ARINC REPORT ()_信息与通信_工程科技_专业资料。GUIDANCE FOR TOOL AND TEST EQUIPMENT (TTE) EQUIVALENCY. ARINC provides guidelines for the process used to establish the equivalency of TTE and related procedures other than that recommended. Buy ARINC Guidance For Tool And Test Equipment (Tte) Equivalency from SAI Global.

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A Fluke 87 digital multimeter, tool number 52 was selected to perform voltage and current measurements. The output of this process step is the set of Alternate Tool Specifications and Procedures. Calibration data for Starrett dial indicators supplied by Starrett. This documentation may include: In some cases these days, once a standard is adopted, it has already been surpassed by technological evolutions.

Document Number Technical Assessment: The equivalency determination has to be performed for each element used for the task at hand.

The TTE may be: Slat Actuator Part Number: A method to identify the alternate TTE? A related benefit is cost.

ARINC REPORT ()_图文_百度文库

In addition, functional equivalents allow for the same ability to identify defects related to airworthiness decisions. ANZES experience with zrinc simple geometry tooling. No change to the task was necessary. Appendix A contains a complete set of the documents that would be included in an equivalency technical data file for a simple device. High Priority — technical solution needed as rapidly as possible?

The emergence of more electronics on reporf and the airlines’ interest in having more control of their assets will probably increase the number of ARINC applications. Deferred to a subcommittee for refinement — the subcommittee will be requested to, for example, gain stronger airline support or resolve architectural issues?

No specific equivalency documentation is required. In future aircraft designs such as the Airbus A and the Boeinghowever, electronics also will impact components that are not traditionally considered avionics, such as the hydraulic, pneumatic and environmental control systems. Attachment 4 is general guidance and may be modified as needed.


Nil Permanent No Classification: It was established that two separate basic equivalency processes exist: If the AMC group defines methods that make it easy for the TPS provider to understand the OEM-supplied document, he continues, “then that reduces reporh cost of the equivalency verification, because it becomes more obvious how the implementations are equivalent.

COM To ensure the functioning arinc report the site, we use cookies. The form and format of the documentation in a CMM is not standardized nor is the means for verifying the quality of the data therein.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC 625 Test Equipment

The revision sought to close the gap between ATLAS-provided data and the actual specifications needed by test engineers. The component manufacturers should assure that task requirements are not overstated. Complex tasks may require thousands of points of equivalency to be established. In order to ascertain the actuator bearing centreline distance the re;ort of the rod end cap fitted to aronc rod end of the actuator from this zero position is measured by the dial indicator and the following calculation performed: Each proposal will be numbered, logged, and evaluated for completeness.

ARINC sponsors aviation industry committees and participates in related industry activities that benefit aviation at large by providing technical leadership and guidance and frequency management.

Quality Management System Return To Service – A quality assessment which states that a unit is ready to be installed in the assembly or system for which it was designed and will operate within acceptable specified parameters. If you replrt lots of books, it can be quite expensiveto buy them. How arlnc is updated for alternate TTE? Committee Evaluation and Acceptance or Rejection The annual work program for each Committee is normally established at its annual meeting.


In order to provide access to the cockpit printer from several different avionics sources, a single protocol is needed. Project Scope Describe the scope of the project clearly and concisely.

The Committee will then evaluate the proposal. We provide copy of arms limitation and disarmament restraints on war in digital format, so the resources that you find are reliable. In the case of an altered article, the organization providing the design authority for the alteration is considered the OEM. When using the Word file version of the following template, update the header and footer to identify the project. Get arinc report guide PDF file for free from our online library.

How calibration requirements for alternate TTE are developed? Calibration data and a green page amendment giving instructions for the use of the ANZES tool will also be approved by this assessment. In order to facilitate the continuous product improvement of this ARINC Standard, two items are included in the back of this volume: The protocol will be independent of the underlying data stream or page description language but will be usable by all classes of printers. The process of determining whether or not the product of each phase of the TTE equivalency process fulfills the requirements established by the previous phase.

Additionally, component manufacturers should assure recommended TTE is not over specified with regard to the specified task.

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