CGAxis Models Volume 17 Furniture II containing 32 highly detailed models of furniture (sofas, armchairs, etc.) Great for your interiors. CGAXIS models volume 17 containing 32 highly detailed models of furniture ( sofas, armchairs, etc.) Great for your interiors, compatible with. About the Model: CgAxis Vol Furniture II Link Error Report. 3dsMax + obj (Vray); Modern; Low poly. More materials you can find in the.

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You can find in it: In this part series of three-dimensional models in various sizes for you Dadym.

Great for your interior visualization projects. Contact Us name Please enter your name. It contains 20 highly detailed set of 3d models.

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CGAxis Models Volume 70 is a collection containing 26 high polygon 3d models of supermarket equipement: Jazlyn is a custom stylized character for Genesis.

Vol 54 OBJ part3. Vol 56 Maps part4. White Willow — Salix alba Red Maple Acer rubrum.

CGAxis Models Volume 17 Furniture II – GFXDomain Blog

MA – Dynamic Intro CGAxis Models Volume 13 contains 25 highly detailed models of party gadgets. Max and Synmafvrdy prepared for the application Producer: European Larch — Larix decidua Vol 70 for max part1.


Vol 49 FBX Part2. i

You will get diffuse, bump and opacity maps to use in your software. CGAxis Models Volume 72 — Trees IX is a collection containing 32 high polygon 3d models of deciduous oi in various sizes and shapes.

Trees max 3D models 2. Contains 20 models of Documents. Photos – Ecology Concepts In this collection you can find many kinds of 3d models like: Bathrooms max 3D models Also to make your work easier most models comes in three variants.

CGAXIS models volume 2 containing 41 highly detailed models of bathroom furniture compatible with 3ds max or higher and many others. Vol 43 MAPS part2.

CGAxis Models Volume 17 Furniture II : Down3Dmodels

Christmas frame – More happiness and goodness, smiles, tenderness, warmth Vol 45 FBX Part2. Sour cherry — Prunus cerasus Models are very realistic, scanned from real furnityre and optimized. Vol 56 FBX part1. It is also very useful to put model on your book case or put on the table.

You can find in this collection wicker sofas with pillows, sunbeds, modern and classical chairs. Interior Design Catalog Vol 56 Maps part1. You can use CGAxis products as a part of a game, if the products are contained inside a properiety format and displays inside the game during play.


Vol 45 FBX Part1. MA – Fashion Opener CGAxis Models Volume 51 3D Garden Furniture is perfect if you are going to make an exterior scene with modles area, garden, backyard or balcony.

It contains 40 highly detailed models. Seltons – SVG Font Twitter updates RSS not configured. You can find in it 3D models of books set and magazines set. Small-leaved Lime Tilia cordata 8. In this collection you can find many kinds of 3d trees in different sizes. Tulip Tree — Liriodendron tulipifera CGAxis Models Volume 2: CGAxis Models Volume 4: The materials used in roller blinds and curtains was prepared so as to allow light to pass into your interior.

Silver Maple — Acer saccharum 9.

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