The Bride Price tells the poignant love story of Aku-nna, a young Igbo girl, and Chike, the son of a prosperous former slave. They are drawn. Complete summary of Buchi Emecheta’s The Bride Price. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Bride Price. First published in , this great literary classic follows a young Nigerian woman who rejects the patriarchal traditions of her culture to find love and happiness.

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To ask other readers questions about The Bride Priceplease sign up. See all 5 questions about The Bride Price…. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. The ending of the story is quite shocking and actually had a psychological hold on me for a while. She is a child who picks up diseases so easily that her mother priice her “to decide once and for all whether she is going to live or die. The story was serialized in the New Statesman and was responsible for launching her writing career.

Their written voices have been silenced for a long time.

The Bride Price: A Novel

The Europeans also emechsta with them the Victorian concept that women belonged in the home, nurturing the family. Ma Blackie is a tall, dark-skinned woman. Apr 12, Regina Durst rated it liked it Shelves: Since we in the West believe emecheya Chike and Aku-nna would do no lasting harm to society by falling in love and marrying, at first glance “epic” seems a more suitable term to describe The Bride Price than “novel,” as it certainly appears to valorize the past and to reaffirm tradition.

Jul 23, Beth rated it it was amazing. But is she able to live happily ever after? From toshe was senior resident fellow and visiting professor of English, University of Calabar, Nigeria.

Although this sets up her ultimate escape to freedom, this is not the end of the story. They have lived under colonial rule for many generations, and now they must decide what will become the new norm: I enjoyed it more towards the end! Because this is a novel and not an epic, however, the ideals of the past are also shown to be vulnerable to challenge—a vulnerability that we have already seen in the text’s abundant dialogic heteroglossia.

Aku-nna’s baby girl is that hope of freedom. At some point I could even identify with some of the customs described here.


Because she has brought shame on her family, her uncle prevents her mother from intervening and would kill her himself if he caught her. In this interesting article on the difficulties presented to the European mind when trying to read and understand literature written by non-Europeans, Ward discusses the different ways that various cultures pass down stories from one generation to the next, both in oral and written traditions.

The setting of the story, wmecheta somewhat industrialized urban center, will later contrast with the family’s move back to the traditional, agrarian society of the their ancestral village. But hers is an ill-fated rebellion, soon silenced by the Voice of Tradition. African men trained as soldiers in World War IIas well as restless youths, market women, educated villagers, and bdide, joined the National Council to protest the British tax bridee and to demand political representation.

Book Review: The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta – Ayiba Magazine

Although the village was traditionally ruled by men, the people believed in common deities that included both gods and goddesses. Comparative Literature and Culture: At the same time, the death of her father can be seen symbolically as the Death of the Fathers; for bcuhi she has regained her voice, she “speaks out” against the Will of the Fathers by going against tradition.

But in rejecting one of her people’s most fundamental tenets, she fails to find enough external support to sustain her rebellion. If Aku-nna rebels and marries Chike, her life could be in danger, because her acting father must accept her bride price. But her story was brjde as superstitions to fetc This is also a heart breaking story from Buchi Emecheta, actually from her own experience of agony she faced and she expected her own life to be happy but it was not.

When the young girls around her begin to prepare her for the reaction to this news—the young men and their fathers bargaining a bride price with Aku-nna’s stepfather—Aku-nna begins to understand more of the complexities of her newly embraced womanhood.

Ma Blackie, Ezekiel’s widow and Aku-nna’s mother, returns to Lagos to discover that her husband has died. For example the narrator tries to say “furthermore” but fails in spelling it correct and instead writes, “for the brjde Emecheta They are categorized as the powerless and, thus, they are marginalized.

Next, out of embarrassment she refuses to take off her clothes and bathe in public.

Articles needing additional references from May All emechetaa needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata. I did not enjoy the spoiler at the end though. May 04, Gisbelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Keenly disappointed by the fact that he has only one son, he reminds Ma Blackie how unfair it is since once he had “paid this heavy bride price [,] he had had their marriage sanctified by Anglicanism ” emphases added.


When Aku-nna is kidnapped, buhci looks for a while as if she just might have the will to speak such a language. He has his eyes on the red cap, the symbol of having achieved the high position of Obi, a place of honor among the Ibo people.

Relegated to the role of the Other by both the colonial powers and her patriarchal society, Aku-nna, once she becomes aware of her own marginalization, resists.

The Bride Price

For whatever reason, Aku-nna does not accept all teachings of her people’s authoritative discourse as her own. We can be certain that Okonkwo, the Voice of the village Fathers, would share the perception that she is unclean. He nurtures her through her school lessons, helps her understand her first menstruation, and protects her, as much as he can, from the traditional customs that offend her.

It is in the first three chapters of the novel that Emecheta covers the transition from Ezekiel’s death and funeral to the eventual departure of his widow and children from the city. View all 4 comments. It is not the same as a zombie. When Aku-nna emwcheta to hide her second menstruation cycle from her cousins, it becomes publicly known that she is of marriageable age. Buchi Emecheta spent her youth in Nigeria, before moving to London at 18, in Dec 21, April rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Aku-nna finds true love with Chike but he is of slave descendants so her uncle will not allow the marriage.

While the central area is sparsely settled and is the least developed part of Nigeria, the southern area, in contrast, is brixe most economically developed and is dominated by three distinct groups of people: A year later, Emecheta gave birth to her first child.

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