Rohonc Codex downloaded from : · oks. com/rohonc-codex/. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. The Rohonc Codex is a Renaissance-era manuscript in an unknown script and Rohonczi Codex site has images of the Codex and a discussion. Rohonczi Codex The Rahonczi Codex is a Medieval document originating from the southeast of Europe. The author is unknown. It is leather bound and contains .

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Abraham also uses the letters H and R but not E and D or whatever is at the end of the word. Views View Edit History.

Dear Attila, If you refer to Mr. The Rohonc Codex Hungarian pronunciation: Probably used by families or ethnic groups who arrived to Hungary to Transylvania? It is reported that the codex is soon translated.

Rohonc Codex – Wikidata

Also I checked Ethiopian syllabs. I would love to help you if I knew how. Succes with your studies. The Codex from Rohonc Project The Codex from Rohonc drawings explained plus some conjectures about the script awaiting refutation. So it shall not be exactly above Jesus.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He transliterated the first 24 pages of the codex to get a Hindi text which was translated to Hungarian. Manuscripts written in undeciphered writing systems. Public domain Public domain false false. Izzy on 7 The Story in the Pictures…. Tokai tries to date the codex by finding historical analogies of the imagery of the drawings. He identified a 7 page section split by numbered headings, with the whole section preceded by its table of contents.


However, he sometimes transliterated the same symbol with different letters, and conversely, the same letter was decoded from several symbols. The text, if taken as meaningful, is of religious, perhaps liturgical character.

Description Codex Rohonczi It would be nice to actually write something with this script. As he could see no traces of case endings which are typically characteristic to the Hungarian languagehe assumed that the text was probably in a language different from Hungarian. But the author published a long article in English what you can download from wikipedia EN page: Dear Delia and Adrian, Delia, in your work there is a very nice and logical explanation why and how XC CX is written and how the two characters could develop into one symbol.

I supposed that Ottoman Empire ruled Ethipia and great part of Hungary in same period, so maybe some Ethipian arrived forced to come to Hungary or Austria or Italy? We are lucky there are so many mysteries out there! I would be very happy to say codex is written in Hungarian as a native speaker but it shall be proven correctly first.

The Rohonczi Codex

Sorry for the late answer. This hardly counts as an argument, but then, again, since I already identified other signs to stand for IC XC, it is worth considering these other possibilities.


This page was last edited on 1 Decemberat Personally I did use religious hints from the RC images but I did not even think to compare them to RC contemporary iconography, which is one of the logical way to go.

You might be right about the drawing with the trial of Jesus. They discovered some numbers, they could decode already some parts of the codex. The codex has paper pages 12×10 cmeach one having between 9 and 14 rows of symbols, which may or may not be letters. And some more statistics.

This spelling has spread probably due to the book of V. The 93 drawings are discussed in 10 chapters named The Story in the Pictures.

File:Codex Rohonczi 41.jpg

They also state that by character it is an ordinary Catholic reader or breviary of the time, mostly containing paraphrases of New Testament texts primarily from the Gospelsbut also some non-Biblical material, like e. The author of the Codexull, similarly to any of us, must have been influenced by the social and religious context of his time.

Here, i have made a font imitating the Dacian Donarium writing: Regarding the language, I interacted with various people that expected a decryption result showing a complete, grammatically correct text.

Profile, name, you get it all.

There are the holy angels.

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