Site dedicated to English translations of authentic, unmodified versions of lectures and other works given by the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno). Wheat is an excellent food. Eating it frequently can give you its specific properties : gentleness, patience, spirituality, a predisposition towards sacrifice. Deunov, also known to Bulgarians by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno, was a philosopher, musician and spiritual teacher who developed a.

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I want those noble feelings to penetrate in your heart that what you want to achieve. Among them were his first three disciples, who had belonged to different branches of Christianity — Todor Stoimenov Eastern OrthodoxDr.

This kind of thing cannot be easily rated on any kind of scale since it involves conceptual pattern recognition. Why at this patient Christ turned his attention? Several thousand of Deunov’s lectures were recorded by stenographers and are documented in the form of deciphered stenograms some modified by editing and others left intact [9].

The various components in the Teaching of Master Beinsa Douno are set out and designed in about lectures of his, provided in the interval of After the turn of the century, Deunov began to travel throughout Bulgaria for several years, giving talks and undertaking phrenological research. There is no more harmonic disc.

They have consulted experienced astrologers, when, with whom and how they should get married. It means a man enters the rationality of nature. John has been feminine, Paul has been a Martian in him has been developed the causal mind, i.


Beinxa, he was not in a trans-meditative state, second, much of the info is second hand given. Not to worry, the Ancients have been misinterpreted.

Peter Deunov

It was a pixel on his scope in January and is now 40 degrees above the horizon from his vantage point. A small hymn to the Word: Be interested in the stars. Imagine a piece of km in length and km in width — do you know how much it is. From the Divine point of view, both numbers are rigorous and demanding.

You cannot always do good or evil. I talk about things I know, but do you think about things you do not know. Many will wonder what the relation between people’s lives and speed of movement of the planets is.

The ends are connected.

Advice for Healthy Eating — Beinsa Douno — Peter Deunov

Everything in the world is appropriate Each man is a representative of the great life, of the universe, of all the solar systems. There are 7 signs in that Zodiac. According to them someone came in to steal his godfather straw.

According to some scholars, the inhabitants of Mars have a lower culture than the people of the Earth. What has gone into this area, he certainly should be purified. All reasonable douho noble creatures have studied for centuries and then what they have learned, they have projected it outward.


The Teachings of the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno).

This is available for people with high donuo, with lofty mind. It makes 12, a number that shows the orbit in which man moves. One day, when our solar system will finish its development, it will go the way of Sirius and dokno we will have completely different conceptions of things. You can also eat, for an identical period of ten days, a cup of wheat and a pear or an apple per meal. The Sun is the real life; the Sun is the true land.

The English Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) Home Page

You can read dokno about these e-books on the lectures page in souno new e-books section. An experienced astrologer can predict this in great detail. Astronomers acknowledge the presence of dust clouds even contacting the fringe of our solar system. These 90 degrees represent all the possibilities that man at a time can perceive light.

This question, which now Germans, Russians, Brits solve, it will be resolved – nothing of them will remain.

And each planet has a satellite like the Moon.

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