FAG CATALOGO ROLAMENTOS AUTOMOTIVO / Uploaded by. leodeciob SKF CATALOGO AUTOMOTIVO DE PEÇAS GERAL Uploaded by. Tabela Referencia Cruzada de Rolamentos TIM FAG SKF NSK TIMKEN NAC FAG .. INA CATALOGO ROLAMENTOS AUTOMOTIVOS / Uploaded . Cruzetas. Tabela de aplicações e equivalências. SKF. Principais aplicações . Produtos Automotivos SKF ou você pensa que temos somente os melhores rolamentos. Inclusão do produto em relação ao catálogo anterior. NOVO. NOVO.

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If this is not the case, an additional radial load must be applied to the bearing by increasing belt tension or similar means. The axial load carrying capacity of the bearings is largely determined by the contact angle a, which corresponds to the angle of the outer automotivox raceway.

Motor, bomba servo direo, tras.

These products are most frequently used in high-speed applications or where precision is critical as in cutting tools, electric motors, handheld tools, and spindles. Continuao B 58 BR Chassi Mounting and dismounting of these bearings are therefore simple operations. Metric bearingsWhen the current international standard ISO was prepared, new designations were devised for the Dimension series, and consequently, for the bearings. Motor, compressor Motor, compressor, tras.

Durão Rolamentos

Cmbio, engrenagem, 5 Cmbio, engrenagem, planetria Cmbio, engrenagem, planetria Cmbio, tampa, tras. RS 2 veloc. Bearings only differ in the type of locking method, inner ring length and seal options. VariationsTheir robust design and high reliability make SKF standard and Explorer spherical roller bearings suitable for most applications.

Cmbio, eixo secundrio, tras. See bearing tables for designations. Bearings with a spherical profiled outer ring are typically used with SKF housings. ObservaesOM I motor Depending on the application, they may be used with or without an inner ring.

Catalogo SKF

AplicaoCmbio, eixo secundrio, tras. Motor, virabrequim, ponta Tomada de fora, eixo de sada, tras.

When space permits, the wide inner ring is the preferred choice. Fskv de 2 veloc. Embreagem, desengate Embreagem, garfo acionador Motor, alternador, diant. Drawn cup needle roller bearings are available rolameentos open ends Figure 1aor with one closed end Figure 1b for mounting on shaft ends. They represent the standard design for the most popular sizes of bearing series 10, 2, 22, 3 and rolamenhos Filling slot bearing features are similar to those of the Conrad type; however, because of the greater number of balls with the exception of a few sizes their tolamentos load carrying capacity is often higher than that of the Conrad type.


The guideline values given eolamentos s in the product tables represent the theoretically possible axial displacement of one ring in relation to the other from the central position under zero misalignment where the rollers of bearings with a cage will catalofo protrude from the bearing rings, and of full complement bearings will not contact the retaining ring in the outer ring raceway.

This is also true of self-aligning ball bearings, particularly if they run at high speeds where the inertia forces of the balls and cage, and the friction in the lubricant can have a detrimental influence on the rolling conditions in the bearing and may cause damaging sliding movements to occur between the balls and the raceways.

CL7C design offers high running accuracy and low friction torqueThese taper roller bearings operate under full load without any running-in risk or temperature peaks. Application flexibilityThe low minimum load requirement makes the CARB a good candidate for fans while the higher running accuracy makes it suitable for precision equipment. The requisite minimum axial load to be applied to thrust ball bearings can be estimated usingMinimum load spherical roller thrustIn order to provide satisfactory operation, spherical roller thrust bearings, like all ball and roller bearings, must always be subjected to a given minimum load, particularly if they are to operate at high speeds or are subjected to high accelerations augomotivos rapid changes in the direction of the load.

ContinuaoMotor, bomba dgua, diant. Cartridge, rubber mounted, cylindrical O. Reduced friction and minimum heat generationSelf-guiding rolleran SKF patent means reduced friction and minimum heat generation. Dodge e Dodge Cmbio, eixo secundrio, tras. rollamentos


This will allow the seals to provide adequate protection against contaminants even where the shaft is slightly displaced axially relative catakogo the housing. Here again, the shaft washer, cage and rollers form a non-separable unit.


Inch seriesSKF manufactures a limited assortment of these bearings. Catalogo Ina Rolamentos Geral Documents. This facilitates mounting and dismounting particularly where both rings need to have interference fits because of the load conditions. Bearing housingsBearing housings must be suited to the demands placed on the bearings automltivos they house, e.

A doctor should always be consulted, especially if the fumes have been inhaled. These bearings should be mounted so that the predominant axial load acting on the shaft is directed away from the filling slot Figure 1a. This results in operationally reliable bearing arrangements with long service life.

Direo, bomba servo direo, tras.

Manual de manuteno de rolamentos da SKF Documents. Utilizing a built-in mechanical connector that applies a nearly concentric grip around the shaft, SKF ConCentra inserts provide superb bearing performance while still allowing for easy mounting and dismounting. The values apply to unmounted bearings under zero measuring load. AplicaoMotor, bomba dgua, diant. ContinuaoDireo, alavanca intermediria, sup. Figure 1Figure CARBIntroductionVariationsBearings on adapter xutomotivos withdrawal sleeveA CARB with tapered bore can be mounted on an adapter sleeve with a low profile locknut KML Figure 3 or a withdrawal sleeve Figure 4 in the same way as ekf self-aligning ball bearing or a spherical roller bearing on smooth or stepped shafts in an easy and rapid manner.

The values under oil lubrication are maximum values and the values under grease lubrication are maximum values that can be attained using a good quality grease of a soft consistency. Catalogo acessrios para rolamentos Engineering.

D Pillow block, pressed steel Pillow block, pressed steel, rubber insert CAIntegral side flanges, inner ring guided one-piece machined brass cage Same as CA designed spherical roller bearing with improved roller guidance Bearing with symmetrical rollers, retaining flanges on the inner ring. The CARB is produced in a caged design Figure 1 as well as a full complement version Figure 2 and is available with a cylindrical or with a tapered bore.

This locking method is recommended for all applications except where reversing shaft rotation is involved.

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