William Peter Blatty’s director’s cut of “The Exorcist III” which was thought to be lost. its original title, this is the definitive cut of the film based on his novel ” Legion”. Compre o livro Legion na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e William Peter Blatty (), the writer of numerous novels and. Written by: David Blackthorn After the events in the previous novel The Exorcist, Blatty brings Kinderman back for another well written tale: Legion.

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From the author of The Exorcist — Legiona classic tale of horror, is back in print! A young boy is found horribly murdered in a mock crucifixion.

Legion (Exorcist, book 2) by William Peter Blatty

Is the murderer the elderly woman who witnessed the crime? A neurologist who can no longer bear the pain life inflicts on its victims? A psychiatrist with a macabre sense of humor and a guilty secret? A mysterious mental patient, locked in silent isolation? Lieutenant Legionn follows a bewildering trail that links all these people, confronting a new enigma at every turn even as more murders surface.

Why does each victim suffer the same dreadful mutilations? Why are two of the victims priests? Legion is a novel of breathtaking energy and suspense.

William Peter Blatty ‘Legion’ Review

But more than this, it is an extraordinary journey hlatty the uncharted depths of the human mind and the most agonizing questions of the human condition. Leia mais Leia menos. The Haunting of Hill House. Hostage to the Devil – Reissue: Comece a ler Legion no seu Kindle em menos de um minuto.

Detalhes do produto Capa comum: First 1 de fevereiro de Idioma: New York Times reviewers of his early comic novels noted, “Nobody can write funnier lines than William Peter Blatty,” describing him as “a gifted virtuoso who writes like S.

Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes. Tente novamente mais tarde. Acho que fui com muita sede ao pote, considerando o autor e seu livro anterior. If you have a short attention span or a lack of patience, the ramblings and endless pontificating by Lt. I had the paperback once upon a time and never read it. Oddly enough, William Peter Blatty passed away while I was in the middle of reading it.


Kinderman was a character who fascinated me in The Exorcist, so I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I watched it immediately after finishing the book. As with The Exorcist, the novel is legoin better, without the interference of Hollywood, as you get with the movie.

Book Review : William Peter Blatty – Legion () — Dead End Follies

The character of Dr. Vincent Amfortas is integral to the story but never seen in the movie; Dr. Temple is more watered-down and less of a chauvinistic pig in the film, etc. It made me think about and question things, and I can only attribute that to a fine job by this author.

May he rest in peace. This book, the sequel to “The Exorcist “, is not your typical horror story with blood and guts. It is more of a thinking person’s horror story, or psychological horror at its best.

Blatty is an excellent story teller and brings back a few characters from “The Exorcist ” in this story of a series of gruesome murders that we soon learn is directly related to events surrounding the exorcism of a young girl that took place in the area several years prior.

Just like the film version of this story, “The Exorcist III”, this book has you questioning the mysteries of life, death, and the spiritual world. Blatty is in rare form here and truly keeps the writer captivated with his incredible ability to enrapture, entertain, and, yes, creep out.

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The Exorcist Legion is not. That’s probably the best way to start. While The Exorcist is linear and focused, Legion is trying to do more than it is capable of and it results in a fairly unfocused, mildly rambling read. Now, don’t get me wrong, William Peter Blatty is a phenomenal writer but this is falls slightly short for me. Let’s take the antagonist for example.

In the Exorcist, it’s very clear who is stirring up trouble. While its form and exact nature are not explicitly discussed right from the start, it’s pretty clear what the McNeils are dealing with. Instead Blatty chooses to devote more time than is necessary to the protagonist, and not the protagonists journey in the story, but just the protagonist pontificating on all manner of unnecessary thoughts.


While I understand its a device to demonstrate the thoughtfulness of the story’s main character, it comes off as rambling and does nothing to really advance the story. In the end, this was just too much of a slog through the main character’s blagty on life and the metaphysical and the supernatural and not enough horror.

And for that, I can say it’s ok but that I would not recommend this book. After the Exorcist, this book will do nothing but let you down. Legion is a sequel of sorts to William Peter Blatty’s most famous novel, the Exorcist. It takes place ten years after the events that occur in the Exorcist and begins with a series of gruesome murders apparently perpetrated by a serial killer thought to have been killed ten years earlier.

The protagonist is Bill Kinderman, an eccentric, brilliant police detective trying to reconcile the facts of this case while contemplating lgeion paradox of human cruelty, suffering and evil in a world created by a loving God.

At times exasperating in his constant, sometimes-inner, often spoken-out-loud monologue, Kinderman discovers that evil and good are opposite sides of the same coin and human suffering is the necessary result of the creator’s decision to give birth to an imperfect world.

I re-read The Exorcist just before reading it’s “sequel” Legion. It really is not a sequel by any means, but rather a book that shares characters with the former mentioned novel.

This is a fantastic read with an eloquent writing style and deep philosophical discussions. The story is engrossing and captivating as is the main character. I disagree with what one reviewer intimated here; the philosophical digressions are in no way distractions and are in fact what makes this novel great.

Blatty is a fantastic and unique writer whose wisdom and experience bleed through every page. This novel made me question long standing beliefs, things for which I thought I stood on firm ground. I truly and thoroughly enjoyed this read. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Rastreie seus pedidos recentes. Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua conta.

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