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The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis

The taxable benefit of a private car is not part of the calculated monthly income. These older rules will disappear in the future. The objective is to have more balance between needs of employers and employees. Click to share this page to Facebook securely. Kleinmeatal figures forand have been compared to Click to share this page to Twitter securely Tweet.

The construction industry experiences major economic turmoil with a severe kleinmetsal on wages. Inthe wage growth slowed down because of the crisis. Evolution of Wages during the Crisis Observatory: Most sectors mainly commercial sectors have reacted immediately on the crisis. The amount of training has not changed significantly during the crisis: Coverage sectors excluded, if any; type of employees: Income inequality on the factory floor A well-known and much kleinmetaa indicator for income inequality is the Theil coefficient Figure 1.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

The negotiations were quite difficult, because the employer side could not come to an agreement. Other changes forms of rewards, working time revisions, changes in work organization, training opportunities have been very limited. Working conditions were not an issue in the studied period.


Een review van het onderzoek in Nederland. The financial services and industry have shown very moderated rises. There are some activities which supply new products, but which are not counted under the Industry. The average income is the highest in Europe, in this graph. In fact, the wage drift was quite low.

A third of them came from Romania and Bulgaria. There should be some research available on the direct relationship between wages and working conditions. This is not completely what we are looking for, but this can give some insight into the Dutch situation.

The economy shrank 3. Health care and cure sectors, transport sectors show high use of such payments. The following table shows the information for Sociaaleconomische trends1e kwartaal, Lange werkloosheid in grote recessie.

Income from labour also consists of wages which are received from other countries. The figures for reported in the previous table are not completely the same as in this figure. The amount shown is inclusive the employer and employee social security payments.

Employers having sufficient work, can decide to give workers 1. Income from own undertaking consist of the fiscal result from the undertaking, plus the amount received from the investment tax deduction.

The expectation of the government in was also that the purchase power of people would reduce only slightly Ministry of Social Affairs, Wage growth in The Netherlands has slowed down during the recession. This disparity has not changed in the period between and Income inequality on the factory floor.


The following table shows their klrinmetaal. The experience of work stress, the number of working accidents and physical remained quite unaffected by the economic crisis Bijl, e. Most low skilled are performed by highly klenimetaal workers. A limited number of sectors have experimented with a trade-off between wages and working times. However, if the Theil coefficient is divided by its maximum value, then the value of the coefficient varies between 0 and 1.


They warn that these changes are, however, mostly the result of composition effects: Shares and profit sharing are less prominent as a policy. Source data for example administrative data; national accounts or specific survey: This information is made available as a service to the public but kleinmetaall not been edited by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

For the periodthe actual wage drift would be negative kleinmetaa zero. The PI is not reduced with premiums for health care insurances, taxes on income and personal wealth. The financial and economic crisis has affected the wage development in The Netherlands.

Growth accounts; basic figures. Their figures are global, and not specified towards type of performance pay:

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