Elementos de tribologia: Curso de especialização em engenharia de fabricação e máquinas ferramentas. [Benedito de Moraes Notes: Apostila. Description. CLAUDINO, João B. Motores Diesel Comerciais no Brasil e no Meio Ambiente. São Paulo: Editora Núcleo. Apostila de Tribologia. Escola de Engenharia de São . Apostila Uploaded by. jonalthan · Treinamento Transportador de Correia. Uploaded by. jonalthan · Sensores Inteligentes PCB.

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Types, Performance evaluation, Efficient system operation, Flow control strategies and energy conservation opportunities. At this time Greece celebrated the first Olympic Games, a tradition that continued every four years.

Displacement pumps In principle, any liquid can be handled by any of the pump designs. In principle, any liquid can be handled by any of the pump designs. A combination of these figures with equations [4] and [1] means that if the temperature is high enough AGm is always negative. Although, positive displacement pumps are generally more efficient than centrifugal pumps, the benefit of higher efficiency tends to be offset by increased maintenance costs.

Friction head sometimes called dynamic head loss is the friction loss, on the liquid being moved, in pipes, valves and equipment in the system.

Taylor, Fluid film lubrication in automobile valve trains, Proc. It was known as “rock oil, mineral oil and naphtha oil.

Taylor, Cam and follower design, Proc. In this century, Pennsylvania USA 3 important events occurred: Zhu, Mixed lubrication of a cam and flat faced follower, Proc. A centrifugal pump is not positive acting; it will not pump the same volume always.

The operating point will always be where the two curves intersect. Some features of WorldCat will not be available. C At this time, the Romans also used the chariots as transportation, which were also lubricated by animal fat. The same is true for all tool materials that fail in dry sliding friction by continuous abrading wear. The two main parts of the pump are the impeller and the diffuser.


How to Understand Friction and Wear 3 earlier, the hardness at room temperature is not important, triboloyia the hardness at the process temperature of the mechanical working processes is. A closed loop circulating system without a surface open to atmospheric pressure, would exhibit only friction losses and would have a system friction head loss vs.

This means that the chemical composition of the tool material changes. The standard convention for centrifugal pump is to draw the pump performance curves showing Flow on the horizontal axis and Head generated on the vertical axis. In case of fittings, friction is stated as an equivalent length of pipe of the same size.

Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Pumps come in a variety of sizes for a wide range of applications. Figure 8 shows that the oxides are very stable and are suitable for tool materials despite their relatively low hardness. As well as the equipment, new lubricants arise with the objective of minimizing the friction and prolong the life of equipment.

Tungsten concentration as a Junction of the distance to the contact surface of tool and chip. Parte 1 de 5 6.

Apostila de Tribologia – Stoeterau

However, if the hardness under test conditions of the tool is greater than that of the workpiece material, the wear of the tool has to be zero on the basis of mechanics.

Static head is independent of flow and graphically would be shown as in Figure 6. Colgan, Pivoted follower valve train wear: It will be shown that this happens by diffusion reactions. From Figure 9 it is seen that silicides are completely unsuitable as a tool material for ferro-metals. Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items. Rohde, A mixed friction model for trihologia loaded contacts with application to piston ring lubrication, Surface Roughness Effects in Hydrodynamic and Mixed Lubrication, Rohde, Cheng Eds.

Today, there are several companies in the market that manufacture various types of lubricants with mineral, synthetic and special origin. The diffuser also called as volute triboolgia the Figure 6. The strong demand for longer tool life has led to the use of simple ceramics, composed ceramics and recently to tools with thin layer coatings of complex composition. It is not worked out in detail, but should, it is hoped, give more than enough proof that this idea is a fruitful line of research.


Apostila NX 5

Besides having a wide use, the lubricant has a correct method of applications. Advanced Search Find a Library.

Water enters the center eye of the impeller and exits the impeller with the help of centrifugal force. Friction head losses must be minimised to reduce pumping cost, but after eliminating unnecessary pipe fittings and length, further reduction in friction head will require larger diameter pipe, which adds to installation cost.

Pump efficiency varies with flow and pressure, and apotsila is highest at one particular flow rate.

Apostila NX 5 – Apostila do Unigraphics

Enter your email below to resend your password to your email. The Oil, mineral existing for about million years, provided in the Antiquity tribologi purposes and later started to be used in lubrication. Tripp, The a;ostila of two normally flat roug surfaces, Proc.

With the global concern for the environment, various studies and researches for lubricants that could be used without harming nature were made. You may have already requested this item.

Cheng, An average flow model for determining effects of three-dimensional roughness in partial hydrodynamic lubrication, J. Apowtila with the high tool temperature and the low workpiece temperature at the beginning of the mechanical working process, it is clear that a moment comes when the hardness of the workpiece material is higher than the hardness of the tool material and the tool material is worn as a result.

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