Animal Magnetism (An Animal Magnetism Novel) [Jill Shalvis] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. FIRST IN THE ANIMAL MAGNETISM. The second book in Jill Shalvis’ Animal Magnetism series. . to work, and feed my sleep, but other than that all my free time was spent DEVOURING . Animal Magnetism (Animal Magnetism, #1), Animal Attraction (Animal Magnetism , #2), Rescue My Heart Read Jill Shalvis’s blogs and other content on th.

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Dell coaxes the true Jade out and I loved how their relationship was a slow build.

If he sees people struggling, he does what he can to help. View all 8 comments. I found it better than the first, possibly because the characters were all introduced in the first book, and the second book just developed their characters further.

Moreover, it has Peanut!

Animal Attraction (Jill Shalvis) ยป Read Online Free Book

He acted so alpha. This is a funny, well-written contemporary romance between an office manager and a very busy country veterinarian. Since he was fond of living, he kept both these urges to himself.

He and his brother Adam suggest that she learn some self-defense I enjoyed the whole pacing of the book, not even one word felt un-intentional for and the sexual tension as usual was off the charts, so much so that I wanted these two to just jump each other, before they do we do get some toe-melting kisses.

The hero had his problems, the heroine had hers. First, let’s talk about the errors this book was riddled with. After reading Jill’s Lucky Harbor series, I was quickly hooked on her style of writing. Feb 06, Jonel Boyko rated it it was amazing. She watched him very carefully, but it was as if she knew that he knew. I imagine the third book in the series features Adam I hope. She’s super clean and organized and he’s a complete cluttered mess.


Every-time I pick up a Jill Shalvis contemporary, I don’t think she can do any better, after all how high can I keep my expectations but I am proved wrong and man am I so glad for it. With her time coming to a end, it is time for Dell to convince her that things could work, but will he be enough to change her mind to stay?

Last but not least, all those adorable little animals stole my heart. I lo Jill Shalvis can always put a smile on my face. So another 5 star contemporary romance from Jill Shalvis – can’t wait now for the 3rd Lucky Harbour novel due next month. He talks to his hook ups on speaker phone around her so she hears all the stuff they say.

Jade grew up in a good family with happily married parents. That’s why these guys so hot and real. Without being consciously aware of moving, she scooted closer, setting her head on his shoulder.

With the first scene we forecast exactly what was going to happen. He went to their place. Other than being far too skinny, she seemed healthy enough. Put them together and you have an excellent base for an enjoyable story.

Lost and Found Sisters. Clearly she took the name seriously. We get Lilah and Brady time as well, which I loved. Jade is dealing with some stuff that happened to her before she temporarily moved Sunshine, Idaho. What three things did I not like or not appreciate: And mr stand up guys thoughts about her leaving?

I laughed everytime Peanut talked, although there are only aninal four to five lines in Peanut’s head. Whether the conversations are humorous or serious, her characters speak words that seem normal and natural. Adam was a local trainer, breeder and search-and-rescue specialist.

Animal Attraction

He has always been attracted to Jade but couldn’t do anything about it because she works for him. His mommy issues didn’t give him the right to be a menace to womankind, and falling for Jade didn’t give him a pass for any damage he’d already done. His patients enjoyed it, too, especially their owners. But in a lot of ways this is a coming of age story where both Jade and Del find who you want to be and work towards that goal.


Jade fights her attraction to her boss but an incendiary kiss after one of the self-defense classes has her struggling with her feelings towards him. I wanted to see Jade stand up to them and tell them all off for using her and making her decisions for her. I really loved the kitten Jade adopted, Beans, and Peanut the parrot that lived at the clinic.

Jade Bennett has a past that she has left behind and came to Sunshine to start over, but family is important to her and they need her. It’s not engaging and doesn’t have good characters.

Read Animal Attraction online free by Jill Shalvis | Novelscom

Maybe it was the fact that she ran the front desk of his vet clinic in those runway clothes, never so much as blinking when she got covered in dog and kitten hair. And to compensate for this we’re told that’s cause he’s a real man and he loves animals and is a good vet so it’s okay. He merely laughed and gathered the dog in close, not appearing to mind either the floor or the sloppy kiss on the jaw.

You should like him because he likes animals.

The cost of this book.

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