View and Download Bosch CCS Ultro installation and operating manual online. Discussion System. CCS Ultro Security System pdf manual download . Bosch Security Systems B.V. | CCS Ultro | Installation and Operating Manual en | 3. Table of Contents. 1. About this manual. Bosch Security Systems has updated its CCS Ultro Discussion System with built-in MP3 recording capability to enable record and playback.

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This control also determines the maximum level for the headphone outputs of the contribution units 800 the CU. The unit shall have the following controls and indicators: The weight of the empty suitcase shall be 6 kg It shall have the capacity to hold 10 contribution units with standardlength microphones.

As a manufacturer of original, innovative boscb, Bosch Security Systems have led the market for over 50 years. If the delegate does not speak for 30 seconds, microphones are automatically switched off; Override mode — delegates can override each other simply by activating their microphones.

Via the chairman unit, the chairperson has access to a priority button with an attention tone to temporarily or permanently mute all delegate unit microphones.

The Delegate Unit shall enable delegates to speak and listen to the proceedings via a loudspeaker or headphones. Additionally, a public address system might be incorporated to broadcast proceedings to a wider audience. Seamless switchover between cards is assured by a ccd buffer. The system is controlled by the master LBB Built-in MP3 recording and playback with graphical display – Patent-pending recording buffer – Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression – Discussion control without operator – Controls up to contribution devices – Built-in monitor loudspeaker.

The 8800 card can be removed from the control unit and processed on a PC for transcription purposes. The auxiliary components can be plugged directly into the utro of the control unit. To facilitate transportation, there are two types of transport and storage suitcases, both of which are lightweight, rugged, and easy to carry and pack.


The CCS Ultro is easily integrated with interpretation systems like the Bosch Integrus digital infrared language distribution system. External wired or wireless microphones allow guest speakers or audience participation.

Delegate microphones cannot be activated, even when a chairman is not speaking; Test mode —checks if system connections are correct. The stem length of the microphone shall be mm The system can control up to units.

The CCS Ultro system can handle a variety of external equipment such as an interpretation system, language distribution, a telephone coupler for teleconferences, a public address system and videoconferencing equipment.

There are two separate locks for extra security.


Delivering high quality speech intelligibility thanks to builtin digital acoustic feedback suppression DAFS technology, the CCS Ultro is ideal for local government councils and courts of law, corporate meeting rooms, hotel conference rooms, local business venues and international congress centers. The graphical display shows the status of the recorder and the accompanying buttons can be used to configure the uptro. Additional microphones and other equipment can be added as well. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

A built-in microphone allows them lutro speak to the other delegates, and they can listen to the discussion using the built-in loudspeaker or optional personal headphones. Blue line gen2 pet friendly tritech motion detector 2 pages. It shall interface the following equipment to the discussion system: To print the manual completely, please, download it.

An audible beep and a flashing Boach indicate when the SD card is almost full, requiring replacement with a new card. Ulro the gain control 3 to adjust the sensitivity of the recorder input of the CPSU.


When a new card is inserted into the CU, the buffered recording is written onto the new card and the recording continues normally.

With its unique built-in MP3 audio recording and playback feature that works with removable Secure Digital SD Cards, the system records proceedings digitally for reliable archiving, playback and general meeting management. This versatile and economical system is both simple to install and extremely straightforward to use.

Bosch adds digital recording & playback to its CCS Ultro Discussion System

The second holds one Control Unit, six contribution units with standard or extended microphone stem lengthand extension cables. The suitcase shall have handles on the top and side, and two wheels on the underside for ease of transportation.

The system includes a Control Unit that can handle up to delegate units. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. In override mode, delegates cannot override chairmen ; Chairman only mode — only chairmen can speak. Got it, continue to print. We are the global supplier of choice for innovative technology backed by the highest level of service and support. There shall be a built-in loudspeaker and headphone connector to allow the conference to be monitored by, bisch example, a stenographer.


Provides control for up to contribution units Up to 3 CUs can be used together in a cvs system to power and control a maximum of contribution units. As an option, the recording is only active when a microphone is active. To prevent acoustic feedback, the builtin loudspeaker is automatically muted when the microphone is on.

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