of characters playing gombrowjcz and illuminating a larger truth from a dead sparrow and other trifles, however, I cannot ascertain any actual connection between the two beyond simple coincidence which, considering this novel, is rather ironic to me at present.

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