The furnace of steam boiler has internal pressure which is usually designed ± mm wg. The internal pressure is resisted by attaching buckstay in every. A buckstay arrangement for a furnace of a steam generator wherein the furnace tube walls (12) are supported by a plurality of independent buckstays (10). Sulekha Creative Blog – Buckstays are used in boilers to retain the shape of the furnace against various loads. The name ‘buckstay’ means staying buckling of.

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The fact that the rods are adjusted to come to a straight position at operating temperature will at least desiign compensate for the fact that the rods do not expand as much as the walls since this straightening action will increase the effective length of the rods.

US4499860A – Furnace buckstay design – Google Patents

Additionally, buckshay support rod 20 is interconnected between the mounting plate 22 and the upper edge of the outer end member 46 of the channel beam 40 at one or more locations along the channel beam 40 to support the dead weight of the buckstay It can therefore be seen that the tubular walls will undergo thermal expansion to a much greater extent than the buckstays.

The end of the stirrup assemblies attached to the buckstay assemblies will be at a point further away from the center than the end attached to the furnace Wall. Therefore, there is no need to provide any vertical members to interconnect the spaced bands of buckstays surrounding the furnace wall as was required in the prior art. To allow for the differential expansion and yet minimize the difference, the rods are bucksyay directly adjacent the outside of the walls and slidably held against the walls by the retainers Preferably, a second elongated plate member is mounted to the elongated channel beams so as to extend transversely across the other of buclstay upwardly facing or downwardly facing channels so as to form a second box-like section within the I-beam cross-section.

A furnace as set forth in claim 1 and further buckstwy means to slidably retain said rod deeign substantially directly adjacent said walls throughout a substantial portion of the length of said rod means so that said rod means will be at a temperature as near that of the walls as possible. Buckstay systems with paddle ties 42 have relatively few temperature differential problems.

Design of Buckstays | Sulekha Creative

The internal pressure is resisted by attaching dessign in every approximately m along the height of furnace wall. Each stirrup employs two U-shaped brackets 21 with one being welded to the tubes and the other being welded to the buck-stay assembly.


Therefore, it has become customary and necessary to provide an arrangement of flanged girder beams, typically referred to as buckstays, that extend around the furnace to provide additional support to the furnace walls and prevent the dishing of the furnace walls in a horizontal direction as affected by pressure differential. While specific embodiments of the invention have been shown and described in detail to illustrate the application of the principles of the invention, it will be understood that the invention may be embodied otherwise without departing from such principles.

Therefore, it is intended that the present invention be limited in spirit and scope only by the appended claims. An end connection corner tie is welded at the corner to the pair of tie bars, and a pair of end connection buckstay brackets are provided, one end of each being dezign to each end of the buckstays near the corner.

It is a further object of the invention to provide a buckstay having a cross-section which provides an inherently high polar high moment of inertia for resisting bending moments on the buckstay. A pair of tie bars is welded to each other at the corner. Adjustable buckstay system for vapor generators or the like.

Pads 46 are welded on top of the support plates 42, one at each end. Although the present invention has been described with reference to the particular embodiment shown in the attached drawings, it is understood that those skilled in the art may make various changes and modifications to the embodiments shown in the drawings without departing from the true spirit of the present invention. The rods extend between opposite buckstay assemblies adjacent the intervening walls.

Referring to the drawings generally, wherein like numerals deign the same or functionally similar elements throughout the several drawings, and to FIG. Likewise when walls 15 and 16 expand more than beams 17 the rods 25 will tend to straighten out.

US3203376A – Buckstay arrangement for furnace walls – Google Patents

This bow will also appear at the ends of walls 13 and 14 due to the fact that rods 26 will not expand quite as much as walls 15 and The buckstay of the present invention is characterized by a cross-section comprising a box-like section having a high polar moment of inertia.

Typical dimensions are shown in FIG. The support rod 20 is welded between the tie plate 22 and the upper outer edge of the buckstay 10 to provide a means for supporting the dead weight of the buckstay 10 from the furnace wall without placing an excessive bending moment on designn bracket It is a further object of the invention to provide a buckstay desigh a cross-section which deisgn an inherently high polar high moment of inertia for resisting bending moments on the buckstay.


Tube failures require the boiler to be removed from service which is costly in itself but especially so relative to the resulting lost generation of power.

In a “hot” condition, each of the links 38 would extend approximately parallel to the edge of its buckstay 20, 22, and the forces from one wall section 10, for example, would be transmitted to the tie bar 30 of the adjacent wall section The buckstays 10, 12 bhckstay bending forces which the wall sections 10, 12 experience during boiler steady state and transient operating conditions.

In a large utility vapor generators the distance across one of these walls might be on the order of feet.

USA – Furnace buckstay design – Google Patents

Relative lateral sliding or shifting movement between the standoff means 24, 26 and the buckstays 20, 22 is permitted to accommodate thermal expansion.

The extended standoffs 26 provide a moment resisting function. When the furnace is heated up, the walls 13 and 14 will expand considerably more than trusses 18 which will cause rods 26 to straighten out. A first elongated plate member is mounted to the elongated channel beams so as to extend transversely across one of either the upwardly facing channel or the downwardly facing channel so as to form a box-like section within one channel of the I-beam corss-section.

Eliminating tube failures is a major part of boiler availability improvement. Support of Steam Boiler. The anti-buckling members 50, 60, 52 and 62 have been described as being elongated plate members.

The end portions of buckstays 17 are connected together by rods 25 while the buckstay assemblies 18 are connected together by rods Search Expert Search Quick Search. It is attached to the buckstay 20 by means of support lugs 24 or 24′, as shown. For instance, the forces on walls 13 and 14 would be transmitted to buckstays In order to prevent the deflection and buckling of the tubular walls, reinforcing transverse buckstay assemblies 17 and 18 are connected to the walls at vertically spaced intervals.

A buckstay arrangement for a furnace of a steam generator wherein the furnace tube walls 12 are supported by a plurality of independent buckstays The buckstay system of the present invention comprises at least one buckstay 20, 22 for each respective wall section 10,

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