Edited by Liz Hodgkinson. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Milne, Hugh. Bhagwan: the god that failed. 1. Raj neesh Bhagwan Shree, My thoughts on ‘Bhagwan: The God that failed’ by Hugh Milne. Wednesday, November 29, I read this book also recently and after ‘The Ultimate game’. An insider’s astonishing story of the rise and fall of the infamous guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his cult: a riveting odyssey of sex, greed.

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That is why he needs people around him all the time, and the more the better. Amsterdam, Netherlands “There is no way to happiness. Remember, Jesus saves, Bhagwan spends. At least until the cult, which numbered about 3, at its height, shifted from an obscurely located ashram in India to a 64,acre Oregon ranch. The former I was stuck in a rut laying blame for my issues originating with an alcoholic parent.

BHAGWAN: The God That Failed by Hugh Milne | Kirkus Reviews

Steve Leach rated it liked it May 02, The only thing I don’t appreciate about Bhagwan is is Indian origin simply dismisses Jesus Christ as a man, not a Savior. Allan rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Humans need JC’s compassion.

Joanna rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Edward rated it it was amazing Jul 18, No part of the content or the blog may be reproduced without prior written permission. I began to view Bhagwan as the Alpha and Omega on all of life’s issues.

Jun 27, Mahala Helf rated it liked it. Without it, we become like post-Lenin Soviet Union.

Lists with This Book. What’s really absorbing, though, is the parallel to our current American situation.


The way I see the gor of life. Milne leaves the group before the final tense collapse but keeps tabs on the major players as they flee the country pursued by law enforcement of all stripes. Maleeha Tak rated gld really liked it Aug 12, Although he deplores Bhagwan’s privations, Milne still thinks himself a better man for the experience, telling us “. I’m so very happy reading it and learning about my own tendency to get lost in a group or searching for the daddy to do it for me.

A fair and heartbreaking history of Osho and his followers. Happiness is the way. Milne’s submission to Bhagwan–a slight, imperious figure with giant brown eyes–swirls him into an eerie world where he eats, Sleeps, works, and makes love at Bhagwan’s whim, a harrowing trial of the soul through confrontation with psychological and physical exhaustion, leavened only by Bhagwan’s mesmerizing presence and scores of flings with female disciples.

What he lacked was kindness, compassion and enlightenment – just to name a few.

Bhagwan: The God That Failed

I found the book quite interesting since I have read a lot of Osho books already and have stayed in his Pune Ashram. Jesus Christ’s wisdom has benefitted humanity on an incalculabe level and should not be dismissed as elementary, IMO.

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Sabine rated it liked it Apr 26, A very interesting clear-eyed look inside a major cult which answers a lot of the “what the hell were you thinking? True believers, even disenchanted ones, are short on humor as a rule, so Milne spins the by now familiar story of how the mean, heartless master endangered his followers lives through back-breaking labor, seduced their wives or girlfriends, half-starved them to death and when things didn’t work out, said it was all their fault.

Della Scott rated it it was amazing Jun 18, I can’t imagine believing Rajneesh was holy or sacred. Milne pens an entertaining of life with the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, in India and, more familiar to us Americans, in rural eastern Oregon. Preview — Bhagwan by Hugh Milne. Aug 03, DropOfOcean rated it really liked it Shelves: The sun is resting behind the immensity of His presence, and silence is the sound of your heartbeat.


Copyright Los Angeles Times. Scott Miller rated it it was ok Jan 17, However Osho in the old times Poona 1 spoke wonderfully about the grace, surrender, love, devotion teaching of Jesus. A fascinating memoir about a once popular and esteemed spiritual leader by his former bodyguard and acolyte. If Milne had a flair for comedy writing this could have been one hell of a funny book. From there I went on a mission to collect every perceivable book on Bhagwan. Oct 28, Daniel Rahman added it.

Alina rated it it was amazing Nov 14, The guru was a tyrant but the dramatically varied sex life was sufficient compensation.

Hardcoverpages. A series of lectures in Poona 1 ’78 printed in the book ‘Mustard seed” reveal a more sane bhagwwn of Bhagwan on Jesus. His scores make his case. I do not regret my years spent in the Rajneesh movement. The author makes little effort to link Rajneesh to other cult leaders of his ilk and hence fails to recognize the strikingly similar pattern most of them display.

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