Biomining-A useful approach toward metal extraction Abstract: Biomining is the extraction of specific metals from their ores through .. Rawlings, D.E., Biomining [Douglas E. Rawlings, D. Barrie Johnson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Biomining uses microorganisms to recover metals, . Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Biomining is the biotechnology that uses Biomining – Kindle edition by Douglas E. Rawlings, D. Barrie Johnson.

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Today bioleaching is being applied as the main process in large-scale operations in copper mining and as an important pretreatment stage in the processing of refractory gold ores. In the last few years a number of interesting papers have been published on agitation of slurries in bioreactors for the biooxidation of gold concentrates Fraser, ; Kubera and Oldshue, ; Fraser, ; Oolman, ; Dew, ; Howk et al.

Gold biooxidation operations tend to increase in number and size in several countries the world over. Modern biomining processes are large-scale operations that involve the mining of ores and processing for several months Fig. Conference Proceedings, Perth, Australia, 23 rd th August.

Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Foreign Gene Expression in Fission Yeast: Although gold is inert to microbial action, microbes can also be used in gold recovery from certain types of ores because as they oxidize the ore, they open up its structure, thereby allowing a gold-solubilizing agent such as cyanide to penetrate the ore. An important early work was that of Zwieteringwho studied the minimum required stirrer speed referred afterwards as critical speed and the stirrer dimensions for the complete suspension of solids.

Much research is still underway to develop improvements, and future applications have included using biologically-engineered bacteria to mine extraterrestrial bodies such as the moon and large meteors Ragozzine As could be expected, the carbon dioxide yield, related only with cell growth, is the same in the defined soluble medium and in the bioleaching of a mineral.


Modeling and Optimization of Heap Bioleach Processes.

Biomining : Theory, Microbes and Industrial Processes

Bioleaching of refractory gold concentrates at high pulp densities in a nonconventional rotating-drum reactor. Scaleup and Design of Industrial Mixing Processes.

Improvement of the nutrient conditions in the heap reactor can increase the At. The use of reactors would allow a good control of the pertinent variables, resulting in a better performance. Because of its very low concentration in air, 0. Oxygen and carbon diooxide mass transfer and the aerobic, autotrophic cultivation of moderate and extreme thermophiles: Biominng is the case of bioleaching, where the oxygen demands are modest but the presence of fine solid particles impose an additional difficulty in obtaining homogeneous slurries.

When the desired metal concentration is attained, the rich liquor is pumped to the solvent extraction SE section and then sent to electrowinning EWwhere the fine metal is recovered. A gas mass balance around the bioreactor gives Wang and Humphrey, The effect of mixing impeller geometry and pumping direction on solids suspension homogeneity.

Recent Developments in Modeling the Kinetics of Bioleaching. Microbial ore leaching in developing countries. Factors affecting bacterial mineral oxidation: In Biohydrometallurgy and the Environment Towards the 21st Century. Other books rawliings this series.

The design of bioreactors. For many years bioleaching was thought as a technology for the recovery of metals from low-grade ores, flotation tailings or waste material Torma, ; Gentina and Acevedo, Journal of Biotechnology Report corrections to Microbewiki.

The effect of carbon dioxide and particle surface area on the microbiological leaching of a zinc sulfide concentrate. The copper-rich liquor is extracted from wells dug beneath the deposits Rawlings CO 2 supply in the biooxidation of an enargite-pyrite gold concentrate.


The raffinate from the SE section is recycled to the heap or dump and biomoning spent liquor of the EW section is recycled to the SE operation Montealegre et al.

Biomining – Google Books

Improved method for the dynamic measurement of mass transfer coefficient for application to solid-substrate fermentation. That being the case, the exit stream has the same composition as the fluid within the reactor.

Microorganisms belonging to the Thiobacillus and Leptospirillum genera are commonly used, although an increasing interest exists in thermophilic archeons Dew et al. In bacterial leaching, the solubilization is mediated by bacteria. Considering the kinetic characteristics of microbial growth, a continuous stirred tank reactor, CSTR, appears as the first choice.

The production of raqlings amount of metal implied the treatment of around 6 million tons of run-of-mine. Parameters such as volumetric productivity and degree of extraction can be significantly increased Pinches et al.

Copper Extraction Techniques [3].

The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Jakson Hole, Wyoming, 13 th th August. Biomining encompasses two related microbial processes that are useful in the extractive metallurgy of rawlongs metals: Conference Proceedings, Perth, Australia.

Having developed from a very simple operational in terms of both engineering and biology process, biomining has developed into a multifaceted technology, to the extent In this respect, some early work by Oldshuecan be cited.

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