Vadyba ir valdymas pagal ekonomikos terminų žodyną planavimą, organizavimą, motyvavimą ir kontrolę organizacijos tikslams pasiekti. Fabijonas Saulius Butkus. Vilnius Gediminas Technical F. S. Butkus. number of professionals in .. Butkus, F. S. Vadyba: organizacijos veiklos ope-. Socialiniai mokslai, vadyba ir administravimas (03 S) . Lithuanian researchers Butkus (), Butkus (), Šalčius (), Zakarevičius (), . Probleminių žmonių motyvavimas kaip organizacijos potencialo panaudojimo didinimo.

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Never- theless, the foremost task of my research was to provide a new understanding of the history of Soviet state cultural policy vqdyba as a field of interdisciplinary interactions.

Darbas. Vadyba. Gyvenimas by Fabijonas Saulius Butkus

Knopf,xii, cf Frederic J. Frequently, the government even had to be per- suaded to badyba it cultural representation abroad. This implied that, in terms of the number of organisations, only trade was ahead organizacjos culture in the Soviet national economy. On the other hand, I have not encountered any study of Western state cultural policy from the perspective of techno-scientific governance.

According to their classical study, it does not make much sense to divide Lithuanian his- tory into Stalinist, Khrushchevian and Brezhnevian periods.

It has to be noted that the figures were often faked at many different levels; this will be discussed in greater depth in Chapter VIII.

Alongside numerous research institutes and study programmes in cultural policy, international and national scholarly journals and an international bi-annual conference were launched. Normally, technology and sciences have been only briefly touched upon in general organuzacijos of the country, 25 described either by natural scientists, such as Laimutis Telksnys and Jonas Kubilius, 26 or by dedicated amateur historians, such as Jonas Rudokas.

In their view, the main achievement was preventing the formation orgaanizacijos a Lithuanian SS legion. How was the relation between cybernetic techno-science, culture and governance constructed by Soviet Lithuanian scientists, humanities intellectuals and policy makers? Light, From Warfare to Welfare: It makes it possible to capture and describe a non-causal and multi-directional relationship between Soviet science and governance.


Darbas. Vadyba. Gyvenimas

On the other hand, a similar development in the fine arts was considerably slower in coming. Between andcultural life in Lithuania was driven mainly by various civic societies draugijosa type of association rooted in the 19th cen- tury. The role of the Communist Party the Party was central in both defining the goals for the state cultural policy and ensuring their implementation: As the British cul- tural historian Orlando Figes put it, the entire Soviet regime could be defined by its belief in science and technology.

Cultural Policy in Conflict with Calculating Communism Moreover, in Russia, the workers themselves had to be created. Bielinis became a deputy head of the culture department at the CC LCPthen head of the science and education departmentand the minister of culture In the remaining part of this chapter, I will describe the Soviet administration for culture in greater de- tail. Socialist realism, based on the formal qualities of 19th century neo- 86 V.

In my study, I focus on a particular organisation, namely, the Soviet Ministry of Culture, which is part of the central state appara- tus. This was a puzzle, leading me to wonder: Berg, ; also John B. Cambridge Uni- versity Press,4. In his detailed study, Gerovitch argues that it was partially due to its Western origin that cybernetics was initially banned and later attributed with an exceptionally high status by Soviet scientists.

Further, after the fall of the Soviet Union, archival research proved that the earlier calculations of Soviet economy done by the United States 77 Hayles. In their historiographies, na- tionalism studies had a particular impetus, because Baltic nationalist movements played a crucial role in breaking away from the Soviet Union.

Material and financial flows were directed top-down with respect to future goals.

Vadybos ir valdymo samprata by Diana Gailiūtė on Prezi

Just like the state itself, bufkus founding of the first independent Lithuanian artistic institutions was driven mainly by the local intellectual elite, the nation-builders rooted in the thin Polish-Lithuanian middle class. As the Soviet occupation intro- duced the Organiazcijos model of cultural policy into Lithuania, many of the interwar cultural organisations and creative unions were subverted for the purposes of Soviet administration.


Meanwhile the Organizaciijos ministers had predominantly technical orvanizacijos Revolution from Above Amsterdam: The original transliteration was retained in texts quoted in English.

But in such cases I indicated authorship butksu year with question marks. Of course, the butuks misuse or squandering of funds was a penal activity, but if a theatre was unable to attract enough audience members, its losses would be compensated.

Besides Cold War polarisation, there was another aspect to the intertwin- ing of the political and techno-scientific dimensions in the history of cybernet- ics. I told the informants that I lr record and fully transcribe the interviews and promised to keep the personalities of my informants as anony- mous as possible.

These provide a unique glimpse of the internal Party evaluations of the ministers. Surprisingly little biographical research is done about her personality.

The commissions consisted of five or six persons and were entitled to advise the executive committees and disseminate propaganda. Although it was heavily centralised, Party rule would be better characterised not by domination, but by ongoing negotiation with insti- tutions and individuals.

Classification and Its Consequences Cambridge, Massachusetts: As I mentioned, in the Lithuania of it was possible to get state funding to exhibit a rooster in a gallery: The governmentality approach enabled me to bridge this gap between Party ideology and science.

Hoover Institution Press, ; William J. Yet their views as to the centralised state administration of culture differed radically. The public Soviet statistics alo proved to be quite adequate.

Aleksandrovformer head of the Propaganda and Agitation De- partment at the Central Committee. However, many Lithuanian troops in the Soviet army refused either to fight or move further to Russia and some of them organised and revolted against their communist superiors.

Among the state policy instruments the most visible are legislation, financing and organisation-building. Blackwell Publishing, ,

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