User guide • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic AV-HS User Manual • Panasonic Computer Accessories. View and Download Panasonic AV-HSAN operating instructions manual online. Multi-format Switch Panasonic AV-HS Brochure & Specs. Multi- format. It comes with a HD Color Viewfinder, Canon Lens, a AV-HSA Switcher and iris auto/manual selection and adjustment, master pedestal, painting, camera.

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Functions in each area D [AUTO] button This is used to automatically execute transitions auto transition using the transition time which has been set. Signals are input using contacts. Adjusting the output signal phase The phase of the output video signals can be adjusted.

Frame Memories Even during review display, the next image can be imported. For your convenience If looking through the Panasonic AV-HS user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: If SD format signals are input while the HD format has been set as the system format, it will not be possible for their ancillary data to be passed through.

Signals with the following resolutions can be input. Operating Instructions Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this manual for future use.

Panasonic AV-HS400 Switch User Manual

The indicator of the button that was pressed lights. Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you bs400 find the solution to your problem with Panasonic AV-HS Setting the split frame and characters Set the frame, character brightness and background of the split screens to be displayed on the multi view display.


Setting the on-screen display OSD The menu screen is superimposed on the preview output or multi view display output for display. Table Of Contents Contents Description Alarm status displays These displays indicate a manuall status alarm in manuall power supply or fan.

The image is output from the PVW system. Initialization 3 Press [F2] to initialize the settings. West, Los Angeles, CA IN 3 Turn [F2] to select the input signal using the Signal item.

Dsk Decorations To call the preset color Turn [F5] to select the preset color using the Load item, and press the [F5] switch.

System data 5 If the [F5] switch is now pressed, the maunal is stored on the SD memory card. Rotate these rotary encoders to set the parameters. Selecting the bus Press the crosspoint buttons to select the zv which will be targeted for the background transition. It will not be entered unless the switch is pressed. Ftb fade To Black 3. SDI input board Analog input board Analog composite input board Next Transition selection buttons for background and KEY.

The user buttons light in amber when the assigned function is ON and are off when the assigned function is OFF.

Panasonic AV-HS Switch User Manual |

As with a background transition, set the transition time. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. IN5 to IN8 can be set only when one of the following optional boards has been connected: PinP picture in picture Another image can be combined with the background image. To cancel the initialization, turn [F2] to select No, and then press the [F2] switch. Keep these operating instructions handy majual future reference.


Alternatively, when the analog composite input board option has been connected, the gain of the Y signals can be set. Displayed for each wipe pattern selector button are an image of the basic wipe pattern and a number.

The main screen now appears. Assigning signals to a crosspoints External video input signals and internally generated signals can be assigned to crosspoint buttons 1 to Setting The Ancillary Data 4. Setting The Crosspoints 5. To execute a background transition and key transition at the same time, press the [BKGD] button and [KEY] button together to turn on both indicators.

Panasonic Switch AV-HS User Guide |

However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. The still images can also be imported using the user buttons.

Masking The Key Signals 3. Camera control A camera and pan-tilt head can be controlled from this unit.

Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully and save this manual for future use. The equipment information of the output destination is captured by the DVI signals, and the images are output at the optimum resolution. Functions in each area

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